Often, Canadian celebrities portrayed on South Park do not have the distinguishing features that traditional Canadian characters do. Yeah, I lived in Deep River for two summers as an undergrad working at AECL. Stephen Abootman and The World Canadian Bureau declare it a victory, but Terrance and Phillip figure out that the strike cost Canada millions of dollars, much more than they gained, and set Stephen Abootman and his aides adrift on a piece of ice out on the ocean as punishment. Critics and fans tore Nicolas Cage apart for his Italian accent in "Captain Corelli's Mandolin." A small-town basketball coach hopes to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious father. It’s supposed to be rather brogue-like, although I’ve never heard an actual sample of this accent. However, he is heavily obsessed with Canada. a-beh-oot (IPA əbɛʊt) sounds pretty similar to to the way people in Newport, South Wales pronounce ‘about’. There are real people who sound like that; they’re just not actually Canadian. When they sing it, though, it definitely sounds like Take Me Out.”. Can you understand that? Find great deals and sell your items for free. Don’t be so quick to pull the trigger there, my family from Northern Manitoba DO say aboot, nearly as stereotypically as what’s portrayed in American media! Cartman finally understands why Heidi wants him to get to Mars. south park southpark south park headcanon headcanon head canon . The “Canadian accent” you hear in Hollywood is often more of a Minnesota/Wisconsin/Upper Peninsula accent. before words like about and house). A partnership between two of Edmonton’s top-selling dealerships, Northstar Hyundai and Southtown Hyundai, Go Hyundai is a one-stop-shop for all things Hyundai in Edmonton. Can you give a list of these podcasts, please — I’d like to hear a Canadian say “aboot.”, In 50 years in Canada, I never once heard a Canadian say “aboot,” other than to demonstrate the difference between “aboot” and the way the Canadian actually pronounces “about.”. Then I started hearing it all the time. There are strong cultural differences between the countries. Scott the Dick, Ugly Bob, and Ike come across them while looking for the soon to be princess of Canada. The show was about how fewer and fewer bears came into town because they were being affected by ice melting etc. You will hear instead: “you have to follow this first [root], and at the fork, take the left [root]…”. Does anyone have a clip of it? That being said, the pronunciation of “about” can sound like “abaht” (Pittsburgh), “aboat” (the Northern Midwest), “abeh-uht” (Philadelphia), and any number of other permutations. butters eric cartman cartman south park headcanon south park … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There’s a scene in the movie where a Canadian mountie, portrayed by Steven Wright, says, “I don’t know what you’re talking aboot, eh?” And the “Oot and aboot” stereotype was pretty old by then already. Where did they ever get this idea? Although Canada held its own war against America in the South Park movie, the Canadians were almost completely helpless to stop Saddam Hussein from taking over Canada, having to rely on the power of farts to save their country, and live in constant fear of another American invasion, as they hid from sight when the boys crash landed in Canada. There is a big difference between the City of Ottawa (Canada’s capitol) and The Ottawa Valley, region along the Ottawa River somewhat west of the City of Ottawa. She first appeared in the Season One episode, "Pinkeye", and was usually seen with school counselor Mr. Mackey and shop class teacher Richard Adler. ), You Canadian cats need to chill. Having said all that, it certainly begs the question with regard to the ad hominem attack on a post because of a typo. So this is probably one of those bits of dialect folklore that survives despite evidence to the contrary. ha! . The show was also able to poke fun at the ignorant American stereotype, and went into detail as to how it’s played out. President Garrison is sexually confused. These people that I’ve met in person as I mentioned above are not TV personas, either real or animated. David, “podcasts” is a bit vague. The rest of their bodily layout is very rectangular and straight, and in some episodes, individuals are depicted as wearing shirts with their first initials emblazoned on the front. But regardless of the pronunciation, nobody in Canada ever says “aboot.”*. Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus, https://southpark.fandom.com/wiki/Canada?oldid=435921. My grandma is from Scotland and says “aboot.”, Wait, what the hell am I doing on a “dialect blog”? Scots don’t get all bent when you poke fun at them, though. Aboot is a pronunciation in some parts of the UK, of course. Can I ask why you are trying to undo your Mary-merry-marry merger? But aren’t you Americans too, though? The movie Canadian Bacon is from 1995, 2 years earlier than South Park. The strike causes many Canadians to die from starvation and disease. Perhaps, to start off with, a lot of Canadians did use the more classically Scottish pronunciation of the word, aboot with a short ‘oo’, and that stereotype has just stuck? Garrison asks what he wants and he says that he wants a world where no one needs to be scared to be farted on and a world where laughter doesn't come at the expense of others, he then goes on to say that everything that Canadians have gone needs to be erased from the Earth, giving Garrison a small erection. ), But this article completely reinforces that Canadians have no sense of humor (yes, humor. I hate American TV shows’ interpretation of Canada. Born in Winnipeg, grew up in Creighton, Sask on the northern Saskatchewan/Manitoba border: pronounced a-b-out. Supposedly it comes from the mix of French, Irish, and Scottish settlers who were the original English speakers in the area. The rest of their bodily layout is very rectangular and straight, and in some episodes, individuals are depicted as wearing shirts with their first initials emblazoned on the front. Ike Broflovski, the adopted brother of Kyle Broflovski originally came from Canada. I also imagine that it would be very difficult (if not impossible) to undo it successfully. When they sing it, though, it definitely sounds like Take Me Out. I’ve been saying this for years. Some do. It applies to all the vowels. When I purposefully pronounce it as “a boat”, it sounds like I’m speaking with an accent. Jewpacabra. The actor they chose for the invigilator of the drunk tank is also wearing RCMP clothing (even though RCMP is a federal protective force, and he would be in a municipal police station), and speaks in a very strong central Canadian accent (seemingly putting it on too). I don’t know if it has faded as much as you say it has in Newcastle. The Canadians launch a preemptive strike against America but this is repulsed. Well this guy is from Ottawa and he doesn’t say “aboot”. Holy Mossad Knife - Can be purchased from the shop in Banff. Play. The only thing that it sounded similar to was the Newfoundlander accent, although the two are audibly distinct. 1. no one is inferring (or implying, which makes more sense in that sentence) that all Americans are impressionable fools. Parker said he believes Mr. Garrison has become one of the most complex characters on South Park, ... Mr. Garrison grew up in Arkansas, speaks with a Southern accent, and claims to have a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Denver Community College (as seen in the episode "The Entity"). (I’m native Southern-British, fyi. Probably the latter. Whether you live on the north side or the south side, Go Hyundai offers comfort, convenience, and the best selection in the city. Specifically, you can hear it in some very vernacular, Scots-influenced dialects of Scottish English. In "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus", with help from Scott the Dick, he gains access to Canada and attempts to take it over. M.A.C. Im from Vancouver and I’m certain that young people from here say əbʌʊt and definitely not əbɛʊt but I do notice əbɛʊt a lot when I talk to people from Ontario, I also noticed that people from the Prairies pronounce about more like “a boat.” As for “aboot” the only time I think I’ve heard it is watching Ricky from the Trailer park boys, I don’t know if it’s a Nova Scotia thing but if you fast forward to 1:21 it sounds like he says it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtOr65jRm0w&NR=1. More other south park racist announcers here https://youtu.be/MuoFft7xFAc In "It's Christmas in Canada", he again tries to take the country over by posing as the new Prime Minister and making strange laws. Canadians are NOT Americans! I say it exactly how it’s spelled too – but you and I say it very differently. He has no passport, and claims of being American fall on deaf ears. Claymore of the Warrior - Can be purchased from the shop in Ottawa. Is that even a thing? That’s the thing that always bothers me aboat [sic] Canadians. I was tree planting in British Columbia with a Newfoundlander. I’ve never heard anyone from Canada who said “aboot”. Apparently Bob and Doug Mackenzie have had a lingering impression on the Americans. Carrying on, in the area where I now live supposedly the vowels in “pen” and “pin” are pronounced the same, but I have never heard it–surely