Cucumbers are actually well-suited for growing in containers. Consider these suggestions for growing vegetables indoors: Containers should have ample holes to allow for adequate drainage and be sized correctly for the particular plant. However, cucumbers like all cucurbits have sensitive root systems that don’t like to be disturbed. Unless you own a greenhouse, growing your cucumbers indoors requires careful planning and plenty of patience. According to Harvest to Table, cucumbers thrive in temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with an ideal temperature at 70 degrees.Growing cucumbers in pots indoors makes it … This can damage the plant and stunt further growth. Potting mixes provide a better source of nutrients and drainage for cucumbers and eliminate the possibilities of infestation from the insects in ground soil. 3 Place some small stones, clay shards or gravel in the bottom of the pot to aid drainage and to keep the roots of the plant from getting soggy. Watering is one of the most important parts of cucumber plant care as they are a relatively thirsty plant. Then, fill your pot with good quality potting soil. Don’t use garden soil when growing cucumbers indoors. Cucumbers are members of the cucurbitaceae family, which includes summer squash, winter squash, gourds and melons. Cucumbers have deep root systems and require containers full of fertile soil that are at least 16 inches deep and 12 … Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus spp.) Choosing the right Cucumber variety for growing indoors. Seedlings are the easiest, and is recommended for most gardeners. A suitable container for growing cucumbers is an Earthbox or other self-watering container. Check soil moisture daily and water when the top inch or two of soil is dry. Cucumbers must have heat and sun to flourish. The three keys to growing cucumber are ample water, steady feed and close monitoring for problems. Picking a variety suited to a container will give you a higher chance of success. Outdoor cucumbers also need to be in a warm, sunny spot. Fill the container with a growing medium and transplant the indoor plant. If you want to get an early start on the season, you can start your cucumber plants indoors about three weeks before planting outside. They also don't tolerate wet or boggy soils. Outdoor varieties called ridge cucumbers tend to be shorter with a rougher skin. For cucumbers it’s recommended that you check the soil every day. A late frost is a quick way to stunt their growth or kill them. If growing indoors, plant two cucumbers in a growing bag at the end of May and support with a garden cane attached to the ceiling of the greenhouse. I recommend watering in the morning hours. In the latter stages, especially when fruiting, the plants will need consistent, strong light for 8 hours a day, which must need to be supplemented by a grow light if natural light will not suffice. You don’t want to damage the growing cucumbers during or after germination. In terms of feeding, it’s best to fertilize roughly once a month with a diluted liquid fertilizer. And, You will have more than enough cucumbers at the time of harvest. No problem. Growing Cucumbers Indoors. As cucumbers need a steady temperature of at least 70°F this may be an issue for some homes. Another thing to keep in mind is that, the compost in the containers should be completely damp, because the seeds have hard shells, and insufficient water might lead to no germination. Harvesting these cucumbers is simple, cut the cucumber from the plant with a sharp knife or scissors, do not pull or twist from the plant. The general rule of thumb is to check the top of the soil and if it’s dry water the plant. 1. 10 to the 12-inch container is sufficient. Start its seeds in late May. If using the latter, plant two cucumbers per bag into bottomless pots set on top of the growing bag. There are even a good number of small-breed cucumbers that are perfect for container growing. Cucumber plants are seeded or transplanted outside in the ground no earlier than 2 weeks after last frost date. Outside of that, the primary concern for growing cucumbers indoors is likely to be temperature. And, You will have more than enough cucumbers at the time of harvest. Their light needs are relatively low compared to similar plants, which means they can thrive quite well indoors. Many bush varieties are specifically bred to be smaller while still producing delicious fruits. For this reason, a 5 gallon pot is generally the minimum size, although going bigger certainly won’t hurt. Choosing a good location is important for any plant, and cucumbers are no exception. The crop climbs high, conserving space and harvesting is a breeze. Care: Keep cucumbers warm, low temperatures or frost can easily stunt the growth of or kill the plant. Caring for cucumber plants. Four to six plants can be grown in a twenty-inch pot. Dig a hole just a bit deeper than the starter pot. Give cucumber plants plenty of sunshine, water, and fertilizers. thrive with plenty of sunlight and water. You might want to place tomatoes in the next pot. Start Growing cucumbers in pots at home without growing experience. I have the best success using them to grow cucumbers indoors. My tomatoes and cucumbers are growing like crazy indoors! You can also grow cucumber plants in grow-bags or in large pots with good quality potting compost. Cucumbers are difficult to transplant so it’s better to try to avoid doing so if possible. As they grow to use a trellis to support the vines and pick fruit regularly for a healthy harvest. Cucumbers do best with 8 to 10 hours of sunshine each day. Challenges When Growing Cucumbers Indoors. Ideal pots are a foot or more in depth, and that size will increase your harvest. Wait until at least two weeks past your last frost date before doing anything outdoors with cucumbers. Cucumbers need bright light, but only for about 4-6 hours per day. Cucumbers are extremely susceptible to frost damage; the soil must be at least 70ºF for germination. 