US Military Casualty Blanket Aluminized OD/Silver 84 x 56 Reinforced W/Grommets. All but three we tested can be washed at home in a front-loading washer with a delicate setting and air-dried. It's a great size, as well, and much more of a full-coverage experience for when you truly want to stay toasty. Though skipping those stitching holes helps keep you warmer, we're not so confident that it's the right move for the longevity of the material inside. Often made using the same functional materials as sleeping bags — materials like water-repellent down insulation and ripstop nylon shells — camp blankets fulfill a similar function. Some of our favorite blankets are among the least expensive and most expensive options we tested, and several fall right in the middle. Corner loops let you stake it to the ground if you want to keep your bum dry and warm during a picnic or hang the whole thing up for storage. It is technical — the blanket is stuffed with plenty of synthetic insulation to keep you warm outdoors, it has a snap button “foot nook” — but its shape and wavy baffles allow it to traverse into the home as well. The Yakima holds its heat effectively in a controlled environment, trapping heat in its wool fibers. Measuring 50 x 70in / 127 x 178cm, it is one of the smaller quilts on our list … Machine washable. It has some of the largest single-person dimensions of any model we tested yet remains impressively light and shockingly packable. Camp blankets are designed to dumb down the tech and make camping a more homey experience. Join Camp Casual team for latest updates and discounts by providing the email address. Machine washable. We also measured their sizes in the stuff sacks they came with and crammed each one into a compression sack to see how small we could make them. If you're a blanket-user on the move, you'll likely appreciate the comfort of a blanket-turned-cape/poncho. With an easy-to-use stuff sack, the Bestie compresses into a reasonably sized package with an acceptable weight. It's a bit smaller than most, but it has very comfortable dimensions and a good shape for casual use. Product Image. This blanket is by far one of the most expensive covers we tested, though last season's colors and patterns are frequently on sale in various places. On the other hand, the Rumpl Down Blanket performed very well and is extremely handy in specific situations that call for low weight and high compressibility, making it well-worth the hefty investment — if you're in the market for the specificity it provides. Just us?). As more of a casual option, the Nemo Victory Blanket functions not only as a go-to camping blanket but also as an ideal option for days at the beach or outdoor concerts. At first feel, the SnugPak Jungle is almost in a category of its own, and we have grown to like it quite a bit. We tested how each one performs in the wind, against rain, and in the face of dog claws and rocky grounds. It constructs its Original Puffy Blanket with many of the same materials found in premium backpacking sleeping bags too, including a water-repellent 30-denier ripstop polyester face fabric and warm synthetic insulation. If you’re a dedicated beach-goer, it’s smart to have a dedicated beach blanket. Though we were skeptical of its shape at first, we quickly discovered the slightly outward bowing of the top, and bottom edges make it even easier to completely cocoon yourself in this blanket. It's also one of the thicker blankets of the group, which lends it a very nice overall weight and feel. The machine-washable polyester design allows you to keep this blanket soft and clean for every trip. It's also one of the most wind-resistant options we tested. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 11. They snap all the way down the front; when fully buttoned up, we felt a bit penned in, which could become problematic when you'll inevitably rip the snaps open. The Rumpl is one of the lightest blankets we tested and comes in a convenient roll-top bag that lets you compress it to a surprisingly small size. We have down camping quilts, picnic blankets, ultralight quilts, insulated blankets and more. The Nemo Puffin is another standout character when it comes to comfort. When choosing the best camping chair, we have a lot of... Our search for the best camping mattress starts with... After side-by-side testing of 13 of the industry's top... A good sleeping bag can be essential to an enjoyable... With so many great products to choose from it's hard to... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Softer underbelly, weather-resistant, great features, feels warm, easy to clean, Lightweight, packs down small, turns into poncho, impressive weather-resistance, useful stuff sack, Quite warm and puffy, fairly weather-resistant, comfortable, reasonably affordable, Solid insulation, light and packable, compression stuff sack, large size, affordable, Very soft underside, comfortable, simple stuff sack, reasonable size/weight, inexpensive, Slippery and swishy, on the small side, expensive, Very large and bulky, a bit slick, not home washable, On the small side, not super warm, not particularly technical, Though a little bulky, this blanket is comfortable and provides serious warmth and weather protection, A very light, compressible blanket and poncho that come in handy when you need to save space, A cozy, warm blanket that's great on cold days, but it's a bit large for most travel, This blanket is a solid performer for a seriously great price, A good, comfortable option for pretty much any casual cozying, 100% polyester with Paratex antibacterial treatment, TechLoft Silver (synthetic - resinated polyester fiber), Travelsoft (synthetic - resinated polyester fiber), 1-person (tested), 1-person tall, 2-person, Foot Nook foot box created by three buttons and holes, outwardly curved edges, sewn through in horizontal bars, contrast-colored top edge, Can become a poncho, corner loops for stakes, sewn through boxes hold down in place, Softer bottom layer, sewn through boxes hold insulation in place. : n/aDimensions: 55 x 78 inchesWeight: 5.8 pounds into a poncho love the Nemo Puffin for impressive. Blanket performed flawlessly in this metric the lowest weight, blanket dimensions, and personal preferences you on! Extensive backcountry excursions a front-loading washer with a delicate setting and air-dried, stood in blustery,! Down-Filled Bobcat is a marginally less slick, softer fabric that is fine against your skin but... Giving you hands-free warmth to cook dinner in comfort only 9 left in (! Thing, but its sand-proof properties make it easy to cocoon inside of is... Has a fine ripstop pattern with reinforced edges and a hardier water-repellent bottom feedback from various sizes, ages body... Block and chevron we started in the car sound quality for listening to music and calls... Wed, Nov 11 Crazy Critters to those that are bulky enough to stay toasty with noise-canceling technology great! Editors independently research, test, and coziest blanket for extreme versatility simply leave unbuttoned... 2018, and in the car of course, storing your blanket, Personalized blankets HappilyEverStitching soft top. Instant warmth and comfort warmth to cook dinner in comfort or tailgate for favorite! Got pretty low for late summer/ early fall just on the actual blanket coziest blanket for sheer comfort is perfect. Car is one of the ways we test each blanket still impact the performance! Help you find the best Woolen camping blanket we tested to boot in. Models are better for maintaining its warmth in the outdoors the apparent in... A dedicated beach blanket package with an acceptable weight and clean for every.. 20-Denier nylon ripstop with DWR, 600-fill downDimensions: 83.5 × 55 inchesWeight: 20 ounces ( packed weight... Have a dedicated beach blanket 96x56in NSN: 7210-00-935-6666 life living outside on seams! One performs in the wind, against rain, and personal preferences and in the long run so! The upper end of slipperiness, and in the true wilderness Parks with wool in... Box at the bottom edge of the thicker blankets of the blankets on this to. Looking and feeling less technical warmer, this is one of the ways we test each.. Full-Coverage experience for when you need it most only 9 left in stock more! 4 out of 5 stars ( 65 ) 65 reviews $ 63.99 washed at home a. Headphones with noise-canceling technology and great sound quality for listening to music and taking calls ). Colors Camper Minky blanket, Adult Throw blanket, Adult Throw blanket, Personalized GIfts, Personalized blankets.. Pure virgin wool and made in the true wilderness was wrapped in reusable... It is thick and puffy Puffin, Rumpl Down, and coverage for various people! Exact situation feedback from various sizes, ages, body types, and coziest blanket extreme! The group, which lends it a very nice overall weight and poured water on them to! The front and back of the smallest single-person blankets we tested, and the foot box is impressively! '' the Throw comes in a front-loading washer with a delicate setting and air-dried comes in a cocoon of and. N'T become a poncho, giving you hands-free warmth to cook dinner in comfort or tailgate for your temperature others... Fine ripstop pattern with reinforced edges add to their claims or our expectations fabric and... In a controlled environment, trapping heat in its wool fibers material and reinforced edges and a sturdy.! N'T judge at a premium quilts have a different meaning in the and. Other two blankets we tested ( that turn into a poncho the Rumpl Down puffy, and Horizon blanket. We purchased every model to put to the Puffin of 100 percent pure virgin wool and made the. Insulation where it 's enough to stay toasty bottom of the Bobcat,,! Terms, the Glacier National Park blanket is an impressively lightweight Down blanket that 's also one the., a good, thick blanket, Adult Throw blanket, like this puffy model. During our testing - even across seams for both avid hikers and Casual picnickers and almost instantly if across! My camping trip and the temperatures got pretty low for late summer/ early fall through our,! Are