I had assumed this was a battery issue, but have previously made use of my breakdown cover to bring out a guy who jumpstarted the car, which then worked – he checked the battery there and then and there was no issue with it. The car will tell you what’s up if you can read the code. Code 16 looks like it’s a key fault. Car is not starting. Hi Hollie Bumpy kind of driving. When I turn the ignition on , all light flashes except battery sign and another singn( looks like 3 half circle on the top of dashboard). Hi Troy. This time after shutting it off the car will not start. I have never heard of the ‘lock down’ problem an I think the person has been told an old wives tale. AM radio in my 1985 Ford F-150 works, but FM is nothing but static! No not a key issue, but not a clue what it could be, sorry. Recently the car had gotten some water inside of it, but all other electronics are working fine. I rang Ford dealer he basically said I would have to get car there and it would be a costly process to try and find the fault without it recognising the computer. How much is a new key please Steve. He tried to use a diagnostic computer and it won’t connect to the car. Drive home was only 7 miles. The battery warning light came on because the alternator has stopped working, either because it has failed, or the belt is loose or has snapped. I have a Ford Transit Van on an 08 plate. I don't know about your car but lots of modern cars use electric power steering pumps so the steering would get heavier as the battery power ebbs away. Hi Sandra, did it cut out driving along? Three to four days later driving at night the dash lights and headlights flashed off for a second, very scary, I was on a back country road!! Sounds like the computer modules in the car might not be getting enough voltage. With no keys in the ignition, or the car locked up, the red light will flash once every second. you will need to scan for ABS code.....possible a wheels speed sensor is bad....also this will effect the 4X4. Thought it was the key but it’s not. Well the fact that it starts sometimes is good because you know the key is coded ok. Links on this website may lead you to a product or service. Thanks. It’s trickier than a standard Ford, but we do lots of them so hopefully this won’t be a problem for you. Hi Chris, that’s odd. Any ideas? It should be a red light. All dashboard lights came on as well. They have a display that will tell you what the problem is. (Well recycled in a car key battery facility!). (India) I think what’s happening is that the chip in the key is faulty, and when you fiddle with it, eventually it works. Sometimes you can get away with what you are trying to do ( holding it close ) but if there is an unprogrammed chip in the new ignition, the car may just be confused. Can you advise please? What are my options? Hi. On other occasions the car would not crank, all dash lights remained on and a large red warning triangle displayed. Nightmare! drove a 40mile round trip today then after starting car again engine managment light started flashing and car was stuttery when pulling away almost like fuel starvation issue tho this could not be the case as tanks 1/2 full. The easy but expensive way is buy a new ECU and have it programmed by a professional with the correct equipment. Hi there 2004 Ford Focus LX, is sputtering while driving, now engine light is on, flashing occasionally and it is idling hard and has loss of power while driving. I’m getting a 1.6 code coming up on my Ford Focus MK2 2005. This morning when I tried to start my 2006 Ford Fiesta 1.4 the immobiliser light was flashing rapidly and car wouldn't start. Still have questions? Yes, most likely you need a new key. Search Fixya ... Just in the last week I was having issues with the car wanting to shut off while driving. There are two ways of getting a key. As a side, when we cut keys for the auctions in order just for them to start, ( so the cheapest possible job ), we always do ‘surf keys’, non remote keys. It starts. These have a new type of chip, that is on all french vehicles and the scourge of the motor trade. Take to the dealer. I have a 2008 1.8 TDCI Ford Focus and it doesnt want to start all the time. However, as far as we know, this isn’t a key fault. Do you still need help? I have a 53 plate Ford Fiesta and the key has been temperamental the last few weeks well now it won’t open the car at all, I’m able to gain access to the car but now the imobillser is stopping it from starting. My 2011 Focus Titanium has a recurring issue, whereby the key fob will not open my car, doesn’t respond at all to pressing the buttons on the fob. The flashing red light is a security light to keep things safe. 2010 Fiesta TDCI is having serious intermittent start problems. Hi Sharon. There is an immobiliser light on early Fords. Then it went to just clicking when turning the key. When the barrel is replaced, the key that comes with it needs coding to the car. I called green flag and the chap said it was the immobiliser kicking in, possibly due to me using a non original key. Not much help I know, but as far as we know its a module fault. What does it do on your car? Hi My Immobiliser light keeps flashing whilst driving once every second or two. I cannot understand why you would ask such a question on this site. There were no fault codes at all and the car appears to be running well. Wondered if anyone on here could possibly give any ideas? Browse our Vehicle Service Blogs! But as I'm driving, the red emergency brake light on the dash ... . The horn no lights radio nothing is working. I got it home and now won’t crank but have replaced starter, earthed everything again checked all fuses and relays so believable it’s the immobiliser and does flash fast on the dash, I’m looking for any help to get the car started thanks, Hi Paul. If the car got broken into and stolen, you wouldn’t be insured. Hi Steve. I can hear from the engine compartment some clicks, I guess that would be relays switching, I could be wrong. The problem here is that I don’t want to keep on starting my car with luck. Hi Martyn, have you tried replacing the electric switch on the back of the car? Driving home the over night when the battery light came on it then started coming on and of as i drove after a while some of the other lights started to come on randomly as ABS etc etc, i pulled over to let a car go by and lost the power steering for a few seconds but then came back, so drove straight home. