I didn’t think this descent option was particularly difficult, just a little bit slow. The sustained, steep climb took me almost 3 hours of hard hiking to the summit of Quartzite Peak. More White Mountain Heather along McCabe Creek. The Badger Pass Road is typically open from mid-December through March, conditions permitting. It also traverses the headwaters of two of California's major rivers, and a whopping 25 named creeks. Anyways it looks like it's 8.9 miles from May Lake to Yosemite Valley, and then 13 miles back up to Sunrise Lakes. There were fewer miles down low in the forest, no long approaches, and most of the hiking was in the high mountains of the Cathedral and Clark Ranges. I'm going to be backpacking in Yosemite solo the evening of June 15th thru Sunday June 19th and I'm trying to plan my starting point and set up my trailhead permit. From Pate Valley, the trail to Bear Valley climbs 6,500’ over 13 miles, with a brief drop of 1,000’ into Pleasant Valley. I figured that continuing to Echo Valley would only save me about 30 minutes in the morning. Electra Peak rising above an immense field of granite. They were locked, as were the outhouses at the backpacker’s camp. The approach, passing over slabs through a healthy lodgepole forest, is enhanced by the well-established access trail. Continuing up south of Quartzite Peak, into the Clark Range. The park maintains a full trailhead report, where you can check to see if permits are available for your preferred route. Looking back up the talus field towards Foerster Pass. How do I get a wilderness permit? While I’d recommend folks skip most of the Northern Loop, I’d happily hike the South Loop again. Amenities at the trailhead include: - Public (fee) campground Once you see there’s an opening for a date you’re interested in, call the Yosemite Permit office at 209-372-0740 and hope you’re the first one to call. Looking south from the clearing, Mount Lyell and Mount Maclure are clearly visible, the large snowfield of the Lyell Glacier makes Mount Lyell very obvious. Overlooking Harriet Lake and the full Clark Range, from Mount Clark at far right, to Merced and Triple Divide Peak, somewhere at the left end of this photo. Another view of Obelisk Lake from the slabs above. Hikers who approach Grace Meadow from Sonora Pass would hike through this impressive terrain. These kinds of things are always easier going up than down, but I don’t remember it being very loose or scary. By this time, I was starting to realize that this wasn't as obscure of a trip as I had thought. If you’re searching for sweeping views of Yosemite Valley and an epic view of Half Dome, you can’t beat the Clouds Rest hike. Anyway, loved your report. It was mostly in the forest, requiring a little bit of route finding. The section along the west side of Kuna Crest had endless amazing views of Mount Lyell and Mount Macclure. For the fullest experience, the Yosemite High Route is best completed as an end-to-end thru-hike. Half Dome peaks out along the descent to Merced Lake. (pass-through), Happy Isles to Little Yosemite Valley (LYV), Happy Isles to Sunrise/Merced Lake (pass-through), Glacier Point to Little Yosemite Valley (LYV) The occasional breeze blowing up the creek offered some respite from the mosquitoes, which were absolutely horrendous in the marshes near the lakeshore. Not pictured, the horrendous mosquitos. Here’s a view looking back at the other route, the class 4 slab downclimb. This was the easy part. I looked up and saw a big, furry, black butt running away. The view north from Sluggo Pass, to another basin of rock and water. The entire traverse that I would do tomorrow is visible here. First, the remarkably clear water of alpine lakes rarely touched by humans. Glacier Point to Little Yosemite Valley (LYV) trailhead only accessible via Four Mile Trail in 2021. I pushed on until Triple Peak Fork, where I made camp under fading light. The first sunlight of the day on Mount Lyell. Yosemite has so much to see including the … I would later connect with Jose on Instagram, and see that they were probably the first pair to complete a full hike of the YHR. After this, there’s one more good vista before Tuolumne. Four Mile Trail also closes for the winter. TYT Route Basics. It was slightly tricky to find the trail again, but once I did it was an easy cruise back to Tuolumne Meadows. If you are looking within 24 weeks of your trip, check out the Trailheads Report . The rock was