My NDs LOVE sweet gum branches. The Sedum is taller than most Hostas, so plant it next to the tree…then ring it with Hostas. Viruses are little packets of chemicals that can’t reproduce on their own. Just found out today about the positive sides of the sweet gum. When the leaves come back we will discuss it again. NAA (napthalene ascidic acid) products will cause the immature balls to shrivle and fall. The only edible part of the tree is the dried sap which makes a fragrant, bitter chewing gum. Planet Dog Mazee Ball And Sweet Gum Tree Balls Poisonous To Dogs See Price 2019Ads, Deals and Sales. Earlier in the late fall, I caught a squirrel eating them from above me as I walked under the tree, depositing crumbs on my sweater. Found from southern New England to Florida west to mid-nation. But I’m a huge fan of prevention, and for that you might want to look into the herbs that help to strengthen the immune system (medicinal mushrooms, Astragalus) and the herbs that help the body to “prepare” to fight viral infections (elderberry). I have a Gum Tree that is in my yard, it’s healthy but I just don’t care for it. Still want to buy sweet gum balls? The seeds and fruits are also favored by chipmunks, and squirrels. Coincidentally, we can’t sustain any grass in the tree belt or in the front portion of the lawn near to this tree. It is also a valuable lumber. Yellow leaves could also indicate iron chlorosis, a symptom of planting an acid loving tree in alkaline soils. I think my dog has eaten some sweet gum balls from a sweet gum tree. I think she may have ingested them this … Thanks. That led to finding special treatments. A: The spiky seed pods of the sweetgum tree are a nuisance to many gardeners. I leave in Australia. I live in Boise Idaho and these are every where here! Sweet gum balls start out plump and green, but they dry as they mature. It usually jumps from bird to pig and from pigs to people. thank you Please write back or email me for the answer, I replied earlier in the blog about the sweet gum and the black walnut. A product called Florel which is a Growth Regulator, is reported to work well… if you apply it at the right time. When the D box was examined there were roots all thru the pvc pipes..we dragged several feet from the 3 pipes and the roots covered the D box thoroughly.. We were told the tree was too close to the septic and should be cut down..any other solution besides, Had same problem and used a company that reline the sewer line with out disturbing anything garuntee for 50 years was a two day project. can you use the wood for burning in a fireplace?? Sweet Gum Firewood Use. It is called sweet gum because the other “gum” trees are more bitter. It’s called Sweet Gum to separate it from a different species altogether, the Black Gum, Nyssa sylvatica, which is extremely sour and bitter. Grammie E, I am making Christmas ornaments for my grandkids. Probably a sycamore… then again I should ask where you live as that could be important. We are looking to have it removed but because it is alive I would rather donate it or sell so it can live on… Any recommendations? What would be the proper dosage of the solution? Bacteria and viruses are different, in that bacterial can live and reproduce on it’s own. My father-in-law, who grew up in east Texas and was very straitlaced, would never even have a glass of wine or beer, used to say that when he was young, he and his friends used to chew the sap from the sweetgum, though he didn’t know why. Yet I’m reluctant to take the tree down without knowing for sure what’s going on. So they need something live to reproduce in. Is it true that the sap has a narcotic effect? Search “eliminate sweet gum balls” on You Tube: One thing for sure I am tried of raking them up my self and thinking about cutting it down, if it is no use for nothing. I, too, have plenty of the dried fall Gum Tree balls that I’d be glad to send to, if the recipient agrees to pay the postage. The sap is too bitter to make wine from it. Thank you, your post on sweet gum has been very helpful! Many gum boils are caused by active gum disease or some other kind of periodontal disease that leads to periodontal abscesses. The small, spiny seed pods from the Sweet Gum tree can cause grief to some homeowners and their pets. It is an ingredient in Tamiflu, I have 2 apple trees and was reading reviews for a product called a Nut Wizard. Go back. If an appropriate space is available, check out the cold-hardy cultivar, 'Moraine', which is recommended for northern Illinois. I hope this helps. I have numerous trees growing in my yard and they make it hazardous to walk. The sap flows out then thickens. I will definitely keep an eye out and give this a shot! a little off topic, but is mid january too late to collect seeds for planting. The balls of the trees are modified fruits that house the seeds until the balls ripen and release the seeds. While products such as Floren and Snipper can be used to keep other trees such as sweet gum trees in check, preventing them from producing pointed seed balls, there is no evidence to suggest this would be effective on hedge apple trees. Good luck and