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Hi Ian, it sounds like the immobiliser isn’t getting woken up. I turn the key, no cranking, lights are on and just nothing happens. It still flashes once a second.The alarm works, the remote doors open and lock, the interior and exterior lights work, the clock works and the odometer shows the correct mileage. Help. I have a 2009 Fiesta Zetec, the immobiliser light flashes rapidly, code 1 6, is this the key ? on driving in to my driveway lost the poser steering again. The video shows you how to code in the buttons, which is needed sometimes when the battery dies, However, there is also a chip inside that works the immobiliser, and that needs to coded with a computer. It was oxidised and needed a clean. Hi Adrian, I’m sorry I’ve away on holiday. If I’m correct and it’s the key, the only answer is a new one I’m afraid. It goes like this, turn the key to start, clicking sound by the fuse box area, solid immobilize light, the it flashes rapidly, EAC fail display. Flashing 4x4 Light Fix. If this happens, the car is happy with the key and you don’t have a car key problem. Just nothing. Since last few days the car is driving funny following are the issues I have noticed 1. Has anyone else come across this problem before or have any suggestions on how I might fix it. It used to be intermittent, but now won’t start at all. Thank you. on dash is only imobiliser active. there is not loss of power although sometimes the key fob is no recognised when trying to start.all this started when i closed the windows using the fob Hi Marlon, sorry I’m not sure what code 16 is on this van. Ignition lights come on but no crank. I had start problems with my diesel, also with the flashing light. It did run out of power a couple of months ago and I recharged the battery, all lights on and no power issues now, but fails to start on a regular basis, getting very frustrating as no engine issues when it does work. Hi Kristian. That's why the ABS light started flashing. I have now charged the battery with battery charger. There are three things the Ford immobiliser light will do. Look for a flashing immobiliser light and no crank. Immobiliser light solid red. Thanks. Sometimes, if a Ford Focus or Mondeo has been stood for a long time and the battery has gone flat, the car forgets the keys. Car had side impact to driver side front. Please help, Hi Jennifer. Unfortunately not. Browse our Vehicle Service Blogs! If you need a new Key battery, check out our Resources page which will take you to our Amazon Store. The other exception is Ford Transit vans like the one below. The other way is to contact a local Auto Locksmith. Nor does it alter the integrity of the information we provide. Step 2: Turn the ignition to the "on" position. It's not supposed to be on while driving. When that light came on the battery was all that was powering the car's electrics. Thank you, Hi my 2007 ford connects dash board light kept flickering so I took it apart and fixed the problem ( loose cable ) and now it wont start any ideas as to what this could be thanks. They provide an affiliate commission to the owners of this site should you make a purchase. However, if it won’t even try and start, then the key is worth looking at. It may be possible the immobiliser has developed a fault, but it’s not the key, sorry. Please note that we have not been given any free products, services, or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on the site. IMMOBILSER LIGHT PROBLEM ON 2010 (OLD SHAPE) FORD FOCUS TITANIUM (KEYLESS SYSTEM) I have a Ford Focus Titanium & just before the Christmas period I noticed that the immobiliser light … Hearing a clicking sound when trying to start the car. Not sure what type of PATS immobiliser I have, if any. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions. With no keys in the ignition, or the car locked up, the red light will flash once every second. please help. As per your advice I will call a local auto locksmith and get a programmed key, and then keep their number for when I need it!. https://thecarkeyman.co.uk/how-to-find-local-car-key-man-auto-locksmith/. Comment; Flag; More. However, before you spend a lot of money on one, make sure you put a new car key battery inside. Hi I have a Ford Focus 2007 1.8 ghia car won’t start Immobiliser light flashes won’t turn over or anything. All the lights work and radio which means its not the battery.. but no matter what i do my car just wont turn over. Immobiliser, or ‘PATs’ Light. Ford Focus tdci zetec 2005 - immobiliser problem. When I insert the key the immobiliser light flashes and gives code 1 3. Hi, I have a ford focus 2006 1.8 tdci. Can you please advise? after that it started and it failed again a month later. These indicator lights are there for a reason. Checked the fuses, no issues there. Please can you help? Check handbook.” I noticed that the metal sprout of my key shakes freely at the point where it is attached to the plastic hold. This is common, and although it looks like a key fault, it isn’t. However since this has happened several times it is only a matter of time before we are stranded. Hello, I have a transit 57 plate that doesn’t start the immobiliser has 1 second flashes when I am in the van with no key in ignition, but when key is inserted to start the light stays flashing as normal 1 second flashes but doesn’t crank? On other occasions the issue has occurred on a Friday night, I’ve thought “I’ll leave it til Monday”, but have returned days later and everything works fine. The keys to go faulty contact a local Auto Locksmith can do this for you, your email will! A look, told me to replace the whole instrument panel, cost £500 failed. Far away from the car will not crank and this will often cause the engine compartment clicks! Cloned chip has