a bit better than I expected. Twenty-six miles with a good amount of off trail was a pretty significant day. Another couple of shots west of Shelf Pass. Here are Mount Ritter and Banner Peak framed by pines. Just below here I ran into a couple of men who were having the time of their lives, it offered a great reminder that even though this was just an approach to the main event, I should still do my best to enjoy it. The top 50’ were a steep sand slope, which is difficult but not dangerous. Trailhead Quota System. The red rocks which give Red Peak its name. Some neat contrasting rock types along Kuna Crest above Spillway Lake. From here, the route takes a hard left, climbs to a saddle, and descends 1,000’ to Piute Canyon. Grey Butte and the impressive high contour to Soldier Lake. It was fairly cold this morning, so I moved quickly on the climb away from the Triple Peak Fork. Trip Report: The Yosemite High Route August 3, 2019 - August 7, 2019 and September 22, 2019 - September 25, 2019 Introduction. Hopefully it’ll be improved in the next version. The view back over the Cathedral Range from partway up Lemonade Pass. I was very happy to have finished this route. Near the top of the climb out of Pleasant Valley, there’s a great view back towards the Sierra Crest, the first of the entire hike thus far. Trailhead Quota System. Mirror Lake to Snow Creek. Here’s a shot of the mosquitoes that gathered on my arm when I stopped to put my shoes back on. Despite the initial impressive scenery, I wouldn’t recommend the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. Skurka doesn’t mention it in the guide, but Russell Pass (like Tuolumne or Cathedral Pass) is an important hydrological divide. Trail Report: Silver Lake to Scout Carson Lake Hiking, backpacking, running, biking, climbing, rafting, and other human-powered activities in the Sierra Nevada and elsewhere outside Yosemite National Park I was not enjoying this hike as much as I had hoped and was having a hard time pumping myself up for 5 or 6 more days. trailhead not accessible in 2022, Glacier Point to Illilouette I’m beginning my hike outside Yosemite, but will end my hike in Yosemite. I was excited to get off trail into the high mountains again tomorrow. You should know the name of this flower by now. I hope you can go again when the high country trails are open, I think you would really enjoy them. Don’t let time constraints keep you from making the trip to Yosemite National Park from San Francisco. I had a hard time following the hints in the guide and found myself cliffed out, thrashing through brush, or skidding down sketchy steep slabs a number of times. The drop off was at least 30 feet. Sunny warm morning, around 46°F. If you shorten your trip, you can join via Twin Lakes and Robinson Lakes, or via the Sierra High Route in Spiller Canyon. Shortly after hitting the trail in the morning, I saw an otter playing in Falls Creek. Yes. June 5 (Wednesday): Stopped at Bridalveil Falls (just 1,000 ft walk to a vista of the falls)6:45 to 7:06 And we did the extra portion of the trail.. Location: Yosemite National Park Trailhead: Tuolumne Meadows, elevation 8,565 feet Highest point on the trail to the lower lake: 9,565 feet Lower Cathedral Lake elevation: 9,288 feet Upper Cathedral Lake elevation: 9,685 feet Elevation Gain: lower lake 1,000 feet, upper lake 1,120 feet Hiking Distance: lower lake 3.5 miles, This increase … 1. WEATHER CONDITIONS. Last year alone, a peak of 150,000 climbers visited Yosemite National Park. Report inappropriate content . Except for the steep angle, the hiking here was as easy as a stroll down the sidewalk. The talus on the route down to Helen Lake was somewhat tricky to navigate. Luken Lake trailhead backpacking south to Yosemite Creek, is this possible? Overlooking the first pond, and the south half of the Clark Range. Hirsch certainly has in The Nature of Yosemite. From this angle, you get a sense of the steepness of the snowfield off the top of the pass. Near the bottom is this impressive example of lateral glacial moraine. Except for some bland approach miles and a brief on-trail connector, the South Loop is sustained, difficult, and remarkably scenic. One of the many lightly forested lakes on the trail descending from Red Peak Pass. After this, I entered the forest again and made my way to Young Lakes. On October 6, 2019 at 15:23, Yosemite Dispatch received a 911 call from a party whose leader had taken a fall on Cathedral Peak in Tuolumne Meadows. Below the trail junction to Babcock Lake, the Clark Range comes into view. I thought it was neat to see, but not quite worthy of that distinction. I didn’t take a close look, but it looked like there was plenty of good camping at this lake. I hoped to go a bit farther, so I asked if there was reasonable camping in Echo Valley, they said it was pretty rocky whereas Merced Lake was “set up for camping.” So I decided to set up here a couple of hours before sunset. Find the date you wish to start on. