Let dry or a day and then lightly mist the wood before staining. 5 years ago. It more or less sheds (not beads) water as you do not want to 100% seal the surface and it needs to breathe. Thank you much for your insight on this one. Have you ever passed by a store and noticed the color on a poster wasn’t quite right? The AC and the RAD will last about the same for the IPE meaning it will require an annual application. Rinse with a garden hose, and once the surface is dry apply a new coat of Ipe Oil. It's definitely not what is shown in the pic or the color of the sample. Mix Cabot's Deck Clean solution with 4 parts water and use the Deck Prep scrubbing broom to scrub it into the timber. In woods like pine or cedar, the fading can cause the wood fibers to deteriorate, which leads to cracks and eventually broken boards. It has the typical pressure treated look which is not bad but I want to get closer to the natural pine look, especially highlighting the red grain in the pine. Just use the brush. B. Mist your landscaping and siding (near the deck) with water to protect them. Learn how your comment data is processed. Don’t want to use solid. The deck gets intense, full sun exposure during summer days. If pressure washing didn’t achieve the original finish, there’s one more thing you can try. If necessary, mist more cleaner onto the deck to keep it wet. Restore-A-Deck Stain and New Wood. If I do use the water-based Restore-a-Deck stain, how much coverage can I expect from each gallon? Sanded with 40-80. I read vertical surfaces should only be given one coat. The Basics Of Nontoxic Finishes. It was oil based. Give a lovely and perfect look to your walls with this BEHR Premium DeckOver #SC-365 Cape Cod 0. Do I need to wait for the pressure rinsing to dry before doing the brightener? Can I use an airless paint sprayer to apply your water-based semi-transparent stains? I will be applying to western cedar. How to restore a deck with UltraDeck Having a well-maintained deck will mean you have somewhere nice to spend your time during the warmer months. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stains are safe to use, have a low odor, and are easy to clean up with soap … Another pic of stubborn stain. I did purchase the big deck stain brush from you guys too, but is it easier/faster/more efficient to spray on the stain first with a hudson sprayer and then back brush it in with the big deck brush I purchased from RAD? Also, is the wood new ore recently sanded? I want to see if I understand what I am reading correctly. Is your stain flammable? I'm thinking semi-transparent, dark walnut. The Cedar does not have any "green" in it so if you are seeing that then the wood itself would be the cause, not the stain. i just put down western red cedar decking and porch decking. Orla. In this video, This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers shows how to restore a deck. Restore-A-Deck Wood Cleaner is a powdered concentrate that is mixed with water. went in the total opposite direction of cedar color I thought I initially wanted to go with and went with dark walnut. I am in the process of prepping my 4 year old cedar deck and want to use your semi-transparant stain. Well, it depends how much regular maintenance you’ve done. A 6'X6' hot tub is 36 square feet. It has been awful. It never lasted more than 6 months in the area that receives sun. Each sample is roughly 1-2 oz. Yours looks like mine did! You’ll be happy to know that no sanding or deglossing is needed. ... Balcony, Deck/Porch on Front, Deck/Porch on Rear, Elevated House Plans, Garage Entry – Front, Metal Roof, Rafter Tails. This product also cleans weathered composite lumber, removing mold, mildew, and algae along with the silver-gray color that can develop over time. Add to My Favorite Plans. I want to make sure that is correct. Hi, it is not possible the tint the RAD stain any darker than the Butternut color. Use a commercial deck restoration product to remove aged, gray wood from the surface and revive the wood’s original color and beauty. Give the deck wood a quick rinsing with the wide angle spray of the power washer. The siding is T1-11 and it is a moderately rough looking finish, not real smooth. New Cottage Gray Color can be added for $3. How long will it last on a covered porch? You can apply Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Premium Wood Stain to hardwoods including mahogany, ipe, or other types of exotic hardwoods. It actually clashes with the cedar stain on my fence. See this entire home here. If your deck refuses to look new, give these methods a shot. The more absorbent the wood the darker the color. Can I use an airless sprayer with your stain? If the wood has oxidized/grayed, then yes, prepping first would hep show a better example for the colors. They offer convenience in restoration , because the product itself is up to 10 times thicker than paint, and will fill in cracks and holes for a smoother surface. It has held up good but I think it is time to stain and seal it. Natural, Cedar, Light Walnut, and Dark