VIN tool confirms parts not available. Your Fusion requires the current powertrain software. Air bag warning light keep showing. The contact stated the manufacturer exceeded a reasonable amount of time for the recall repair. The Ford Fusion uses daytime running lights. It is a 2009 flex limited 2wd non turbo around 77000 miles. Ford Mustang's dipped headlight symbol indicates that dipped light is on. The contact also stated that he had experienced multiple brake failure due to the brake recall. But the remedy failed to repair the vehicle the contact mentioned that the air bag warning light remained illuminated after the repair. Ford Fusion owners have reported 35 problems related to brake abs warning light (under the service brakes category). The contact stated that the passenger air bag warning light had remained illuminated both when occupied and unoccupied. I was able to find several other owners of the same car and year with the same issue. The manufacturer was notified of the failure and the contact was waiting to determine when they might provide the solution for both recall repairs to the dealer. The contact stated that the air bag warning light on the passenger side illuminated as soon as the vehicle was started. I have a 2016 Ford Fusion SE. VIN tool confirms remedy not yet available. problems related to warning light on (under the air bag category). Do not recall how warning light appeared on the the dash board. Ford Fusion Brake Warning Light Causes The brake warning light indicates that your Fusion has detected that one of its major brake components has failed, typically detected through a loss of pressure. While driving 37 mph, the air bag warning light illuminated. See I have a 2014 Ford Fusion 1.5L ecoboost. The approximate failure mileage was 110,000. As I drove car I noticed power steering was not working as it should, turning vehicle required more effort and steering was stiff. The repair cost was $2,200, which I ended up paying. When the wrench light illuminated in my 2006 SEL I lost all motive power until I restarted the car. 00 for this service. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where it was diagnosed, as the passenger occupant control weight module that needed to be replaced. The contact owns a 2012 Ford Fusion. Check your system of Ford Fusion to the authorized dealer. See I have never heard from Ford dealer and my call not returned. The kits will tell you where within the airbag system the fault is occuring, and also allow you to clear the dashboard airbag light. Summer of 2016 the warning light for air bag came on. Eric. Question type: General. Why do allthe lights on my dash of my Ford Fusion continue to come on? This kit is available here Subscribe. Was told the issues were fixed and withint 7 hours of picking my car up all the same lights came on. Airbag warning light on. Post by Timmyvibe » Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:53 pm. Parts distribution disconnect. Vehicle displayed airbag warning light. The car dash warning lights started to come on one by one. The contact owns a 2007 Ford Fusion. The PSCM is integrated into the rack and pinion assembly. This is safety concern, do something. Took vehicle home and removed driver belt buckle and discovered wire broken at base of buckle (see attached images). The manufacturer was not notified of the issue. Average repair cost is $1,400 at 52,300 miles. This was reported on Fusion 2011 models. The approximate failure mileage was 150,000. Vehicle: Ford Fusion 2014 SE 1.5 L. How to turn of all the warning lights in the dash. Takata recall: air bag warning light on; technician says its the passenger air bag. See If a vehicle driver or passenger fails to tighten their belt, the light will start flashing, and there will be a chime sound. statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fusion based on all problems reported for the Fusion. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The contact stated that the manufacturer exceeded a reasonable amount of time for the recall repair. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. In particular, the traction control, abs brake system and air bag lights illuminated. See The local ballentine Ford dealer located at 1305 SC-72, greenwood SC, 29649 was made aware of the failure and informed the contact that parts were not available. The contact noticed that while driving at any rate of speed a warning light flashed for power steering assist fault. The vehicle was not repaired. Takata recall. Fort he last month or so all of the lights on, including on the left hand side the Advancetrac - park aide -and another one in our car come on at random times and the steering gets a little tough. I am stuck with the car since Ford stated no one should sit in the front passenger seat. Some lights lighten when you start your vehicle to make sure they work. Has no value. See your Ford or Lincoln Dealer for complete details and qualifications. Lights up when the system is active. Ford warning lights come in a range of different colours. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fusion based on all problems reported for the Fusion. When the airbag system fails this check, you’ll see the airbag light. I took it to the same Ford dealer and they did not have replacement parts to fix it. Some warning lights alert you about the serious vehicle condition, particularly red symbols. The contact also experienced the eps warning light and the power train warning lights randomly illuminating. The vehicle was not diagnosed nor repaired. After Ford inspected the vehicle they stated that the defect was in the driver's seat belt buckle and that it would need to be replaced at a cost of $400. On September 18, 2018 I drove to a rutter's and when I started to drive home the power steering went out. Driving with the tire at the recommended pressure will increase fuel use and tire wear. all problems of the 2017 Ford Fusion . Also I've been waiting for the part for the takata recall. And that they would received a letter to inform when the parts were made available. The manufacturer informed the contact that the dealer would be able to provide a loaner vehicle, however the dealer informed the contact its up to the manufacturer. Your vehicle is equipped with electronic power steering (EPS). Not all models of the Ford Mondeo have a DPF warning light, instead you may receive message Diesel Filter Overloaded. The contact stated that the air bags warning light intermittently flashed on and off. Ford Fusion owners have reported 51 problems related to warning light on (under the air bag category). Fasten your seat belt for safety reasons, as it will secure you. I turned my car off and then on and a warning light referring to the steering came on. The 2012 Ford Fusion has 4 problems reported for wrench light on. The approximate failure mileage was 99,000. Since I needed a rental while my car was being fixed they put me in a long term rental since the airbag part hasn't come in yet. The contact owns a 2012 Ford Fusion. If this light appears, it means that your vehicle detected a malfunction with your ABS. Take your car back to the dealer and insist they address this problem immediately. Tamara recall. The failure mileage was unknown. It provides composite handling and a smooth ride, and its cabin has plenty of room in two rows of comfortable seats. all problems of the 2013 Ford Fusion . Retired. Hi all. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fusion based on all problems reported for the Fusion. The contact stated that while driving at 20 mph, the passenger frontal air bag deploy without impact. Had my vehilce in the shop for 25 days straight. Aw. Due to the failure, the contact had the vehicle towed to simi valley Ford(2440 first st, simi valley, CA 93065) where it remained in their possession due to NHTSA campaign number:19v904(service brakes, hydraulic); however the parts remained unavailable. ABS warnings should be checked to ensure there are no issues with the brakes. The manufacturer was not contacted. The contact had initially taken the vehicle to an independent mechanic where they determined that the airbag was defective and needed to be replaced. The contact received the recall notification in August of 2016. Keep the multifunction control lever away from you to switch the headlights to a higher beam. Ford Focus Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols This section covers many of the dashboard warning lights / symbols with pictures and their meanings found within the Ford Focus range. The failure mileage was approximately 85,000. When a Ford dashboard warning light is green or blue, they are simply telling you that one of your Ford’s features is being used, or has been activated. Jan 09, 2017 | 2009 Ford Fusion… The contact sustained arm, leg and eye injuries that required medical attention. The air bag warning light came on and would not go off. 4. The front passenger also sustained face, chest, leg and eye injuries but did not required medical attention. I brought car to the dealer and they said it wasn't safe to drive the car. Restrictions apply. The other day i started my 2014 ford fusion and received the following system alerts (service advancetrac, steering assist fault service req'd, hill start assist). Solution: A faulty ABS warning circuit will need to be replaced, or repaired. It means that the cruise control system is active. Find out what the dashboard symbols mean for your make, model and year of car. VIN tool confirms remedy not yet available. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. Average failure mileage is 66,950 miles. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure.

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