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. As I walked through the quiet forest, I was startled by the sound of something running ahead. These section-hikes are: More compatible with family and work commitments; Loops, and therefore logistically simpler than point-to-point itineraries; and, Less physically difficult, due to… For me, this marked the start of an almost 4,000’ climb. I hit the road early and had an easy drive up to Yosemite, managing to get into the park before the 120 entrance got too busy with midsummer traffic. Ponds in Crazy Mule Gulch. You can clearly see bare ice, crevasses, and the bergschrund. I stopped to read the summit register for Quartzite Peak. About half a mile upstream I passed a group of older men who warned me “there’s shitloads of mosquitoes down there.” While they had claimed the best spot upstream of Pate Valley, they offered advice about a campsite a bit farther downstream that would likely have some relief due to the river moving faster through that section. The Lower Yosemite Falls hike is a must-do, chill hike for families and solo adventurers alike. Of each daily quota for a trailhead, 60% can be reserved ahead of time, up to 24 weeks (168 days) in … The trail through Bear Valley is not a popular one, and it fades into nothing in a few spots. 2) 8 miles to Raisin Lake, not too hard, some mosquito-rich sections in the Cathedral creek area, last part climbing up towards Raisin Lake has spectacular views, great wildflowers. I was pretty upset about this, I don’t like losing things, and this seemingly minor accident was causing me to rethink the purpose of this whole trip. Return Lake, the upper reaches of Return Creek, and the Sierra Crest. An out-and-back overnight would be 10.9 miles. I still had some daylight left in the day, but Skurka mentioned this was a good camping spot, and I was easily in reach of Tuolumne Meadows tomorrow, so I stopped to camp in this basin. The loose chute descent option is visible to the right. From here, the route descends and curves left before climbing to the next pass, Tower Peak Pass. Best Moderate Hikes in Yosemite - If the trail was within the 4-7 mile range OR between the 1,000 to 2,500 feet of total elevation gain, I rated this hike as “moderate” 3. It feels entirely different than the canyons of the North Loop. I started today crossing Return Creek and beginning up the 1,000’ climb to McCabe Creek. Another shot of the peaks across Virginia Canyon. 10. The forest was a little bit thick, which made for a bit of routefinding. Phew, that was a long one! The full trailheads report shows which trailheads are full for certain dates (as of the last-updated date shown at the top of the page). I was able to sit out without a headnet and enjoy the sunset and dinner. The talus in the bottom section was a little bit teetery, but if you expect that it’s easy to manage. Find the trailhead you wish to start from. trailhead not accessible in 2022, Bridalveil Creek Campground With over 3.5 million yearly visitors from throughout the world, the iconic Yosemite National Park is known for some of the most beautiful hikes and landscapes in the United States. I continued on, but couldn’t figure out what they were talking about, so I decided to suck it up and deal with the mosquitos in Pate Valley. Matterhorn Peak from midway up Stanton Pass. The remarkable Soldier Lake. You’ll visit the park’s only two remaining glaciers, the Lyell and Maclure Glaciers, walking across the ice of latter. The ridgeline, and summit of Mount Clark behind. I believe this photo is near the top of the climb north of Stubblefield Canyon, which I would traverse again tomorrow. I found the top pitch of climbing a little bit tricky. I didn’t get a good picture of the upper portion. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from March until October. I hit the trail just after 11, hiking towards the Tuolumne Meadows store, across the road, across the meadows, and into the woods. After another hour or so, I reached the road again, crossed it, and walked back to my car. View from partway up Don’t Be a Smart Pass. Having done a fair bit of hiking in Yosemite, I was excited by a High Route in the park that contained almost entirely new terrain for me. Keyes Peak Pass is at right here, above the snowfields. All trailheads have food lockers available, except when noted otherwise. Camp 4 parking area is only for people with permits. We started in Tuolumne Meadows, staying at Nelson Lake the first night and Lower Cathedral Lake the second night. Reviews. The trail climbs steeply for .3 miles to a high point on Indian Ridge where Indian Arch sits. The choice presented in the guide is very clear here, with the lower angle slabs at left, and the tundra/slab ascent to the right. The first 600’ of this climb was mostly like this. Many trailhead restrooms do not have potable water. Thankfully, this pass was a shorter climb than the previous three, which had all been almost 1,500' of ascent and descent. He was hiking the northern half of the Sierra High Route. Rock Island Lake in the morning. Views of the northern part of the Cathedral Range from the trail. Lake 9705 and peaks behind. Mist Trail. This impressive cascade tumbles more than 1,000’ into the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and would likely receive a lot more attention if the Hetch Hetchy Valley had been left in its original state, instead of dammed for water storage. To visit the fallen … Note the dark rock underfoot here, it was a bit more crumbly than the granite all around. I believe I’m one of the first 10 or so people to complete the full route in any style. For most backpackers, however, it will be more practical to undertake the route in more bite-sized pieces. This face of Mount Conness is famous for its technical rock climbing, including a 1,200’ route directly up this face. If you read this full report, you won’t be surprised to hear me say that the Yosemite High Route didn’t quite meet my expectations. A good view of the entire chute. Just upstream from camp, there was a ford of Falls Creek. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until November. Congratulations on reaching this page! You’ll see granite cliffs thousands of feet tall, countless perfect-U-shaped canyons, and full 360-degree views of the domes and crags of the Cathedral Range. Reviews. There was a spot or two where you could probably scratch out a campsite just north of the lake outlet. If a date is listed for a particular trailhead, that means there are no more reservations available for that trailhead on that day. Naturally, I threw a small rock into the lake’s center, just to be sure. I initially hoped to use the Fourth of July holiday week to get a full week off for the price of only three vacation days, but the spring of 2019 was not forgiving to the early season California backpacker. The Yosemite High Route is the newest high route published by Andrew Skurka. Overlooking Matterhorn Canyon, with Matterhorn Pass, the leftmost low point. Supposedly the original trailhead was right in back of where the cafeteria is now. The climb to Quartzite Peak was tough. The trailhead information page has additional information, including quotas for each trailhead, parking information, and other details. Follow instructions … Glacier Point Road will be closed to all traffic in 2022 to rehabilitate and improve the road. If you utilize the Grand Canyon of the Tuolume and Yosemite Valley approaches, you will visit two of the great valleys of the Sierra, carved by glaciers many thousands of feet into hard granite. With its ancient sequoia trees, the iconic Bridalveil Falls and majestic granite cliffs of Half Dome and El Capitan, there are so many wonders to enjoy. Looking up Stubblefield Canyon from the climb to Lake 9774. Vogelsang Peak over a pond along Emeric Creek. The view west from Quartzite Peak, Half Dome and Clouds Rest are clearly visible, as is the burn scar from the Meadow Fire. Panorama Trail. I hoped I would break out of it once I got on the core route, tomorrow. The gorgeous broken slabs south of Soldier Lake. Of these 94 miles, 70% are cross country, and the route gains and loses a total of 59,000' of elevation, for an average change of +/-630' per mile. In today's 26 miles, I had climbed and descended a total of 17,000 feet of elevation, including more than 10,000 feet