Walnut. I'm struggling to decide which color to use to stain my wood. Once you’re done, vacuum your deck, or rinse it well with water to remove any dust and apply Ipe Oil. 2. What can I do about the color? Beach cottage covered deck features gray siding lined with wicker chairs and ottomans illuminated by nautical cage sconces. Note: Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain can be applied to dry or damp wood. I'm going to try samples of the TWP 100 dark oak and the 1500 dark walnut also... Color will always vary based on age, type of wood and prep when using a semi-transparent stain. We do have samples for testing. In theory, if I use the RAD and apply while the wood is still wet, should the color be darken then applying to dry/unprepped wood? Yesterday, we used the wood cleaner and brightner on a 3 year old, weathered deck (has never been treated). Graying comes with age, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to start over. Deck is 4 or so years old. It is impossible to preserve the color the natural from graying without having a tinted stain. No need and you can never add a sealer to a deck stain. Our deck is a little over 10 years old, never been stained. Applies more evenly as well. Actual coverage varies depending on wood porosity. Thanks. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain protects the wood from harmful UV rays and damage caused by water penetration. Find more gorgeous interior door designs. As for plastic decking such as composite or PVC, the color fading caused by ultra-violet rays is permanent. Sarasota, FL Location Receives FSC Certification. Need help! How does the appearance of the water stain compare with the oil stain after a summer and then a year of wear? QUESTIONS ON PRODUCT? can you advise me which color would work best if I want my deck to look how it does when wet as shown in the photo below? The cottage is the middle one in a terrace of three and the date above the door is 1870, although Willer thinks the buildings are older and were originally stables. We use $27-$30 per square foot for estimating a finished deck with foundation and handrails, depending on decking material. It safely cleans and restores the natural beauty of exterior wood. No way to stir as far as I can tell. Wet your deck with a garden hose and apply the dissolved solution (follow the instructions on the back of each product) using a bristle broom to agitate the surface. I tried to take a pic but it shows more brownish than green. It is starting to change in color and the company I bought it from suggests that it is a good time to stain it. ... a cherry-color salvaged door glides along barn-door hardware, sliding open to gray-and-white-painted stairs that climb to the master suite. The advantages for the RAD would be less odor, quicker drying, and the ability to apply to damp wood. And be sure not to let the cleaner dry out in this step! In this video, This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers shows how to restore a deck. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva breathes new life into a weather-beaten wood deck. Only one coat of stain to a sanded deck. I just ordered Rad samples for my deck which was installed last year June 2018, ,would like a stain a little darker than the original, any suggestions. Click here or post comment below. I do not have any extra pieces of wood to test a sample on, so how would I remove the sample I do not like from the wood after testing? Honestly, a little confused about the "too wet," Would it be better to do brightener and rinse one weekend, and then let dry and then apply stain when truly just misted the deck? Thanks. Restore your old wooden deck with the Deck Over product from Behr available at the Home Depot. Will also need to do the cabin. Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain Samples Wood and Decking Stains This sample kit includes all Semi-Transparent 4 colors. I did not clean or brighten before doing the samples. I didn't think there would be a green tinge but it's definitely green. What product do you recommend? Do I need to clean before applying the samples just to get an idea of color? Because of inclement weather in upstate NY, the stain is badly worn and the deck is covered with. We recently cleaned it but would you recommend the brightener to even wood tones as well? Reply. So an existing deck which has been stripped, brightened and sanded requires one coat of semitransparent stain while a new deck which has been brightened requires 2 coats. D. Wait 10 – 30 minutes depending on the condition of your deck. A creative vision and a one-of-a-kind renovation rescue a crumbling 1940s cottage with space-stretching moves and casual, eclectic style. It is ideal for all wood types including pressure-treated pine, … Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain is safe to use, has a low odor, and is easy to clean up with soap and water. 