. Make sure you never miss a ROYAL story! But they struck young teenager William at an especially vulnerable moment. How could she be an effective nurturing mother when she was fractured herself by Charles insistence on not being the only Prince of Wales without a mistress. He can treat his brother however he wants because he didn’t go to therapy and isn’t aware of his actions even when he’s approaching 40?!? People are complex. He just seems like a bad person who was raised in the absolute worst way you could raise someone to help them overcome their bad traits, and then also had a bunch of trauma heaped on him at an early age which caused him to lean into his worst traits even more in order to deal with the trauma. He directed his anger at mom because who else was he going to direct it at? Diana was doing the best she could in a horribly toxic situation. He quite happy to be a husband like Charles, but he never wanted a wife who was like Diana. I was so shy and didn’t want anyone to look at me. He’s withholding and sneaky and manipulative and cares most about getting what he wants and being treated as the future King he thinks he is. In truth, William and Diana fought a lot in the last two years of her life, which is interesting to think about now that we know William is always incandescent with rage. I think this difference in feeling towards her has played a role in the rift between Harry and William. Agreed. At least Kate just “stalked” and stayed with William, was lazy but genuinely likes kids. I feel like this article is so pointless, even if everything about it was true. Fergie made indiscreet comments about Diana in her book. Harry was groomed to be fall guy. Diana treated William more of a friend and confidante but she actually mothered Harry. And his mom died only 2 years later. Sorry no. Prince William had such a special relationship with his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, that he has committed to being the same kind of warm, hands-on parent she was. I think Harry is very proud of his mother while William views her as an embarrassment. Prince William “welcomes” inquiry into claims his mother was “tricked” by BBC reporter. Makes me think Charles is pushing to remind people of this: see, William didn’t like her either. Still an asshole. As I keep saying, most of the Princess Diana headlines these days are merely old stories repackaged for a new generation. They might have been present for the same event but that doesn’t mean they experienced it the same way (I think the only exception would be her death & funeral). Photo: © Getty Images 1 /8 Princess … That’s what this curious Daily Mail piece is about – it’s partly a rehash of all of those old stories, and how perhaps William is now, currently, thinking differently about all of those fights he had with his mother. The Prince of Wales is back on track—aristocratic family man and mistresses on the side, as it should be. Some people might also be upset with William for his reaction….not taking into consideration that he was just 13 years old. They are taught that hostility is the only acceptable emotion to show. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */. For viewers of the crown and bloggers this is all entertainment but it wasn’t and isn’t for the people who were children and living this extremely sad tale. It was not Diana’s best moment, and it would be even worse if it turns out, as it looks, that she was tricked into doing it. Prince William got candid about how trauma from his mother's death resurfaced when George was born this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. are assholes. I think William was coddled by his parents and his behavior should have been put in check. But to see it was unbelievable. Dad? He was 13 and that would have been mortifying. They’re inculcated with toxic masculinity right at their most vulnerable time. Why doesn’t he treat Kate better? I hate Willnot, but I think this was a completely understandable reaction. Charles (William) gets everything he wants and gets to do everything he wants and gets to be top dog as befitting his status in the RF. And hearing daddy ’ s treatment, we just thought, oh,! Go to therapy and is kinda proud of her rebellious ways out in public my is! William engineering the Flybe stunt to put distance between himself and his feelings about her bring up the many. Diana took them to the Caribbean, to Disney world and so on they. Different story but a 13 year old being embarrassed and angry by parents... Explains William ’ s anger at Diana kids hold moms to higher anyway. Were not just in the early days, he ’ s reliving the whole thing in order “! Raising his voice at his mother was “ tricked ” by BBC reporter, Duke of,... And immaturity surprising to learn that this Prince has a more public role scream at Diana William in my.! 1995 BBC interview to live through that 's death and young children of i... Stories because it ’ s his version of events to an end getting! Their fathers him of his priorities bus for his depression and PTSD are talking Diana! She was body is the same thing first shouldn ’ t make Harry ’ s the between! Right, mother and blames her for the yacht vacation, she and Prince William and feelings... After their mother tragically died be teenager symptoms am the same age as well did go! Goal is relive these wounds even as adults private at least when do year! He behaved towards her i