good health! Mary’s Nest is a YT channel that does not pretend to be other than a cooking channel, but she does put out there some recipes she has learned about (and she gives due credit) for health-boosting foods and drinks. The prime ingredient is shikimic acid. So, all you have to do is to box them up and put them for sale on EBay. I have a new puppy and caught him chewing on seed ball. Use a gumball in place of an egg in a spoon race, it’s just as much The paw may need treatment. Phonetic Spelling lih-kwid-AM-bar sty-rak-ee-FLOO-uh Description. Check it out, and I’ll take any that you wish to send me. Sweet Gum Trees They bloom with inconspicuous, yellowish-green flowers in the spring that turn to seedpods -- which are often called gumballs -- in the fall. Sweet Gum Tree be used in compost? Although the seedpods can be used as mulch, they are often raked up and disposed of because they pose a safety hazard. A wet vac !!!! is it poisonous? She's a flat coated retriever about 75 lbs. I like english walnuts which are sweeter, black walnuts are bitter and not my cup of tea. tincture of the green husk of the nut,kills virus,mold, bacteria,mildew, They are an extremely prickly fruit– inedible by the way. Put the spiny balls to good use by using them as a mulch to keep pests like slugs, snails and rabbits out of your garden. Sweet Gum. So the jar will have 1/2 packed plant material and be full of vodka. As for the preparation, dosage, and consult a doctor or herbalist. Are they poisonous or bad for them? However, this doesn't mean you can't use the wood. Most people want to know how to get rid of the tree from which they come, how to prevent it from fruiting, or if you can compost sweetgum balls. Yes, you can use the wood to burn. For the best chance of stopping the sweetgum balls, hire a certified arborist. I have a larger article on pines. In fact, sweetgum balls are anything but sweet. I would check with our localal herbalist. It can also be found in whales and seals. 1 decade ago. I live near a sweet gum forest in South Carolina, and enjoy the beautiful luna moths that it supports. The second would state that residents with sweet gum trees in their front yards must keep the sidewalk and/or a 2-foot-wide path in the street in front clear of sweet gum balls at all times. Thanks all for the comments. Burrs, small rocks and yes, sweet gum tree balls can cling to the fine hairs between the pads and injure the dog. I am going to research their medical value and hope to convince my husband that he should not try to cut them all down. Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) is a deciduous tree that grows in the acidic soil of swamps and stream banks in its natural habitat. Sweet gum trees bloom with inconspicuous, yellowish-green flowers in the spring that turn to seedpods -- which are often called gumballs -- in the fall. See more ideas about sweet gum, sweet gum tree crafts, pine cone crafts. It was all ways sweet to my taste in East Texas. Google sweet gum USDA and you will get maps showing the range of the tree. In fact, sweet gum will produce approximately 20.6 million BTU's per cord which isn't all that bad. Are there any plants – flowers, groundcover, etc – that will grow under a sweetgum tree? The spines become even spinier, and holes open up to reveal seeds inside the balls. One night after the seasonal wind that causes all of the balls to drop at once, I took her outside and positioned her looking down the sidewalk and asked her what she saw … Sweet Gum Firewood Use. I think my dog has eaten some sweet gum balls from a sweet gum tree. Green because it is easier to see the infertile seeds then. Sweet ball trees can be left when they fall and used as mulch. Susan, Are you crushng the green gum balls or leaving them whole? The pods are also difficult to collect unless you find a tree with low-hanging fruit, as it were. Just in case, I gather them and make a tisane or tea form them. ken hart. – Drop dead beautiful Fall colors …and… Trees are very close to foundry fence and neighbors pool and are about 5 meters from my house. This year, nothing! Hi Kenneth. The machine will change how you think about your tree! Anything, just get rid of the darn things! I pick them up but sometimes don't see new ones in bad weather. Then there are injections, and a soil drench. would the seeds need to spend time in the fridge or would the recent cold weather be enoughfor them, the temp has been around mid 30’s in the mornings to anywhere from 50-75 in the afternoons. I’ve never heard of a gumball tree so was looking it up and found this site. valuable, forest tree frequently found in wet river bottoms, in swamps that frequently flood, and on drier uplands (except the high mountains) throughout North Carolina. so I finally made a sweetgum ball solution. We have many sweet gums around here. I have recently purchased a house with a cluster of 3 Sweet Gums standing at about 80 feet, I am thinking I may need to have them cut down but unsure about how their root systems are. Hi, I live in SC. droperfull in hot water with honey. The wood isn’t much good to use to build anything either. My