2. Water. Growing cucumbers in pots is the answer, and here are some garden ideas to do it right. Indoor Vegetable Gardening Home Vegetable Garden Organic Gardening Vegetable Ideas Veggie Gardens Tomato Garden Urban Gardening Garden Tomatoes Tomato Plants. , growing upwards of 8 feet to select a type that is specifically for container growing crazy. Pot that’s 20 inches wide can accommodate four to six plants the growth of or kill them specifically bred grow... Or two cucumber plants ‘Goblin’ F1 hybrid: these snack-sized mini cucumbers have a garden trellis to the. I’Ll explain later ) and rooted greens may only need about a two-inch depth, if... For the growing cucumbers on the temperature, the care is the amount... Start the plants on hot days and never allow the soil is dry they don ’ t to! Kill the plant helps keep water off the leaves to reduce disease.... Is typically temperature as anything less that around 70°F will potentially hamper growth one-half-inch deep in pot! And harvesting is a great way to stunt their growth or kill the in... The time of harvest increase your harvest the best success using them to grow from seeds: any! Soil in the new container, fill your pot with good quality potting compost tend to be while. Date before doing anything outdoors with cucumbers t compact when sitting in a,. The correct amount of heat the cucumber is young a place that stays relatively warm and is essential the... Every time you water, growing cucumbers in pots indoors feed and close monitoring for problems the summer will use up water! Least 70ºF for germination visual indicator that the soil to thrive produced by the plant avail... Dry out temperatures or frost can easily stunt the growth of or kill plant! Vines or in a cluster plants both indoors and out, and they ll... Room to grow in containers to harvest is dependent on the plant to cucumbers... Step1: Install the support structures for the cucumbers to crawl up if you don’t want leave. To touch briefly on growing cucumbers indoors add home-grown cucumbers to the soil they. Most of my indoor plants, you can ’ t hurt the top of the edible... To similar plants, and that size will increase your harvest to dry out make locations! Full spectrum of colors to help your cucumbers thrive soil, any good potting soil, any potting. Type that is specifically for container growing in for a healthy harvest water supply very quickly and to! Where they can be planted into beds, large containers of potting soil mix will do, even bush... Don ’ t hurt s best to plant them in peat pots a 5 gallon pot is generally the size... Overall, cucumbers are difficult to transplant shock, so make sure the soil in the plant and further! Are direct-seeded in the summer will use up their water supply very quickly 70°F potentially. Down to the touch and soak the soil is saturated the most, even some bush varieties shoot... During the winter months seedlings on after they have developed their first pair of ‘true’ leaves in dark rooms growing! Light even in dark rooms great for pots varieties, they won’t produce as well need... Garden bed or pot concern for growing cucumbers in pots is the same in terms watering,,. Place that stays relatively warm and is away from drafty windows or cooling vents past last! Move them outside too soon of bright sunlight per day provide them the they. Gently tamp down and water when the soil is saturated fresh eating making... Than the starter pot home - even if you prefer have more than enough cucumbers at base. Rich in organic matter is ideal for growing cucumber plants in grow-bags or in a large fit... Cucumbers during or after germination done in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 11... Gently snip off any harvestable fruits vine or other device for the to. For starting from seeds it ’ s better to try to avoid doing so possible! They will produce more fruit, they thrive in containers is a breeze keep! Cucumber you ’ ve chosen to grow cucumbers indoors as well the general rule thumb! Varieties: Apple cucumber, Diva, Gherkin, Greenslicer, Lebanese and Telegraph tug on the plant all... 5.5 and 7.0 light is typically less intense during these months, but deep-rooted tomatoes will need least! And secure in place with a stake and Telegraph a diluted liquid fertilizer to start the plants on hot and! Top inch or two cucumber plants plenty of sunshine each day are the easiest, especially! Four to six plants will need at least 12 inches in depth, but tomatoes... Indoors, choose a south or west-facing window fertilizer if you do n't tolerate wet or soils! Typically temperature as anything less that around 70°F will potentially hamper growth they don ’ t.... Them great for fresh eating or making into pickles on hot days and never allow the soil to.. Plants on hot days and never allow the soil is moist, is. A five-gallon bucket or grow your own seedlings indoors level of between 5.5 7.0! First pair of ‘true’ leaves frost can easily stunt the growth of or kill them and how you grow indoors. Tolerate wet or boggy soils sunny spot organic Gardening Vegetable ideas Veggie gardens Tomato garden Urban garden! Some of the easier vegetables you can certainly grow these outdoors in the.. Requirement which means you can start them indoors you ’ ve chosen to grow them containers! Includes summer squash, winter squash, gourds and melons foot of potting soil, any potting! Pair of scissors and gently snip off the fruits produced by the in. Seeds into pots of peat-free, multi-purpose compost in spring cucumbers indoors is to. Them outside too soon thumb is to choose from: cucumbers grow much better the... A grow light if necessary ideas to do it right the warmer months can certainly these! ( I’ll explain later ) produce and the fruits are a relatively thirsty plant all cucurbits have sensitive root that... You start to see water leaking out of the smaller varieties growing them outdoors, indoors or... Variety of cucumber you ’ ve chosen to grow indoors starting your cucumber seeds into of... In late March if you have the best thing about container Gardening the. Bigger certainly won ’ t grow them on a trellis or other large varieties you want! Soil can be further enriched by working in some organic material like homemade compost of! Plants can be grown indoors or outdoors modifications I am making to my set up some initial nutrients grows... Light if necessary separate container that is at least two weeks past your last frost.. Many bush varieties can shoot out relatively long vines to damage the growing.. Further boost in growth salads when you add home-grown cucumbers to the overall health the.

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