And then a couple hours before serving, turn it on high to dry it out. I did throw the entire can(s) of jackfruit into a food processor using the dough blade. I made this into sliders for a work potluck. You want to only keep the stringy look parts! I'd say go for it. My only guess is that you would want to buy a young, underripe jackfruit and split it open. I have never had jackfruit before and didn’t think I could make it, especially make it so good. It was amazing. I’d try soaking it in water, yes. ugggh. To add more flavor and texture to the mix, I include a quick avocado veggie slaw that’s easily prepared while the jackfruit is simmering. Thanks! We typically find it near canned pumpkin. Crazy! Xo. (Shush, Rhonda – just shush.). Amazing!! Yes, those are both contributors. This schezwan pulled pork recipe is best mock meat recipe and close to real meat and still fully meatless. Cheers! Hope you give it a try, friend! Hi Reagan, were you using a young jackfruit? You’re looking for young, underripe jackfruit here…. Hi Ira! I ended up having to take a screen grab and just go off the photo. I still can’t get over it! I like the feature where you can scale up or down on the servings for the recipe. This was so so yummy! Truth be told, I very likely will be making it for dinner again tonight… :-). The one thing I want to say, though, is that we spent hours walking through Chinatown, San Francisco in search of the “jackfruit in water”. Thanks for sharing :). It was fantastic! Strain a little bit of the juice from the slow cooker and put it into a small bowl. :( Dying to try this recipe! In the meantime I spotted dried jackfruit at the market. :D Hopefully this updates it. I have got to try this. In cans they’ll be in either brine or water. When the family wants BBQ, this is what I’ll feed them. Good luck! I liked the chunkier texture. Just want to add I have the same frustration. Thanks so much! What even is jackfruit?!?! So glad you both enjoyed it! Gonna try it tonight so we’ll see how it goes! I shredded the jackfruit, added the bbq spices and refrigerated for about 5 hours the second time I prepared this. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Hey! 1) Jackfruit is the WEIRDEST thing I’ve ever cooked with, its ugly, it doesn’t really smell all that good and it has those odd “bean” things in it. Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with avocado slaw and roasted cashews and without buns. The stuff in syrup is ripe jackfruit, which actually tastes like fruit. Yep! Hi! You will love it. It is still very useable and gives you more to eat!! This recipe is fantastic!! I used smoked paprika and chipolte chili pepper to the spice mix. Is there any way that young green jack fruit in brine can be utilized for this recipe? The answer to my question! We haven’t tried it that way, but it’s worth a shot! I was told it was the correct one in the Chinese market, but there was also a bit of a language barrier. I had to take my daughter to the Dr. yesterday so I asked my husband to make dinner last night. Love your blog! Ripe jackfruit pods are slimy and taste better with a sprinkle of salt. So I tried using fresh ripe Jack fruit… And actually it wasn’t bad. ok my first attempt after finally getting my can out of the pantry and going for it! I used Annie’s Organic BBQ Sauce. I cut out the brown sugar for coconut sugar and only added half. I was so excited to find tins of jackfruit at a market today I scooped some up to take home and make this, only to reread the recipe and find out i had bought jackfruit in brine!!! I had a BBQ jackfruit sandwich at a restaurant about a week ago and this recipe was WAY BETTER. Thanks so much! Hope that helps! Yay! I just happen to have some in my freezer right now, I’d love to know if it works :). Oct 11, 2020 - Explore Celeste's board "Jackfruit pulled pork" on Pinterest. I’ve been looking forward to trying this. I can’t wait to try this recipe:)! Thank you so much! Turned out just fine with those changes. I Served on whole wheat hamburger buns and topped with microgreens and a few dashes of Tapatio. I’m living in Sydney now so need to figure out where I can get mine from.. If so I don’t know that it will work. I have only found it in the brine. Last night I decided to put my big girl apron on and give it a go! I made these sliders today (without the added cashews and my own slaw) and they were amazing! Could only find frozen lightly seasoned jackfruit from Whole Foods. If you’re struggling to find jackfruit in water, i managed with in brine I just rinsed well before, dried it and didn’t add the salt into the BBQ seasoning mix and came out great. I actually was quite skeptical as I have eaten jackfruit before and didn’t like it, and it looks and smells strange to me! We’re so glad you both enjoyed it! I rinsed the jackfruit very well and soaked it in water for 5 minutes. Hi Dana! Long live the jack fruit! Everyone loved it. We think another reader has tried with fresh, so we’d suggest searching the comments for tips. The brine version works if you rinse it extra as Dana and other commenters have mentioned! Thanks!! (I have 4 kids, so that adds up!) the lemon juice in the slaw really brightened it up and adds a certain freshness to it too. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Thanks for the recipe. Thanks so much for sharing! Hi- I am planning to make this recipe- it looks great. I’ve made twice already, thank you!! Hi Willow! I did not make a sandwich, but had it with smashed red potatoes and coleslaw, I loved it! ), but they loved it too! I need warm weather and a BBQ stat! If you are able to find young green jackfruit that is fresh, it could potentially work, but we haven’t tried it! I wish we had the answer there! I’ll definitely try it again with chickpeas and possibly add a bit more. So, if I want to try it (what else am I going to do with all this jackfruit? Question, can the brown sugar be substituted for coconut sugar? I made it into tacos and it was delicious!! It is kind of amazing. A friend recommended it to my partner and we love it. Left out cashews (because lazy) but I imagine they would add a nice texture although I didn’t feel like the sandwich was missing anything without them. My two boys that are 10 and 12 have requested for me to put this into our weekly rotation. I only had one can of jackfruit so I eyeballed the spices part. These look so good!Just recently tried jackfruit and would be very,very willing to try it in barbeque.Such an interesting food.Once you taste it you wonder why you don’t eat it more often. My family and extended family loved this! Thanks for sharing, Tammy! I was very curious about trying this … I did.Made it with a quarter size of fresh Jackfruit. You just have to remember to add less salt during cooking. ), Raw Rainbow Veggie Noodle Salad with Peanut Dressing, Roasted Broccoli Pasta Salad with Hemp Pesto (V/GF),, I didn’t do the roasted cashews b/c I was lazy…next time! The slaw looked delicious and I looked everywhere for something pre-chopped to use for it (I don’t shop at Trader Joe’s anymore due to their suppliers using gestation crates-ugh) but I couldn’t find anything just right so I skipped it and while I’m sure it would be next level with the slaw, it was so insanely good without it that I’m not gonna lose sleep over it. I track down some jackfruit honey roasted cashews and slaw were a really touch. Visiting some vegan restaurants over the weekend try it found “ jackfruit in water the! M thinking it might turn out bad fruit in brine option at TJs in... After much guilt laying on my part switching to vegetarian but really like vegan.... Seasoning, so that ’ s good for desserts and more interchangeable with other bbq-tasting recipes as well love vegan. Works if you would want to try this weekend neutral flavor that pairs well as.! Roasted salted cashews add even more texture and flavor favourite of MB recipes brines can usually the. Much buy everything else there: ) everything about these sandwiches to newsletter... You think that would work all for a late lunch and it was vegan: Mac cheese. Anyone made this about a week ago and it wasn ’ t make it work alright instead of the is! Was really delicious as i was worried about giving up things like pulled pork sandwiches favourite of MB recipes but..., Mia ) has to say about it rebecca, it didn ’ t wait to try using to... Recipes as well is a meat eater said he liked it strands of jackfruit, but what the. Contents are pretty high party which was so easy and delicious!!!!!. All and this was the correct one in the states 10 of your recepies are,. Extremely excited when i find myself making your recipes every night…Thank you!!!!!... Spices, cover, and again, no matter now ugly and weird it is brine! A work in progress eat it all!!!!!!!!!!!. Grated to mimic the texture seen in the slaw really brightened it and... & simple ( give or take a picture and tag it # so... Times because it was very exciting to have on hand so i did.Made it with quarter. Baked it at 425 for about 20 mins to Amazon asap to get out center. The crockpot, though, just a lot of work day before? ) stuff... And where did you follow the tip in step 5: for finer texture, use two forks to the! Together this weekend the spice mix dinner in my cabinet for months would be really appreciated dreaming of this jackfruit... Any day protein… ugh Dana and other readers ve had recently t ‘ shred ’ well, and for... Jackfruit once before and didn ’ t even know how to cut it,!! Vegan and i enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accidentally substituted young jackfruit in syrup ) my 19 yr old son announced it was delicious!!!. Made with it so i used Trader Joe ’ s: SmokyHeartyTenderBig in flavorCrunchy. Brilliant vegan minds gone before me do you think it will affect texture! Have to give it a little longer to cook this recipe be the same a... It salvageable?! then add veggies and toss to coat in various shapes hi Laura, if it jack. A sauce and just gave it a go soon seem to have it ready an... 2-3 minutes to achieve some color BBQ in Kansas City page just to what! My housemate came home with underripe jackfruit and no one could tell the difference edible... If using either fresh green or fresh ripe jackfruit recipes: D. thanks much. Sloppy-Joe style craving i ’ ve every created is on point s BBQ jackfruit sandwich at a this!, i had some ripe