Take the right-hand path to get to a Burning Wave (beyond the steps.) Boss: Last Kraken/Cleones (Water) ok i bought legend of dragoon Used and this game is awesome but i've been having problems with disc # 4. during enemy battles, random … Taking the elevator will lead you to a treasure chest (Pandemonium). Items: Vanishing Stone (Martel), 100G, Wargod Calling, Satori Vest Turn the silver statue to face the left and the golden statue to face the front. Well, that's it. He will ask you a bunch of questions. up the stairs, there will be a panel where you have to enter a password. The next room just has a cinema. After you are done choosing, head forward and two guards will charge Now head left, up, up, right, and up to get to the last part of the desert. You'll get the Pretty Hammer for this. After the sequence you can choose your party memebers. For the first question, choose the third choice. Head to the right. Walkthrough-Disk 1 Part 4. Climb The treasures are as follows: Their objective is to aid people who are being effected You will arrive on the upper platform. I don't recommend equipping Miranda with it, as it won't do you much good in the upcoming battles. After the five rounds you will automatically lose to Lloyd. The RPG Place is copyright Lassarina Aoibhell, 1998-2012. Part XI: The Final Battle, Items: Healing Breeze, Moon Serenade, Healing Fog, Healing Rain, Gladius, Recovery Ball, Power Down, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Potion, Bandit Shoes. To the left is a locked door. Head right after fighting him. Albert: "I...cannot do that." Walk along the platform until you Take the elevator to the left. After the scenes are over, head north. Search the barrels to the left of the entrance to find a Stardust. Right before entering the room his father was in, go to the save point and go There are a total of 20 Stardust for you to collect on Disc 1 and before any one gets worried - NONE ARE MISSABLE! and once you get over on the other side, there will be a treasure chest (Red stone). copyrighted by their respective authors. Belzac is a lot like Kongol--not very fast, extremely strong physical attacks and defense, and pretty much nothing in the magic department. When you're done, head back to Fletz and board the Queen Fury. Talk to the man in green in front of the door once you are ready, There are also a lot of mini-games in this place. and proceed along the path. Keep going. After the conversation, take the teleporter at the right for a Moon Serenade. Place the stones in, and then save at the save point. You will then automatically travel back to Seles. The Legend of Dragoon is a role-playing video game, that had an initial release back in 1999 in Japan, 2000 in North America and 2001 in Europe. Also see GameShark Codes for more The Legend of Dragoon cheat codes.. Jump to: Tip (47) Cheat (17) Code. the right hole until you see a treasure chest (Felt Hat). Speak to the white Lapto. Save, and then follow Popo. Climb back up, and After you check the Signet Sphere, you must alter Law #410 to go to Mayfil. I chose Albert because I'm rather fond of his Additions and his defensive spell. Welcome to the The Legend of Dragoon wiki guide. Then head back to where you fought Kongol Allows or disallows the use of the teleportation device to go to Mayfil (cannot be used until after you've defeated Kubila, Selebus, and Vector), Allows or disallows you to do things without lining up, Allows or disallows you to move around Zenebatos without being thrown in jail, Enables or disables random enemy encounters, Allows or disallows you to go to the Signet Sphere. From there, take the left teleporter. This form invovles Frahma and four Tentacles. Inside, enter the first room on the left. After the sequence you will be back on the world map. Now go down, left, down, down, right, down, left for a Healing fog. Now it's time for the final battle. Legend of Dragoon, The Cheats. The woman at the piano will play "Claire's Song." Proceeding left, you will find an elevator. Having launched the law, you can now get out of here and you will no longer be arrested. Leave and hop into the little vortex again. Destroy the Cleones as soon as they appear, using Additions. Once you have finished talking to them, take the elevator down. D007A39C ???? Go north. Boss: Super Virage (Void) The puddle is a recovery point, so you may want to level up. Now after this you'll get to another debug screen. Continue left and you will notice that this is the elevator you took to get here. Take the path the north to enter the next area. Go to the teleporter. Then you'll find Belzac's tower. It ain't a morning bug. Once you've hurt him enough, Zackwell will appear. Head north and take the left-hand path. Meru: "I still cannot die!" Boss: Damia (Water) The first Disc in The Legend of Dragoon has the most available Stardusts of them all. please join this group if you liked or are an avid fan of Legend of Dragoon. Part III: Running Around the World Map When you've damaged him enough, you'll get to his final form. Joker Command. He also has a pretty decent evade rate. During the day, Frahma's attacks will be fire-based. Take the Teleporter to Zenebatos. Head north again. Choose to forgive when she asks you to. Save and move on. Second Form. This fight is, quite simply, a bitch. You must choose "Legislation Center" in order to change laws, and you will need to change quite a few laws to progress. For The Legend of Dragoon on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 36 guides and walkthroughs. �2001 RPGClassics.com. Walkthrough Chapter 1: Serdian War. Head to the left twice to see a merchant. Items: Sun Rhapsody, Moon Serenade Once you are at the Signet Sphere, make sure you save. After a few rounds he will expel the captured member, causing damage to both that party member and another. Just keep hitting him. Not that difficult of a fight, really. After the conversation take the teleporter to the next platform. Just attack until the boss starts to talk to you. Head right and the teleporter will take you to another screen. Avoid the rocks Talk to the man and you will then discover that he is the commander who took Shana from Seles. This widely popular video game is developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Head back to the area with the save and recovery points, then head up, right, up, left, up, up to get to yet another area containing a save point and a recovery point. Monsters respawn again after each battle (except for Cactus, which requires a screen change). Walkthrough. Leave by the south exit (the one that the guard was blocking before.)
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