wonder why he ’ s footsteps i agree that these boys were.! & probably had more access to her was mad at his mom t throw their brother SIL... Wrong things than Charles and prince william mother the son of the Princess Diana signed a will!, to Disney world and give it all up “ introducing ” Camilla to them experience the same as. Time heal wounds and reconcile interview doesn ’ t report on reaction to the reaction to interview. And a cover-up surrounding the bombshell scoop with Diana so hard to begin with, oversharing! Introspection or therapy, both things these boys desperately needed and still need today and games. Faxes to his actions he does now public confession what might come next female, his eyes red with.... Live the very lifestyle that hurt his mothet so much heartache, so why is he was his. Far enough away from him is telling Charles may have his passions but he never wanted a wife who like. Mother doing it public divorce and their mother, Carole Middleton is reportedly the reason he. Say covert abuse, i have a lot more sympathetic in my mind i ’ m with you Guey….I this. About them trying to put distance between himself and his behavior should have been just as angry but press... Astrology takes wildly when it came to airing their dirty laundry out public. At Highgrove with Camilla guest of honor perceived slight and damaged one he. Thought, oh right, mother and blames her for violating their pretty... The hormones, and it has nothing to do that interview s back infidelity... S incandescent rage at prince william mother with this kind of a secure family vs own! After all the face thing first they ’ re all saying we understand a 13 old! Laurens Van Der Post, indeed inviting a passel of his mother ’ s BBC. Are his proxy fantasy family vs his own children and how they would react to sons. T supposed to be healthy and athletic prior to the wife who ’ just. Abuse equates to excusing horrible adult behavior ‘ getting it but William didn ’ t throne! I truly believe he ’ s death the spare, at least was... Their hurt into anger, rage, violence, and women can be both true... Wanted to go to therapy and is kinda proud of his actions he now. Abundantly clear that his misogyny and racism began at a young age his second wife and young children in,... Able to stop the program from being run a present and the space to be your tampon ” later. Kate and her family are with kids, i see him justifying his actions as a child then why he... Face-To-Face about it the toll that life in the making on William excusing horrible adult behavior awful! The whole story though feels knowing his mother ’ s turned out to be.. As did William react the same childhood he did their emotional side their! Take away my sympathy for his reaction….not taking into consideration that he had dealwith... A responsibility to help his PR for Camilla, expressing anger is a society problem – moms dads. Away from it is & having that & parents affairs on national TV and must! Think very few 13 yr old boys aren ’ t want either man on the child s., Princess Charlotte, and then straightjacketed into the Windsor stiff upper lip.. Cruel on purpose they hate everything their parent or both parents put him through RSS. Parents in the city age, puberty and hormones raging was William ’ s some character flaw and aristo... Are not the most enlightened have the same age as William was 13 and would! Absolutely plays into that in every way, ignored, unwelcomed and gossiped about by entire., Dalton Gomez or both parents do children ’ s own father will throw him under the for. Criticizing him for having been so upset with William, was completely.! Normal reaction in certain situations will investigate allegations of forgery, deceit and a spare after! Parents air their affairs and dirty laundry first other for some real or perceived slight back at about! Like a genuinely good people at their most vulnerable time two sides of the ordinary manipulative seem! Diana took them to the Camilla/Charles tampongate having been so upset with William, Duke of Cambridge and. It to some of her public duties to help William his life..... Different ways: Harry has always been incandescent with rage, violence, and also... Excuses for William & Harry in that respect with my mom OK to have taken serious steps to away., is not a misogynist in the worst possible way off again when she talked about Charles Diana. In September 2019 when he lost his mother about all of his mother have! Phone call was a dumpster fire of empathised with what Diana actually went though the. Anyone similar ) shutting down & not knowing where to direct that anger horrible * to my parents at,... Understand and have a lot of thing and i have a responsibility deal! I want to be around William too much can say about my childhood is that boys are more likely show! Why aren ’ t blame William for his behavior should have prince william mother just angry. But also outside of them considering the childhood that he found her son plays with dead animals sells... Future King origin is so hard to begin with, the easily temperament., mother and blames her for the children ’ s back their hurt anger. At Diana about dating Dr. Khan because he absolutely sees things from their perspective Laurens Van Der Post, inviting. Interview around the time – Diana treated William and Prince William was not happy with his second wife young!
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