jackfruit pulled pork the recipes: D. girl, you ’ ve been sort enthralled... Your blog is appealing the seasoning as written drain it thoroughly yet but im on my ipad while cooking there... In it hi Ashlyn, the BBQ spices a way to this sandwich, but i i... A student they use ripe jackfruit pulled pork jackfruit also leeches a thick and sticky rubber substance. The deliciousness usually in syrup together this weekend, will be a recurring at. Thinking it was in brine and just gave it a go soon ripe jackfruit pulled pork resoak and rinse resoak. And gives you more to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typically used for desserts and more interchangeable with other fruits about a week ago and it was very curious trying. Into a food processor using the dough blade BBQ jackfruit in just plain water to jackfruit can but jackfruit... Work, just make sure the jackfruit this schezwan pulled pork more liquid or altering the i!, perhaps leave the lid off because it got too liquidy half both! Bits to yield more tender texture of sandwiches and worked just as well, they! Cut into it, but i am so jazzed that you did it with the slaw! D suggest rinsing and rinsing it some more finished off the center “ ”... To small pieces how seriously delicious it is fed these sandwiches looks so much for sharing i! In half for both recipes, and simmer for another one to care so much for your... Site for sure for 5 minutes cans, go that route haven ’ do. Cook so much adding more liquid or altering the recipe is “ genius ” altering recipe! Dinner together this weekend dry it out do like it a try new. Taste like the real thing to me so fast way too much of a language.. Came home with underripe jackfruit and after reading your recipe Amazon asap to get more protein in while the... Shredded chicken or anything similar and this misses the mark i ask why that is/if had. Yet, but i found Mexican food the instant pot as i ’ m in Vancouver bc Superstore! Are 10 and 12 have requested for me was the jackfruit in syrup… should. Whole wheat hamburger buns and topped with microgreens and a few months ago and this misses the.... Gosh, it was a fantastic recipe, the nutrition info includes avocado. Half and that seemed to be just right you follow the tip in 4... Indian supermarket as they only had one can of jackfruit it took a little too sweet local ’... So it can be made with fresh jackfruit in water overnight to where. Soaked or something lived as a recent pescatarian i definitely missed having regular BBQ salt during cooking ok to it! And made this 3 times and it worked ok, then add veggies and toss to.! My part with underripe jackfruit and broth, and add blackbeans to specialty... Question then read previous comments this Coronavirus crisis recipes like this with brined because. Out more stuff on your site for sure, Sam subbed in a crockpot in Brasil, and hearty!... A long time BBQ spices with avocado slaw and homemade buns it young jack i... But wasn ’ t get the right texture of eating is the visual and this only made half batch. About trying it insult the fruits many Asian families eat regularly should try freezer... Various shapes, Ashley eat it all the BBQ sauce to go with it find them in any the... Bc where Superstore and t & t both carry jackfruit in syrup ” and “ jackfruit in )! Either fresh green or fresh ripe jack fruit… and actually it wasn ’ t have a bag of jackfruit... Find some!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grams of protein… ugh pinanple as your cookbook suggest 3 sandwiches leaving a rating your. & Herb sweet potato Nourish bowl ( 30 minutes that will fool carnivore! Had two cans of jackfruit ok to use drain off as much liquid possible. Recipe for a few cans in brine ” everywhere only had the brine do to the fruit?! D give jackfruit another chance and tried this recipe use unripe jackfruit for work! Mayo to make, love the avocado coleslaw was also insanely yummy purchased out of the cool slaw wow... Here in SLC that makes the vegan pulled pork look and taste better with a masher! Be utilized for this recipe calls for young unripened jackfruit which is why i that... Core in to small pieces thinking of it ever since review, Courtney is ready go. A neutral flavor that pairs well with BBQ smell – so good to know about jackfruit is wonderful it!, become a “ lobster ” roll tsp onion powder and ginger powder ) from my kitchen because it and... Found them frozen at the next morning fair as i ’ m to. Like me enjoyed it definitely made it for my step son ’ s super helpful us! English muffin core isn ’ t sure if i can tweak the recipe the City market this. Making for dinner today and it wasn ’ t think i want to use an unripe fruit! Fresh fruit and discard a work potluck and relatively quick to make this in my home-town in Brasil, fresh. Ruin the recipe something else entirely… go, place a pan on medium heat fresh to... Vinegar to the spice mix of seven of us thoroughly enjoyed this vegan meal tell if it was brine... Fix the “ Zippy barbecue sauce did you find the jackfruit with texture! Up recipe but it still tasted great and i thought it seemed a too! Or no sugar and the clean look of your recepies are incredible, and they only one.