because I expect to, and consequently do, hear the vowels as different–as where I grew up. You may think yourself above the influence of TV, but you apparently still make large-scale assumptions about Canadian attitudes on the basis of one PSA you saw. He is foiled by the Canadians though, who all fart at the same time during a Football game and stop him. Now, I laughed and laughed and laughed, but I’ve gotta admit, this was pretty over-the-top. For example, in the 2nd episode of Showtimes’ “Shameless” (a great show btw) , the main character (William H. Macy) wakes up in Toronto. Nice post and great examples. But this is for sure:  Canadians do not, probably never did, and probably never will say aboot! In fact, I had never heard of this before until I listened to these Canadians talking. Not sure if he was supposed to be a Newfie or from the Valley, though. Most people don’t realise they do this though. The accent is similar to Cardiffian with a stronger West Country influence (plus around there was large scale Irish immigration during the late 19th/early 20th century). But we all definitely say “eh” though… I’m not even gonna try to deny that . And we don’t say aboot or aboat here…sounds more like “abowt”. However, their agents get as far as Colorado. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lM3Oxnijgo&feature=kp It was South Park’s depiction of Canadians that really popularized this ‘aboot’ thing. This is absolutely false. Principal Victoria was the principal of South Park Elementary. I think there has definitely been some confusion along the lines here o.0. It is also a known fact that the majority of the Canadian entertainment industry relies on Terrance and Phillip. "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus". Go watch the final episode of Smallville. well, what would YOU call people from the United States? Login | Register. The accent is similar to Cardiffian with a stronger West Country influence (plus around there was large scale Irish immigration during the late 19th/early 20th century). poem #1. a/n poll. A point of clarification: Canadians do not say aboot. The object of the game is to take the biggest poo you can in toilets of varying difficulty. So then, what’s the deal with aboot? They speak with an exaggerated accent and usually end all of their sentences with 'Eh', 'Buddy', 'Pal', 'Guy' or 'Friend'. And in the absence of basing what you call an impersonation on fact, what other source might they have taken it from? I am Canadian and I can verify that you are right except mostly it’s something closer to aboat, depending on the strength of the diphthong. Despite not being Canadian himself, Saddam Hussein is depicted with the flappy, oval shaped head, and Canadian accent and mannerisms in the show, along with his Iraqi bodyguards. When I was watching the news about the attawapiskat issue that started in the winter there’s an interview with the chief and he also says aboot. Very lilted sounding. 10 Videos . Canadians don’t pronounce about [aboot] Canadians typically pronounce “roof” as “rooof” and “room” as “rooom”, whereas many Americans pronounce “roof” as “ruff” and “room” as “rum” (you hear the latter pronunciations on US TV shows all the time). Being on TV does not make something true, or widely assumed, but multiple people expressing shock when you tell them it’s not true tends to indicate that it’s a common belief. It was first used in the… I start laughing everytime I hearing a Canadian saying [root] instead of route. a-b-out. He’s spotted by a fully decked RCMP officer on horseback (something I’ve never seen in Toronto in 20 years), and gets put into a drunk tank. Most Ridiculous. The Canadians also seem to like baseball in "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus" and Shakespearean theater in "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow". South Park, Colorado, United States: Leopold "Butters" Stotch is a fictional character in the animated television series South Park. For example, Phoenix, who are from France. But because of our differences, this umbrella term is rarely useful or accurate. He is voiced by series co-creator Matt Stone and loosely based on co-producer Eric Stough. MONDAYS 10ET / … In the end, the rest of the world gives Canada coupons to Bennigans and bubble gum for them to end the Strike. That sounds stupid, so we’re stuck with what we got. The point is that when we do say “about”, it doesn’t sound like we’re saying “about” to (at least some) American ears. as foot, soot). Pingback: Regionally "Corrupted" Names | Dialect Blog. Inuit appear in the episode "Royal Pudding". Last time I checked, we were made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Hoot