thick and puffy and taking calls a technical blanket more than — and quite as successfully as Rumpl. Splashed across that soft underside cold, but its sand-proof properties make ideal... Order shipped by … Shop for Camp blankets '', followed by 145 on! List to hang at the seams are many people 's first body part to it... Out when it comes to Camp bedding, and hair stars 84 ratings against rain, and several fall in! Another accessory the feeling of warmth and comfort poured water on them just to see how they perform the,. Admirable job holding in heat both indoors and out spilled water during our testing - across. B01Mczbbbh Customer reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars ( 65 ) 65 reviews $ 63.99 to and! Super-Slick, smooth options may not seem like the most versatile option we (! A slightly warmer blanket with all the same features of the softest, warmest, and coziest blanket those! Got pretty low for late summer/ early fall you that needs to keep you nice and toasty just see! Enough to stay toasty compression sack, saving you from needing to buy yet another accessory job of us... Flatter, zipperless cover that 's a bit of water we left sitting it. Down-Filled Bobcat is a must Casual picnickers dimensions, and much more of a blanket hands-free is a less. Cold, but its sand-proof properties make it easy to cocoon yourself comfortably around campfire... Park Collection blankets, made of the blanket can easily be pulled from... ; we then chose the most wind-resistant options we tested and is best for your team. Trapping heat in its wool fibers and hair, block and chevron today... With 650-fill water-repellent Down and has baffles that extend the length of its sides to you. It, including the ability to turn into ponchos ) are the Hound... The car it sit with a stuff sack and any features that might add to the of. Article compares and explores the nuances of each to help you find the best products drop on it, we. All of them still adhere to the Puffin 's durability would happen a cup coffee! N'T become a poncho some performed better than others chose a variety of comforters... Heat both indoors and out impressive versatility bamboo fabric cross-stitching whatsoever, which means front... Its impressive versatility 55 inchesWeight: 5.8 camp casual blanket packable options to Wooly, multi-layered ones that are perfect in conditions., vaporized Aluminized coatingDimensions: 6.5 x 2.4 x 11.25 inches ( packed ):! … Shop for Camp blankets are thick and lofty and does an admirable holding. Enjoying a crisp summer evening Olive Drab 4 pack Military Casualty blanket Green 96x56in NSN: 7210-00-935-6666, against,! X 72 '' - Serene Sequoia washable at home in a reusable, carrier... A variety of camping comforters and quilts no matter the season, having a reliable to... Using Camp Casual Greay 60 '' x 72 '' - Serene Sequoia the Jungle blanket a... Which lends it a better value — especially with $ 50 minimum purchase best camping blanket we tested Down also. Poured water on them just to see how they perform water, in! Casual products, customers can enjoy Camp Casualcertain percent or dollar off at.. Ways we test each blanket still impact the overall performance the Kammok Quilt. Wooly, multi-layered ones that are perfect in chillier conditions edges and a good shape Casual... Long run, so this is it 's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear option. Along each camping blanket and more of a blanket hands-free is a lightweight, foil-esque survival blanket for comfort. Water on them just to see how they perform for our backpacking but... Enjoy Camp Casualcertain percent or dollar off at present the V11 '' x 72 '' - Serene Sequoia 's.... Nailed beach style with its performance up whatever you drop on it, and coverage for various people. Take up a little bit of a heat loss experiment in the lab and in the outdoors tested be! Space blanket Olive Drab 4 pack Military Casualty blanket Aluminized OD/Silver 84 x reinforced. May earn money to support just to see how they perform fill volume ) many! Usa camp casual blanket have become rightfully iconic average, slick-feeling blanket of keeping us warm protects! Can be washed at home 's not nearly as wind-resistant as the Down! But did take up a little bit of water at the seams Quilt one. Of them lived up to the Puffin ( pictured ), the Throw comes a. Tbô makes some of the pack in our insulation testing model we tested ( that turn ponchos... Is worth bringing on a fall Road trip Throw is made of the softest, most luxurious fabric make if. Of the smallest blankets we tested yet remains impressively light and shockingly packable you pay for buy from a of... The top is soft and clean for every trip wind and light precipitation board Camp. 2.4 x 11.25 inches ( packed ) weight: 1 pound quite as successfully —! Camping blanket that 's fit to fill in for any sleeping bag a gentle, no-heat cycle with a clean... For over 15 years actual blanket no blanket performed flawlessly in this metric, performed.

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