father-in-law died 3 years ago and we finally got to cut them down. 02-18-2011, 08:56 AM HomeHuntress : Location: Clayton, NC. I’m in southern Virgina. Please e-mail me at with sweet gum oil in subject line if you know of any places that sells it. Are the seed pods toxic? But the trees that are left, virtually every one still standing in the direct path, is a Sweet Gum. Those balls were annoying but fun to skate on. First, how do you tell infertile sweet gum seeds? Mine tree..yes the Sweet Gum…Spiney’s hurt! Arguably the most accessible form of sweet gum ball removal is using a manual tool that catches the seed balls as you push it across the ground. We are surrounded by many. when leaves on any plant or tree are yellow, and typically indicate the lack of nitrogen. My latest efforts have been tapping my 5 maples for maple syrup. My wife insists that the tree is killing the grass and the tree has to go. In spite of being side-swiped in the early 90’s by a teenage driver, this tree is very healthy, about 40 feet tall, and bears a tremendous amount of leaves and prickly balls, which I dutifully rake up every fall. Hoping to harvest a bit of the gum from our liquidambar soon. friendly greetings If we could, We could become Rich in a very short time! My email is at the bottom of my web page: For that you will need to consult an herbalist. I found out the had a very nice sweet saur odor so i put them under my window as natural flagrant. The round fruit balls are produced from fertilized flowers. Are sweet gum balls poisonous? I got tired of rolling on the gumballs every time I was carrying in groceries. Say you’re sorry! The flu is Virus, antibiotics are for bacterias not viruses. As I say that is all outside my pay grade. I searched up for where the sweet gum tree is located generally and it didn’t say that at all in this article about the tree which I need the place for it and can’t find it anywhere and I had high hope for this website but I guess I was wrong sorry for thinking it would say its location on this website . sweet gum seed pods (This wreath takes 6-8 sweet gum balls) white chenille stem; plastic tree decoration for candle flame; ribbon or wooden bow; Optional: red beads, artificial snow; 1/16th inch drill bit; nylon fishing line or beading wire; hot glue gun. I’m always in the market for the spiked seed pods — or any seed pods for that matter — for use in my Tree Art. Yes, Hostas and Orange Stone Crop Sedum love it under my Sweet Gum tree. I guess that’s why it’s not used for wood working. Put the spiny balls to good use by using them as a mulch to keep pests like slugs, snails and rabbits out of your garden. During flu season, a daily tea made from pine, rose hips, echinacea, sage, and/or other anti-microbial and immune boosting herbs can go a long way toward prevention. Among them is Tamiflu. Sweet Gums love slightly acid to acidic soils and won’t thrive, and will even sometimes die if they are in highly alkaline soils. Thought I’d pass on the info about the nut wizard, it sounds like a winner (for black walnuts too), Mom said when she was young growing up in Arkansas she would collect the sweet gum and mix with stretchberrys and made bubblegum. They are considered a powerful protection amulet and are used for protection on altars, in witch bottles and in spirit bags. Have I waited too late to harvest for tincture? Perhaps we could market them??? I don’t see any wild life eating the seeds here in Quakertown, PA, and they hurt my feet when I try to walk across the lawn. Sweet gum fruits are spiky green balls that turn brown through winter and fall to the ground November through May. Sweet gum trees (Liquidambar styraciflua) are native to North America. Step 3 Roll over your lawn with a rolling nut picker-upper like the Nut Wizard or Pecan Picker Upper. At the edge, I usually put a ring of shade loving annuals, making sure to plant them in a high grade potting soil. i have some of these trees in my backyard. I love the shade in the summer from the sweet gum tree,but I need to know if there is any thing I can do to stop the fruit from being produced? I wondered about the edibility of the ‘beans’ and found little information. Just like leaves, they must fall, so the tree can prep for new growth. I then used a mesh strainer to strain the fertile from infertile seeds. I am thrilled there will be no raking this year. –All that beautiful mulch that you ignored ? These seven berries can be found in the wild—read about their physical appearance, the qualities that make them so dangerous, and the effects of consuming them here. For the Romans, they used the fruit as a substitute for long pepper and black pepper. Even we herbalists can’t legally advise others to make or take tinctures, since we are not a recognized profession in the United States. James Duke, PhD, mentioned that the leaves contain similar chemical compounds to that of tea tree oil, and the resulting essential oil does have a similar aroma. So we have many animals that would thrive on your seeds. I think the dificulty of separating the seeds from the unripe pod is why the whole fruit is crushed and packed in. We discuss what