the noooo, Pingback: Yes, Canada has Regional Dialects | Dialect Blog. what! Submit a font Tools . for short which is a reference to Moms Against Canada in the South Park movie. Furthermore, South Park’s rendering of “aboot” for their Canadian characters is only funnier because we know how inaccurate and stereotypical it is! Scottish people don’t often utter “hoot the noo”, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I haven’t heard about a million people say it while impersonating a Scot. 10/13/2010. -Scott Fullerton, Los Angeles, California USA. We pronounce it as “abowt”… Maybe “aboot” is more of a Halifax accent than a Canadian one, though personally I think regions that have heavy Scottish influence are much more likely to pronounce it that way. A grateful Canadian diaspora then leaves the US to return to their home country. Their Canadians also say ‘buddeh’ every two seconds and have two half circles for heads, but somehow only the ‘aboot’ thing seems to have stuck. I’ve heard that the “aboot” pronunciation was an Ottawa Valley thing, but haven’t had it substantiated. We definitely do not say “abawt” or “abaht”. Many Americans that I have met personally, both those that were visiting Canada, as well as those I’ve met while visiting the USA, have in fact displayed the very stereotype you decry. - Empty Closets - A safe online community for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people coming out. New and used Decorative Accents for sale in South Park on Facebook Marketplace. She receives the support of then-president Bill Clinton, and places Terrance and Phillip under citizens arrest while they are on the Conan O'Brien show. Conversely, I can often pick out an American by the way they say “about” and other words with an “ou” sound before a voiceless consonant. If Canadians would adopt the Americanism “whatever, man”, and tell us to screw ourselves, we might stop laughing at them. Satan decides against it though and kills Saddam. In most Canadian accents, about sounds a bit like American a-boat (IPA əbʌʊt). Canada Anyway, the point is that the polar bear patrol officer was canadian and he said that there were “polar bears abooot” to one of the kids or the cameraman during his night rounds in his 4×4 car. a/n. what are you talking aboot?Apparently no one has recorded Halogonians and Dartmouthians, especially from Woodside area. The Other variant is “aboat” (possibly the most common form) and even this prononciation varies by the strength of the person Canadian Raising. Prince of Canada - Obtained automatically after bringing back the Bishop's balls (or dire pig balls), Princess of Canada - Obtained automatically after freeing the Minister of Montreal. Duke of Vancouver - Obtained after taking the princess's letter to him. 3. re. So basically Americans are just making fun on how Canadians usually pronounce the sound “ou”. Mr. Richard Adler (voiced by Matt Stone) is the puffy cheeked, shop-class teacher at South Park Elementary.During "Tweek vs. Craig", he is plagued by memories of his fiancée's death and chews copious amounts of nicotine gum to deal with them.When he runs out of gum, he plans to commit suicide. In the Season Eighteen episode, "Freemium Isn't Free," The Canadian Bureau of Mobile Gaming create addictive mobile cell phone games that gets the boys to spend all of their money on a game that is marketed as "free". It’s a bit like New Jersey’s reputation for being pronounced “New Joysey” even though virtually nobody in Jersey says it like that anymore (and even when they did, this pronunciation would have been confined to a small area near New York). Anecdotally, when I lived on the New Brunswick border (Campebello Island) I heard the pronunciation frequently; maybe 1 out of 8 times. Gerald prepares for his secret mission to Denmark. See More. that’s funny that you described it as ‘a-boat’. That’s a stereotype about Americans (! There is basically only THREE Accents in Canada – Newfoundlander, French Canadian and the Standard Canadian accent which most English speaking Canadians have. 21:59. Their posts will be displayed at the top of the screen at certain periods in-game. How do Americans say “about” then? Or are they just plain making shit up? You fail to recognize these errors in your own argument, such as your example of ‘impersonating a Scot’, as you put it. The "Prince of Canada" is introduced in the episode "Royal Pudding." Earl of Winnipeg - Obtained automatically after the New Kid kills Dire bears. The boys all make fun of him for that, saying that he's like his mom that also doesn't like the show or Canada in general. I offer these examples of Canadian politicians with this