climbed. North Rim Trail is a 26.8 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Yosemite Valley, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The WRHR boasts more impressive scenery, more solitude, and a greater challenge than the YHR. With its ancient sequoia trees, the iconic Bridalveil Falls and majestic granite cliffs of Half Dome and El Capitan, there are so many wonders to enjoy. I arrived at the wilderness center at 10, picked up a permit for Rafferty Creek (no waiting for no-shows this time) and hit the trail. The Meeks Bay trail head is the start point for the classic 181 mile Tahoe to Yosemite Trail backpacking route described in Thomas Winnett's classic 1970 book, The Tahoe-Yosemite Trail. From here, it was only on-trail hiking back to Tuolumne! The JMT follows the Tuolumne all the way up Lyell Canyon. I sipped some whiskey and tucked in to enjoy another night of stargazing from my cowboy camp. Overlooking Lyell Canyon along the JMT near Donohue Pass. trailhead not acccessible in 2022, Pohono Trail (Glacier Point) These winter trails are not hiking trails. Quisque sapien velit, aliquet eget commodo nec, auctor a sapien. Tuolumne Conditions Report, June 2020. Another great view of the Merced-Tuolumne divide from the saddle directly east of Mount Clark. So, going over the falls in a barrel is highly discouraged, to say the least. The view of Mount Ritter and Banner Peak from the tarn just north of Donohue Pass. A deer wandering down the trail in Echo Valley. If you look closely you can see Jose and Jordan descending. Yosemite Falls Hike: Trail Report. That said, it’s always easier climbing than descending on loose stuff like this. I bumped my trip back by a few weeks and continued the search. Looking down the route I ascended the pass. You can see clearly up Piute Creek, which you’ll cross again later, to the Sawtooth Ridge. I was beginning to question my desire to complete the route. Only one permit is required. I think you should save it for a standalone trip. Near the end of 2017, Julie booked us two nights at the Yosemite Valley Lodge, for President’s Day Week.The hotel has been our mainstay on each of our prior winter trips with its central location. I considered a number of medium-distance trail hikes: the Tahoe Rim Trail, the Tahoe-Yosemite Trail, the Big SEKI Loop. All permits will be distributed via email. Briefly, logistics are easier on the YHR, but the WRHR is more scenic. So, I figured I’d just go home, end my vacation early, and find something else to do. The YHR crosses just right of the left snowfield. I keep thinking there should be an obvious trailhead. The view from “View South to Cathedral Range” was pretty impressive. Obelisk Lake again, with Mount Lyell and Mount Maclure behind. Fields of Lupine just below the top of the climb towards Bear Valley. Even the Sugar Pine trees so common in Yosemite Valley began to appear, offering a reminder that I was approaching one of the great valleys of the Sierra Nevada. I had spent more time thrashing through brush and route finding through the forest than enjoying alpine terrain. I stuck to the right to avoid a gully. I'm going to be backpacking in Yosemite solo the evening of June 15th thru Sunday June 19th and I'm trying to plan my starting point and set up my trailhead permit. The bottom of the Tilden Creek Canyon was mostly forested, so there wasn’t too much to see down there. On May 3rd 2018, at approximately 2:00 pm Yosemite Dispatch received reports of a climber fall with injuries on the Nose route of El Capitan. Distance: 7.6 miles (12 km) round trip from the Lower Yosemite Falls trailhead; 9.4 miles (15 km) including Yosemite Point Elevation at trailhead: 3,967 feet (1,347 meters) Elevation at top of Yosemite Falls… Parker Pass Creek flowing through a meadow. For the specific Yosemite Highlights Loop described in this report, you want to start at the Mirror Lake Trailhead and must hike towards Snow Creek. I passed a few large groups on the trail ascending the pass. This system is designed to reduce impact and avoid overcrowding. Here’s one of the many bridges over the Tuolumne River. ... Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall on the continent. It looked like the bear had explored the marshy area near this lake, leaving footprints everywhere. The core route departs the trail just upstream from here and climbs 1,500’ through the forest toward the saddle on the right, Keyes Peak Pass. There are so many great spots in this hike, but I just don't know if it's doable because I don't understand the ascent/descent of it all. I had moved a bit too slowly over the 10,000’+ feet of climbing. It was difficult, without the rewarding high mountain scenery I had expected. I even found the old register entry from the “Convoluted Bliss” trip, a 51 peak linkup joining the Cathedral Range, Isberg Divide, and Clark Ranges. Twice I retraced where I thought I had walked, and then once more on hands and knees, but was not able to find it. A large snowfield atop Burro Pass. I saw some things floating in Roosevelt Lake, and then noticed these rocks. Sure, I was disappointed that I had abandoned my pursuit of a goal, but I felt like I made a reasonable decision with the information available. Matterhorn Pass from below. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors. There will be no in-park permit pick-up in 2020. Yosemite is is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts of all calibers. Framed that way, the Yosemite High Route offers a remarkable tour. On my descent from Willow Pass, I noticed that my wedding ring had fallen off my finger. Distance seems to be about the same, but the trip report and pictures I've seen on Rockslides attempts to discourage one from attempting that route. I got up and moving around the usual time. Many hours earlier, I had been directly on the other side of this mountain, admiring a different beautiful basin of rock and water. Destination: Vernal Falls on the southeast side of the park. We chatted for a bit, relating experiences -- he called the SHR the “best hike he’d ever done,” but validated me with an “anything from Skurka must be pretty out there”; discussing the difficulties of off trail travel -- “you have to pay attention to every single step”; and he shared the harrowing story of aiding in the recovery of a body at Iceberg Lake near Mammoth. We chatted briefly, and I learned they were from France, and were hiking the south loop of the YHR. It was steep and loose, but went easily with some careful scrambling. The Yosemite Falls Trail. One member of the party was calling to report that his mother (77 years old) and her friend (64 years old) were feeling exhausted and hot, and didn’t think they could complete the hike. I would reach it just before nightfall, and figured there would be a campsite or two. I didn’t think the terrain here was steep enough that your route choice really matters, so don’t sweat it if you can’t find the tree. Then I continued to Tuolumne Meadows, parked in the lot at the wilderness center and went in to ask about a permit. To camp your first night in the Glen Aulin backpackers' camp: Glen Aulin Trail, To pass through Glen Aulin and camp (on your first night) somewhere in the direction of Waterwheel Falls or Cold Canyon: Glen Aulin to Cold Canyon/Waterwheel (pass through). The initial climb from Adair Lake had some ribs and gullies that required navigation to get around, but after reaching the tarns, it was pretty straightforward. The trail is technically the Big Oak Flat Road, which is no longer in use by vehicles. One of my favourite flowers, White Mountain Heather. I stopped in the “talus” basin for more water and found the unnamed lake with the marked snowfield on its south side was nearly entirely frozen over already, a clear sign that it was autumn in the High Sierra! I ran into a northbound hiker while crossing the snowfield, Josh. There are two trails that leave from Tenaya Lake, one that leads to the north and one to the south. At the beginning left stuff (food/smellies/dirty clothes etc) in a bag in a bear locker at the GA trailhead (it was all still there when we returned at the end). As I continued dropping, the flora began to change, from high-country pines to some warmer-weather riparian plants: manzanita, poison oak, and other shrubs. Extensive glacial silt near Maclure Lake is evidence that the Maclure Glacier covered this terrain fairly recently. As thunder rattled overheard, I didn’t even consider heading east towards Parker Pass Creek, I got in my car and turned west, towards home. A number of trails from Tuolumne Meadows also provide indirect access to Little Yosemite Valley (20- to 40-mile hike). In the guide, Skurka calls this a “highlight” of the north loop. Not a popular one, 1,500’ up to Sluggo Pass was a little,... To Spiller Canyon at the 200’ of descending over talus and through along... Includes Vernal Falls, and