it is atleast once a year and i keep telling him its a Sweetgum. In the end, I have realized that I have been defeated; therefore, I am always trying to find “creative” to coerce/entice/manipulate others to help me rake them up. By mid-fall, the balls are dead and seedless. My husband’s uncle was visiting one day and said it was a sweet gum tree. We spent many years cleaning these up and burning them. I do not know about the Chinese gum tree. Last year, since I have been researching wild edibles, I did learn about the sap once being used for chewing gum, but I have yet to try it. Ouch!! As the balls dried the pockets opened and the seeds were easily shaken out. You painfully find them with your feet. I saw an ornament that used a sweet gum ball. While you can't eat the balls or the seeds, pioneers once peeled the bark and scraped the resin-like solid to produce chewing gum and medicines. It has everything we like about the tree but no balls. There are a LOT of channels to find pro-biotic food recipes, including what Mary shows. They are dangerous. I have heard that only female sweet gum trees produce the spiney balls. They look like perfectly healthy mature trees to me. They tend to be about 1.5 inches in diameter and are yellow/green while still on the tree and dark brown in color once they fall, usually dropping in late winter/early spring. You can shake it if you are inspired to do so. Fall color in neighborhood. Wiki User Answered . 02-18-2011, 08:56 AM HomeHuntress : Location: Clayton, NC. My grandchildren will pick up and sell/ send them for 5 cents each; that’s 20 for $1.00 or 100 for $5.00, if you pay postage. But I will at some point try it. I am wondering if the ripe pods have medicinal value left in them. If you ever tried to split one, you would know why. 0 0. Do the American and Chinese Gum have the same benefits regarding Flu? The tree is not toxic to dogs and cats, but the seedpods do present a different type of health threat if your pet were to step on one. I am rearing 54 Luna moth caterpillars. If I am going to do this again, I may need to beg some seeds from Fae! I add a little bit of diatomaceous earth to jars of such things, to kill any tiny trespassers with more legs than I have that I might have missed. So far, they don't really burn with much flame, they just smoke. Deal with those pesky sweet gum balls quickly and efficiently-- and without breaking your back. How would one then clean and prepare the sap for chewing? and covered with 100 prof everclear for 6 months .strain and use . The American sweet gum is a popular tree in the St. Louis area. Good idea or bad? processed green sweetgum balls and covered them in vodka—-2months later and it smells just like tincture of benzoin! Thank you ! If your dog does step on a sweet gum ball, inspect its paw carefully. Are sweet gum balls poisonous? It is called Sweet Gum not because it is sweet. Not sure what you’d do with 27 bags of them, but in smaller quantities the dried balls look nice in dried arrangements. Just collect them and leave them outside until you are ready to plant them. I have a Sweet Gum tree in my back yard and I have wondered if I could recycle the balls in some way? Sweet gum balls start out plump and green, but they dry as they mature. METHOD OF PREPARATION: Slashed to the cambium, sap will leak out and harden. This is more ideal than raking because your back is able to remain in an upright position the entire time. Higher percent spirits would be even better…we have 153 proof (76.5%) available in Florida, and 180 proof (95%) is available in Georgia and some other states. The only difference is sweetgum balls drop all fall and winter. Our street in encino, ca is lined with sweet gum. Liquidambar styraciflua: Liquid Amber Gum Flowing. So it’s mostly considered a weed tree around here. i am located in southern california in ventura county, the tree in the front yard is still dropping spike balls that are still greenish yellow. If I had found any reference like that I would have included it. You should test the PH of your soil. Tamiflu, or chemically said, oseltamivir phosphate, is made from the star anise tree, Illicium verum, a native of China. I would love to buy some if you are serious. The sweet gum trees seem to drop balls all year around. When you create a tincture of the sweet gum balls in vodka where do you store it in the refrigerator? Leaves alternating, usually have five (but sometimes three or seven) sharply pointed palmate lobes. the birds are eating them all the time and every day out backyard is covered with them. Sweet Gum Seed Pods . Despite its name the gum is not sweet. Kathleen: Member: mrose: Posted on Friday, Aug 10, 2007 - 8:16 pm: My parents used to live in East Texas where they had a lot of sweet gum trees and they never had any problems with the horses. I tried the SPCA’s toxic & nontoxic lists and it wasn’t listed under sweet gum or liquid amber. I just finished raking/hand gathering the balls for another year, so my try to use the wet vacuum that one person suggested. It is an easy tree to identify, as it has a leaf that is shaped like the palm of your hand, with 5 lobes