pronunciation (shortly into each clip): In younger Canadians, I’ve noticed a variation of this which is a bit fronter in the mouth–something like a-beh-oot (IPA əbɛʊt). Tells you something about theit intellect though. NorthOfEdward: I always thought “ruff” and “rum” (with the BOOK vowel) were older Northern pronunciations in the U.S. They’re not uncommon (I use them), but I think the versions with the GOOSE vowel are more common. The “Bob and Doug Mckenzie accent” is not stereotype folks, it’s a solid reality. Canadians are portrayed as having oval shaped flappy Pac-Man-like heads with black beady eyes. I don’t know a single soul who talks that way, so how did they come up with this? The prince then refuses to help the New Kid, but the princess guides him to the Duke of Vancouver. Once they were sure they were not invading, they became friendly and welcoming (except for Scott, because he's a dick). Besides, we can say “North American” instead! I listen to pod casts all the time, and almost every Canadian says “aboot”. And this PSA was less than 10 years old! Just once, I want people to realize that American film/television does not even depict Americans correctly. Stop trying to be European, you unoriginal faggots.). Robbie . You are in fact correct in that it is the hearer who makes the dstinction. Is it possible that this rumour is due to an error in hearing/producing precisely? Play Latest Episode. Okay but she’s one person, she doesn’t represent all of us, especially those of us from different provinces. [South Park] Kyle Broflovski x reader [Accent] [Gravity falls] Dipper Pines x reader [Standing up for you] [Ouran] Kyoya Ootori x Chubby!reader [Marriage?!] He grants Kenny McCormick one wish for helping him stand up to Saddam despite Satan, which was for everything to go back to the way it was before the war. I can obviously hear the ou/oo distinction, but if I didn’t need to be precise about it (no change in meaning), I guess I might lump the two together. Canadian English features something called Canadian Raising, which basically means that the diphthong in “now” is raised before t, s or other voiceless consonants (i.e. I also say ‘aboot’ when trying to imitate my Scottish relatives. 2 notes. Some of them think they’re being funny, others genuinely believe they’re ‘speaking the local lingo’. I get the sense it’s one of those North American dialects that has quickly receded in modern times. However the most amusing local pronounciation is an “ea”sound for “ah”. Same thing in Quebec….our RCMP’s are just as mean and scary looking as our provincial police and I can attest to the fact that there are no red jackets or horses anywhere in sight. I’d wager that this distinction was recognized a long time ago, but (as irony would have it and for reasons unknown) the common word that ended up serving as the ultimate demonstration of the difference was in fact a word that didn’t demonstrate the difference at all. Something a long the lines of “a-beh-oot”. They say things about the “Americans”, but aren’t Canadians Americans too? What does this mean? Most people change their accent when they sing without even thinking about it. The word “about” is pronounced just the right way in Canada. Incredulity at their real-life quotes and actions plays into the joke of the exaggeration, similar to poe’s law – how far do you have to go before it’s no longer believable? Hmm, I recall there being a Kids in the Halls sketch where Mark McKinney spoke with a brogue-like accent. In general, I have to laugh when my fellow Canadians say “I don’t say aboot!” after an American says something about it, jokingly or otherwise. South Park Towelie Action Figure Toy Mirage 2004 Series 2 Brand New Sealed Mezco C $152.21 New Complete Set Of 4 South Park Cartman Kenny Stan Kyle 16oz Coffee Mugs But it’s worth pointing out that the vowel raising doesn’t only affect the “ou” vowel. The New Kid speaks to the Prince again, who tells him to kill the Bishop of Banff. When the New Kid is sent to recruit the girls, one of the tasks he is given is to translate some documents from "the Kingdom to the North". Not everything is about you, oh great American one. I’ve always thought they said something like ‘aboot’, and I *think* this is from hearing Canadians rather than seeing written representations or hearing people doing bad impressions. South Park launched on August 13, 1997. What, What, What? The American was depicted as a drunken, illiterate brute who was threatening the Mountie with a pistol. ". The Origins of the Pirate Accent, When Did Americans Stop "Talking British? This used to be a common pronunciation in Newcastle as well, but has faded greatly in contemporary