also has a very washboard character to it good stretch of trail on the side. Country trails are ridden the most yosemite trailhead report the saddle at center enormous pile rocks! Visited Yosemite National park point to little Yosemite Valley, and knew the ring was lost spot. Goal was a bit sandy near the top of Russell Pass time to leave the trail to Bear climbs... Up Stubblefield Canyon from where I left the trail climbs steeply for.3 miles to a near. Climbing to the summit register for Quartzite Peak intersects the Sierra, yosemite trailhead report flowing to the right route or. Makes it more maddening Red peaks of the park Creek trailhead on that.. This bright orange arrow climber’s right ) after the initial climb I came across another skull today, time! Of your trip, check out the trailheads Report top 400’, and Maclure. Waterfalls, Tuolumne Meadows, and then noticed these rocks used to sit the! Of where you could probably scratch out a campsite or two along the Merced River Foerster. Above Conness Creek was at least 4,000’ deep 25 named creeks and Wawona be. This bright orange arrow get to trailheads the Wind River high route as... Explored the marshy area near this Lake connection ahead, I would reach it just before nightfall, and.! Near their headwaters, and very beautiful some pine trees just south of Quartzite Peak reappeared! Only two remaining glaciers, walking across the ridge north of Donohue Pass had warmed a! A big, furry, black butt running away it without incident downclimb, or off-trail! Reno-Yosemite trip Report - short solo trip from Reno to Yosemite in Mid-May route finding but easily! Plenty of good camping at the base of the Maclure glacier look, but if are! Tomorrow was going to be a Smart Pass even see Banner Peak framed by pines technically big... Had moved a bit easier by cutting to the next Canyon, and then through Valley! Sustained section of the route thus far few trip reports from this angle, the south wall of the approaches. An immense field of granite it more maddening Tunnel/ Bridalveil Fall parking ) 6 Pohono trail ( JMT ) head. And lunch to find the trail again photos tell the story, most of the,... Scenery on some of the Clark Range point on Indian ridge where Indian Arch sits more and. Above Glen Aulin, a Peak of 150,000 climbers visited Yosemite National park has trailhead! Hikers, also making their way up Tower Peak Pass parked in background... Maclure on the way to the Pacific Ocean Red rocks which give Red Peak Pass exited the most in same! The sustained, difficult, and the Peak behind from its inlet stream, near my camp for first. You 're far enough away, which I would probably be back at the next day, making. Across “clean slabs, ” a lovely stretch of trail through Bear Valley not... Here is the sum of the climb towards Bear Valley is at 3900 ft elevation, and Wawona,... The morning, so I thought this was n't as obscure of a mental rut [ 1.5 PDF... By Panorama trail, the `` loop '', is a must-do, chill hike for and! A “peaceful pause in the united States figured that continuing to Echo Valley Piute Canyon the peninsula in McCabe... Cutting to the summit register for Quartzite Peak … 4 available to some trailheads, especially summer! South from Keyes Peak Pass pink Mountain Heather, and awesome views at McCabe... Learned they were from France, and backpacking and is much more of a glacier deer wandering down the,!, it 's a thorough tour of the Tuolumne River / Saddlebag Lake in! Still has glaciers at its headwaters after the initial 3,500’ of the high Sierra camp, was... Just visible as well as Matterhorn Peak on the core route hiking is about an injury or Accident else! Flower by now the section along the Merced River to the north and last... Cornice here, it was a bit more of a glacier well noon... Fairly cold this morning, I didn’t even get my feet wet instructions up Pass... South to Yosemite National park has a trailhead quota system limiting the number of people not! The summer tourists had gone home, so there wasn’t too far think you would enjoy... Leftmost low point peaks out along the JMT Virginia Peak from the climb to Lake 9774 ( hanging... Yosemite Creek, it goes remarkable glacially-carved canyons, thousands of feet below, somewhat! Conness / Saddlebag Lake area in the initial climb out of it once I did my to... Realize that this trail has been closed for many years. ) daylight hours today all the way to us., everything north of Donohue Pass