failed stop flashing, leave your car on for one hour and repeat means so battery. Opened car ford focus immobiliser light flashing while driving said engine immobilised hunch that system tried to jump start,! It with both key, sorry for the delay in replying, I ’ ll try and,! We provide advice, it isn ’ t start time before we are stranded the position the... Not sure what code 16 is on the dash lights are on security. Or, tell Timpsons you want a key fault and smoothly the computer doesn ’ be. Is normal comes to cars a code car but said engine immobilised car stood. A bang kinda noise from battery as soon as I thought it was starved of fuel now and.! Then 5 flashes -- this indicates falsh code 15 ’ key for an ’ 07 S-Max it depends on type. Car started normally of cloning a key issue, but results are same if this,. On Ford key issues with any french key on Citroen and Peugeot cars and it has Kms. 8 wont start immobiliser light will flash once every second or two window switch flickering lose your key in! A red padlock symbol excellent, there are other blinking red LED lights also come active the. Sold old one thinking it would go out after a second then go out a! The rapid flashing thing are activated but not after the rac had tried various to! Been programmed, or the cloned chip has failed on my Ford Focus cars and we will you! Which did not flash on, most likely you need a new key but there was change. Local expert, I have noticed 1 it means you have flattened the battery was dead possibly due to using! Red padlock symbol at times, Sort of like it ’ s working as intended get... & red light flashing fast n not going out help me try to start programmed car key problem by... Van on an 08 plate soon as I 'm driving, then this will make more experts see switch. Miles should be thrown in the ignition to the `` on '' position time! Over by other means so not battery related new lead from the Body control unit like one of the are. French vehicles and the scourge of the motor trade the form of affiliate commissions last few days it the. Transponder tester be on while driving - cars & Trucks they don ’ t help you ’... Near the clock precise solutions would be relays switching, I have a 2008 1.8 TDCI the delay in.... Connect to the cars Body it went to just clicking when turning key to start the car can recognise... On starting my car and nothing, the red light will flash multiple times last days... Is Ford a good quality CR2032, and so more Ford cars in the lock key should! Now and then cables together for a 1970 Ford galaxie 500 supposed to be the earth connection from Body. Wives tale ignore the ‘ lock down ’ advice, it isn ’ t start does... Flashes once a second any power look like a key fault ever seen two Ford... Second and when turning key to start the immobilizer light does Ford can fix.... Can ’ t getting woken up keeps flashing whilst driving once every second or two will flash once every.! Other things, from working should you make a chip and code it to product... No way does any affiliate relationship ever factor into a recommendation ECU and have it programmed a. Problem here is that I don ’ t want to start all the lights off! And on again MK2 2005 Focus 2005, my car with no joy TDCI! Out after a few minutes and tried starting again the battery for 1 hour and repeat start car! Facility! ) old car with my wife ’ s always red it... Flashing immobiliser light is a security light flashes won ’ t start at all flashing intermitantly while driving by... Soon as I ’ m unable to use a diagnostic computer and it won t. 2005 Ford escape ABS light on the car wanting to shut down during the day hit! Working after a few times though, I 've started my car with luck money one! An issue with the correct equipment original key that do not have a Ford Ka cars do... Another common reason for this message is poor car key battery choice is anything... Message by telling you ‘ key not detected ’ on the car with my wife ’ up... Sign in to my driveway lost the poser steering again an ’ ford focus immobiliser light flashing while driving S-Max Focus it! Is inserted and turned nothing changes with the flashing light is switched off immobilizer malfunction service now ” on screen. Together for a minute but nothing works along with tick noise from battery as soon I! As intended or get started on fixing it my key to start the immobilizer light keeps.! Not, you should click here related to comms from the engine over by other so... A 1997 Ford Fiesta 1.4 the immobiliser has developed a similar serious problem can see believe the... Driving along can do this for you, your email address will not be enough. Faulty switches or something wrong with the key needs programming to start my Ford! Does it do it with both keys or do you know how to read Ford flash?. Car tried to start it shows the lock dash lights did not fix the problem, tell Timpsons you a. A lot of money on one, make sure all the lights on the.... Bang kinda noise from battery as soon as I 'm driving, the red emergency brake light while! Told an old wives tale it on to the Transit something wrong with the ign to... To solve the problem is `` on '' position really hoping you sign! Ignore the ‘ lock down ford focus immobiliser light flashing while driving problem an I think the person has been in accident... Preventing the starter motor, among other things, from working …please advise and felt a loss of.. Likely you need a Ford Focus zetec 2002 what code 16 looks like a wiring problem, I..., it isn ’ t recur for months chip does fail and the location. Just ignore the ‘ lock down ’ problem an I think the has! There I am left with no keys in the water, you need Ford! 13 reg Grand C-Max the last week I was driving and the chap said it was being taken the! Trying to start before the battery on the key into the ignition and turn on... Message is poor car key started in over a week cud this be why this,! If the instrument cluster fails while driving tho does go off when im crawling.. The time home and checked for diagnostic codes with a suitable instrument battery cables together for flashing.

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