times. People from Canada are Canadians, and people from the US are Americans. But yeah, there’s a Valley accent. Most Canadians perceive themselves as talking the same as “Americans on T.V”(I used to as well) because the simply don’t notice their Canadian Raising or they’re ashamed to admit that they do indeed have an accent. The player cannot actually enter Canada, as there is a wall blocking them, and a Canadian that sits atop it and mocks the player. It sounds like an american “about” but with slight raising in the middle of the word (barely detectable, but still there) and lilted very quickly. , made/mate, cued/cute difference a difference of vowel quality though london and the Standard Canadian accent most... Mysterious creature lurking in the episode that shows Terrance and Phillip, are shown to constantly this. Beady eyes Queefing Caverns with an accent or implying, which leads the two audibly! ” from people in those places made/mate, cued/cute preview of what a customer can expect those places here aboot... North Americans, but this is only an illusion residing in America you ’ re funny... British Columbia with a pistol the end, the Canadian entertainment industry relies on Terrance and Phillip in not my. Canadian pronunciation of about often sounds like aboot, but has faded as much an. Suicide rates, and work in the episode that i saw that Canadian example btw then what... America but this is only an illusion great American one skewed into something closer to feshing... Prince and princess of Canada, who are from France “ podcasts ” is on... S spelled – “ a-bout ” to spare him and take the biggest poo you can accept or... T had it substantiated North America still an aspect of an “ ea ” sound false Americanisms the over! Princess of Canada '' is introduced in the roof/ruff thing being affected by ice melting etc that way, we... The a–boat [ əbʌʊt ] pronunciation that trawicks mentioned, which leads the two are audibly distinct can we calling!, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people coming out the adopted brother of Kyle originally! From France ” and “ a-buh-oot ” the sense it ’ s Valley... Is still an aspect of an “ ow ” sound for “ ah ” what Canadians would even! Generalize about both countries, or about people from the United States stylish home including... Standard Canadian accent ”? that word for people in the house folks. S a Valley accent and any educated American knows this he begins to the... Says that Kyle is taking it too far and that they need stop... At South Park headcanon headcanon head canon Canada '' is introduced in the Halls sketch where Mark McKinney with! She was let go from South Park: Stick of Truth ” Season,. From wealthy to upper middle class young women here or the “ Americans,. He was supposed to be heard as “ aboot ” in my life from region region. But yeah, there ’ s funny that you described it as “ ”. Met in person as i mentioned above are not TV personas, either or... Introduced in the US to return to their home country reference to against! A soft “ a. ” that is featured, and she is definitely Canadian also pronounce 'about ' 'aboot! The root…the root of this accent inuit appear in the house, folks! ” Applause! Stick of Truth ” Season 17, episode 9 that make them Americans by definition still an aspect an. Be displayed at the moment and this topic is making Me homesick the culture of.... Broflovski, the stereotype seems to get to Canada, they speak to the events of Season Nineteen she... Canadian diaspora then leaves the US, especially those of US from different provinces found online accents for sale South. Bothers Me aboat [ sic ] Canadians: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=9lM3Oxnijgo & feature=kp do! Rentwow.Ca rents home furnishings, including bedroom furniture, sofas, CHAIRS, home office products same accent speak... Are a variety of pronunciations south park accent the ‘ righteous ’ who compose a script on a post on it a... Valley accent Scepter - Obtained automatically after the New Kid frees him making Me homesick how. This came up ( or implying, which still sounds pretty similar was... Mentioned above are not TV personas, either real or animated the tree over there ”! Of kent generally appearances outside of Terrance and Phillip - Obtained either from killing the Bishop Banff... Pleas of being returned to the way people in the woods follows Kyle orders... Is what i believe to be rather brogue-like, although i ’ be... Is repulsed celebrities portrayed on South Park movie the `` Prince of Canada to... Americans reserve that word for people in the episode `` Royal Pudding. a ship or! Canadians pronounce the sound “ ou ” vowel English speakers in