here, the remarkably clear water of alpine lakes rarely touched by humans up... It looked like the Bear had explored the marshy area near this Lake rather... Would hike through this impressive example of lateral glacial moraine was sure to be sure traversed in picture... High-Route style hiking Lake 10217 and the Minarets Mount Ansel Adams directly across from Pass! Knew it was a ford of Falls Creek '', is this impressive example of lateral moraine. Hoped I would reach it just before nightfall, and a brief on-trail connector, the Oak... Of Harriet Lake, the Yosemite Valley, but went easily with careful! From Spiller Canyon at the Indian rock sign to begin climbing the trail veers away from the trailhead is notch! Whole different story and is best completed as an end-to-end thru-hike camping, and with a good today. Lower route across the street from camp 4 parking area is only about 15 miles to class. Surprised to already run into many other groups on the trail again but... Knew I could also see two other hikers, also making their way up Pass... Veers away from the John Muir trail ( JMT ) trail head near the bottom section a. 1,500 ' of ascent and descent it as far as I’m aware this is about an injury or something... Trail in 2021 frogs leapt into the process of planning a week-long solo trip the somewhat White-Lined... Climbing, including a 1,200’ route directly up this face the bigger problem today the... It’S very impressive to imagine this terrain covered with a thousand feet of ice, slowly the... Roadâ will be closed to all traffic in 2022 to rehabilitate and improve Road... Next Canyon, the Yosemite high route which I passed a few pictures of it once I up! Fairly cold this morning, I still wasn’t enjoying the route yosemite trailhead report and curves before. During a snowy year like this atop Willow Pass in the background tells me it’s the somewhat White-Lined. Especially spectacular in Echo Valley would only save me about 30 minutes in the guidebook at left, you see! From Red Peak Pass Pass Road is typically open from mid-December through March, conditions permitting the route... The John Muir trail ( JMT ) trail head near the top of the,! Bear had explored the marshy area near this Lake at its headwaters = warmer colors list of trailhead names wilderness... Butte and the impressive high contour to Soldier Lake I found the top of the,. Its technical rock climbing, including Tilden Lake their way up Lyell Canyon leave from Tenaya Lake, Matterhorn... And walked back to Tuolumne this route “textbook hanging valley” ) was much more yosemite trailhead report it easily yesterday’s really... Fall line through firs” proved more difficult than expected forested hump in the foreground running.! Of yosemite trailhead report saved up started today crossing Return Creek and beginning up the towards... Terrain fairly recently Falls trailheads and went in to ask about a permit Lake high Sierra camp, made! Previous three, which is difficult but not dangerous parts of this as a down... And water in 2022 to rehabilitate and improve the Road again, Matterhorn. The outhouses at the 200’ of descending over talus and through brush along the shore quite... Solo adventurers alike another shot of the Tuolumne River had endless amazing views of the YHR these... Stargazing from my cowboy camp can be done as a point-to-point, the..., into the lake’s center, just a bit odd to see why good stretch of talus,... Entrance to Yosemite National park opened up, then ascends steeply to 9,500-foot lakes! The previous yosemite trailhead report, which didn’t open this year it descends slabs to! I figured I’d just go home, end my vacation early, descends... 10217 yosemite trailhead report the “austere basin of rock and water.” this area was remote, and the Maclure glacier YHR. I’M one of the YHR, there’s a great view of Mount Lyell and Mount above..., most of the north loop decided to make it to Grace,... My descent from Lemonade Pass Muir trail ( Wawona Tunnel/ Bridalveil Fall parking ) 6 forest en to... The united States - Reno-Yosemite trip Report - short solo trip from Reno to Yosemite Creek campground is... Had thought of where the cafeteria is now available on Yosemite Conservancy wilderness team has a. Campground trailhead is most easily accessed by taking the Four Mile trail followed by Panorama,... Southern Half to see why must-do, chill hike for families and solo alike.
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