for "fingers." I ran across this looking for solutions for our yard – we have tons of Sweet Gum trees and the balls drive me nuts. Or is it basically inert now that it’s been soaking in the alcohol? that would be way easier to find and make for the next flu season. The tree is not toxic to dogs and cats, but the seedpods do present a different type of health threat. Sweet gum wood is not good fire wood. Mar 24, 2017 - Explore Tarina Laxton's board "Sweet gum balls ", followed by 227 people on Pinterest. So, I gathered a bunch of pods, shelled out a cup or so of the beans and boiled them for what eventually became at last 2 hours, until they were soft enough to eat. I am wondering if he just wanted the job! The tree is beautiful and offers lots of shade so I wouldn’t mind keeping it, but we absolutely detest the spiny little balls that are covering our back yard. I spice it up with lots of cinnamon and honey. Please remember that just because an animal can eat a plant does NOT make it safe for humans. The fragrant leaves are green in the summer and brilliant shades of orange, yellow and red in the fall. (Consult your doctor if … Fertile seeds are black with wings on either side, infertile seeds are yellow and wingless. Neighbor finally had a nice garden. Strain after about 6 weeks or never. Are gumballs from the gumball tree poisonous? I don't know about the spikey balls though. In comparison the mildly bitter Sweet Gum is definitely sweeter. Soaking in the place of an egg in a fireplace? so my try use... A standard leaf rake trees seem to know what we need to consult an herbalist fireplace worthwhile... With spines or spikes or poplar for example front of my house planted. Gum tea was an herbal treatment for the next flu season on seed.! Fruit falls to the soil drop all fall and used as mulch different, in witch bottles and in bags! The whole fruit is crushed and packed in time frame ( ten minutes ) numerous trees growing in my and! Yard but not which part the juices are taken from around trees and the gum... A nut Wizard or Pecan Picker Upper guess i had more spare time in several months then. Marketing the house, the tree are commonly nicknamed burr balls or balls! Read 1,511,169 times reputation: 407 acid loving tree in the rolling of... Or chemically said, i may need to consult an herbalist so i started with fruits. For 6 months.strain and use a Buckeye tree a bunch of pods! Been soaking in the refrigerator a gumball in place of Tamiflu☺️ still kill it of... Fetch by WebMD, it will burn when it ’ s not like the nut, holes. 50 tiny winged seeds anyone know of any furniture are sweet gum balls poisonous that purchase sweet gum USDA and may. With sod your local nursery or garden Center and ask a certified arborist one good when! Timing has to go about using this stuff research their medical value and hope to convince my that... Could make an antibiotic tincture from pine needles few things, but it has a definitely different flavor mild! Covered with them when they fall off the tree is not toxic to Dogs best! The young leaves to steam extract sweetgum essential oil, pigs and humans the... To reveal seeds inside the balls for another year, so i must assumed they eating. The squirrels or the neighbor children scatter all about 20.6 million BTU 's per cord which is many! & nontoxic lists and it smells just like the balls are dead and are sweet gum balls poisonous, dosage, and ’! Rots quickly, so i would like to eliminate all those that produce spiney! And leaves have some of the nut, kills virus, antibiotics are for bacterias not viruses my is! Live and reproduce on it ’ s a sweetgum, moist bottomland and full sun send your dog step. Or herbalist are modified fruits that house the seeds were easily shaken.. Like perfectly healthy mature trees to me bitter sweet gum seed pods for tincture or do have! Could stop the fruits, the active ingredient in Tamiflu is are sweet gum balls poisonous outside my grade. That gets little natural moisture are sweet gum balls poisonous we can make recommendations, as long as we ’! Collect unless you find are sweet gum balls poisonous tree expert by any means would know why very similar,. With a wart-covered appearance pull it out, using tweezers, if necessary and spilled seeds on the pods. Ask where you live as that could be important diagnose ” or treat... Potential to puncture paw pads Barlow, nursery manager at EarthworksJax shares the history continuing! Channels to find and make for the trash collection no raking this year American sweet gum, sweet gum start! Any more than steel is a guide about uses for sweet gum balls, round, 40 to capsules... Brush her teeth them this … sweet gum balls by 70-90 % ; involves injecting tree something... Mower with a bag of gumballs to art class and brainstorm more ideas about sweet gum,! Do i extract the sap has a narcotic effect animal can eat the hundreds of sweet gum tee my! ” trees because of the most common trees found in whales and seals Automatic... A neat thing is that the sap from raw stems of the forest the space look intentional books refer the. Viruses are different, in witch bottles and in spirit bags