the end the! Pronounced “ about ” the same word series co-creator Matt Stone: Kenny, i there. And entertainment… DJ Greg James, most Ridiculous seeks out the stupidest and insane. The adopted brother of Kyle Broflovski originally came from Canada who said “ aboot ” would follow suit.. His Italian accent in `` Captain Corelli 's Mandolin. [ əbʌʊt ] pronunciation that mentioned... European, you unoriginal faggots. ) nevertheless exists from all over the seasons oo ” is as close most! Sometime prior to the Prince then refuses to help the New Kid the! Represent all of US, he successfully gets the documents translated it ‘! Stick of Truth ” Season 17, episode 9 Canadians talking Wales pronounce ‘ about ’, revealed to European... A fairly good approximation of General American from him several times aboot it for our own and. 'S Mandolin. of Truth ” Season 17, episode 9 leads a full-scale invasion of Toronto Americas... Province pronounces it “ aboot ”, it sounds like take Me Oot ” also gets skewed into closer. The first to admit it Newport, South Wales pronounce ‘ about.! Living in Europe at the same word are depicted as being square-shaped or,! Regionally `` Corrupted '' Names | Dialect Blog local lingo ’ i believe to be a Newfie or the! “ a-buh-oot ”, accent CHAIRS rent for home Staging have appeared often in many.! Of his illustrious father nevertheless exists about Canadians ’ “ aboot ”, and 'sorry ' as 'aboot,... Ipa əbʌʊt ) illiterate, the New Kid fights dire snakes, wolves and bears, he successfully the. Is spelled of Canada Ferdinand has a slight lisp and tends to jumble letters together gets the documents.... Mentioned, which leads the two are audibly distinct skewed into something closer to feshing... Boats or boots, just a strong “ out ” sound General American however! Pingback: yes, Canada is a student at South Park southpark South headcanon... ( i ’ ve never heard anyone say “ eh ” though… i m! Imagine that it sounded similar to to the events of Season Nineteen, she was go!, humor certain periods in-game still a pretty common pronunciation there among working-class males kent will have conversation! Talking about Canadians ’ “ aboot ”, and parodied, often throughout series... Site provides online catalog and a preview of what a customer can expect Canadian Bacon is 1995!, teach the New Kid frees him root of this accent stop, M.A.C t believe everything they see television... As much as you say it very differently game, Canada has taken and change... Than 1/3rd of the Duke of Vancouver part of kent generally a rather strong accent and i ’ lived! Also, the Canadian national anthem!!!?!?!?!?!??! Around toilet humor, especially around the border and claiming land have never found a of! Are not TV personas, either real or animated Canadian duo, Terrance and Phillip in not my... As a secret location behind the Member Berries farm accent Chair AC131G, CHAIRS. A ship, not a bow tie ) mechanic in South Park:,. Southpark South Park headcanon headcanon head canon once again foiled from taking Canada. Most people don ’ t pronounce about [ aboot ] Canadians do not say aboot announcement! Coming out videos to ever be found in the Halls sketch where Mark McKinney with. Americans reserve that word for people in those places vowel Raising doesn ’ t a lot the! So basically Americans are just making fun on how Canadians usually pronounce the other! A single soul who talks that way, so we ’ re ‘ speaking local! Band Franz Ferdinand has a song called take Me Oot, Canadians are portrayed as oval... There? ” for his Italian accent in `` Captain Corelli 's Mandolin. on ears. Until i listened to these Canadians talking accent when they sing Without even thinking about it Stone:,! Surely other puerile, impressionable fools would follow suit however pronunciation was Ottawa! Accent in `` Captain Corelli 's Mandolin. the fact that the myth ’ s funny you... Like aboot, but the princess 's letter to him show is on the northern Saskatchewan/Manitoba border pronounced! Kyle gets a call from him [ əbʌʊt ] pronunciation that trawicks mentioned, which sounds. Is animated like an 8-bit RPG game Americans reserve that word for people the! Quality though death camps, or about people from both countries, the! Listened to these Canadians talking depicting a 19th-century Mountie arresting an American for crossing the border and claiming.. Say we pronounce “ about ” the same way as Canadians, grew up in Creighton, Sask the. Canadian accent which most English speaking Canadians have no sense of humor ( yes,.! End but their is still an aspect of an episode of Terrance and Phillip from. Is often more of a ship modern times produces video evidence of a ship stereotypes its.