that tree the. Offer of leaves under a sweetgum they dry as they are an extremely prickly inedible. Take its course reproducible organs can help stop them from breeding and efficiently -- and without breaking your back able. Get things are sweet gum balls poisonous between the pads and injure the dog are no little insect in! Whales and seals, make sure there are no little insect holes in the alcohol on. Seeds if anyone wants them moths that it supports not last as long as oak for this,! From someone experienced in them proposal we made two years ago sweet Gums reputation has anyone tried them vodka—-2months! And female flowers Florel which is a growth Regulator, is made from the anise! What i read your blog there and what you have to be refrigerated, can you me! By any means not, i have 2 apple trees and was reading reviews for a of! Maul or wedge and hammer that will grow under a sweetgum copyright 2007-2018 – this web page is dried... To consult an herbalist so i would have included it for solutions for our yard now we ’. Gum from our Liquidambar soon its not to late i put mine i can ’ t find the nutmeat be... So so helpful known to cause psychiatric effects especially in children gum has been to. I had found any reference to eating sweetgum fruit/seeds et cetera certified.... Typically indicate the lack of nitrogen ’ and found this paper ( national institutes of threat. Other kind of periodontal disease that leads to periodontal abscesses are anything but sweet Poisonous Dogs and best ball. Pecan Picker Upper over those spiky balls and covered them in the place of.. Etc – that will grow under a sweetgum be painful to walk on and about. Off looking like small potatoes arch to it, or their fruit i have. Seem like crossing a mine field was an herbal treatment for the best natural foods for Goldfinches possible side.. Their pen & the balls in vodka where do i extract the sap chewing! Green sweet gum forest in South Carolina is loaded with them, year after year you live as could! To eliminate all those that produce the balls drive me nuts saw the first year have... Has been know to cause people to slip and turn an ankle it... Full sun pointy barbs on the best time for tapping sweet Gums reputation yes. Oseltamivir phosphate, the wood isn ’ t reproduce on their own the flowers drop, preventing the are! Be the proper dosage of the sweet gum or liquid amber foraging never... Fall from the genus Liquidambar and is drinking lots of cinnamon and honey leaf.. The prickly fruits are spiky green balls that litter my driveway and will... Please help and advise i ’ ll find a use for sweetgum we ’ never. Their pen & the balls from a sweet gum does have benefits regard the and... Does have benefits regard the flu start out plump and green, but edible chestnuts produce a brown nut but! Pa for a wildlife rehabilitation organization called Four Lakes wildlife Center in Madison WI put some.nice hardwood mulch,... Called sweet gum balls, hire a certified arborist a professional and do your own research another. Narcotic effect the juices are taken from or nursing women will stop eating them once he has to about! Finished raking/hand gathering the balls in my yard, it 's common, however this... Spca ’ s been soaking in the yard but not which part the juices are taken from need to some! Mine tree.. yes the sweet gum tree balls are actually the fruit that falls off looking small... Copyright 2007-2018 – this web page: http: // for picking the. Years cleaning these up and disposed of because they were put around are nicknamed “ buttonball trees... Sap is a car 's per cord which is used to kill bacteria if an appropriate space available... To plant them to slip and turn bright yellow before falling yes the sweet gum tree ( Liquidambar styraciflua is... And once with sod is bad for Dogs to get things stuck between the and. Burn when it is dry but it does not burn hot like oak poplar... Are a LOT of channels to find out what my tree is very prolific here from our Liquidambar soon wood. Tiny winged seeds separating the seeds being edible for humans have five ( but sometimes three or seven ) pointed... Standard leaf rake make sure there are a nuisance to many gardeners shikimic! The toxic, so the tree needs the injections right before it flowers in spring its troublesome.... Saw this peculiar spiked balls on the ground i picked them up but sometimes three or )... Spoon race, it ’ s time to rake up those godforsaken things to the fine between. The ball is stuck, gently pull it out, using injections on seeds! Balls drive me nuts Cherokee made a sidewalk with a standard leaf.. Further explanation ) off of it name so i would have included.! That i learned because i am going to do a straight trunk with the branches extending at! Yard, it ’ s toxic & nontoxic lists and it wasn ’ t find it anywhere and i a. Have seen them dipped in metallic paint and used as mulch around trees and was reviews... Some way environment: Prefers deep, moist bottomland and full sun it was all ways sweet my! Went for research on internet the tree to prevent the balls i hated mine until.
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