1-2 oz samples per color.New Cottage Gray Color can be added for $3.Note: Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain can be applied to dry or damp wood. Can stripper be used with pressure washer? I'm just trying to understand the variables. also attached is how it looks dry. What you see are the effect of the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Must I also sand? The deck is on the east side of the house. PTP wood but colors will always vary based on just wood type but the age of the wood. I have not applied stain or sealant yet. Thank you! Cape Cod Gray Exterior 20X Deck ... - The Home Depot I used Berh Deckover on my 15 year old deck and it started peeling. 3. My fence is a combination of pressure treated pine (smooth; post/top/bottom rails) and cedar or cypress (rough sawn) pickets. What would be the best semi-transparent stain "finish" for new redwood, I am reading a lot of good things about your product on independent testing websites. The area that is shaded doesn’t look bad. What product do you suggest? Like the the hair on your head, watching your deck turn gray can be a little scary. What type of wood are your semi-transparent stain samples on. Gray Bay Cottage. New Wood Note: New wood is not the same as "damp" wood and needs to weather and be prepped before staining. Sprayer cleanup? We have newer boards from where a hot tub was removed 3 years ago. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain can be applied the same day as the prep. Is the yearly cleaning and reapplication for the water-based stain harder or easier than for the oil stain? Bookmark this page if you wish to share these deck maintenance tips with others, and don’t forget to give us a call if you have any questions or shoot us an email at info@advantagelumber.coml, Your email address will not be published. Ray. Natural or Cedar would be close to the wet look. So your wood deck is turning gray. No, not over the Deckover. I have the color samples in my cart, I am using on a pine deck about 2 years old and cedar fence about 9 months old. Spray Deck Cleaner. Well, staining the deck got put on the back burner and so 3 years later, we finally tackled this project. When I opened the can I ordered the Cedar had a poop green tinge to it. I have a newly installed(3 months ago) deck and pergala made of pressure treated pine. This is enough to test a small area. They have been developed specifically to restore decks . I sanded my deck to get rid of the Sikkens that was coming off. It has a nice patio offering a panoramic view of the surroundings. Make sure that all standing water has dried off the surface after prep. This cottage house is surrounded by beautiful nature. After that, we allowed 48 hours of dry weather then rolled on Armstrong-Clark Oil based transparent cedar tinted wood stain (not hardwood stain). Oxalic-acid based products, often found in “deck brighteners,” remove grayed surface fibers from wood and the dark tannin … Restore-A-Deck Wood Stains protect the wood from harmful UV rays and damage caused by water penetration. Trust me, it does the job! See more ideas about deck, deck design, patio deck. Don your chemical-resistant gloves, and pour Restore-a-Deck cleaner into a gallon of water in a garden chemical sprayer as directed. Make sure that all standing water has dried off the surface after prep. Strip and brighten for normal prep. Jan 13, 2014 - Explore Lori S's board "Cottage Deck Ideas" on Pinterest. We would like the stain to be light-medium in color - possibly cedar. Scott Sidler. Pressure-treated deck was stained with Honeytone three to four years ago. Sometimes applying a coat of Ipe Oil is enough to bring back the color. DO YOU NEED TO ADD A SEALANT TO THIS STAIN? See this about new wood: My Southwest Va deck is 15 years old treated originally with Cabot oil based stain which was repeated 5 years ago. But I don't want it to look like cedar or redwood. Here are three ways to help you restore it back to its original beauty. Might have been too wet to show much color difference. Now your deck should look as good as new! Nothing special is needed. Use the RAD stain when done. No stain can be applied over it. Pressure washed, and sanded. Now your deck should look as good as new! No, it is not flammable. Did you shake or stir it? Better coverage and just as easy. This should bring it back to the beautiful deck of years past! Did you clean and brighten the wood after the sanding to open up the grain of the wood? Am I doing something wrong or what? I have a raised, rooftop Ipe deck in the Washington DC area. Includes all 4 Semi-Transparent Restore-A-Deck Colors. Is stripper needed? Wasn’t sure if I needed to order the cleaner and brightener now with the samples. Method 2 – Use DeckWise or Messmer’s Cleaner and Brightener. Realtor. We put Cabot Gold in sunlit walnut down as our stain. The oil works naturally to moisturise the wood, which, in turn, helps fight decay. Graco xpro 19? Method 4 –Sand your deck, starting with an 80 grit sand paper on an orbital sander and finishing with 100 grit sand paper. I hope this post and video help you enjoy that deck this summer so we can all have a great summer vacation! Personally, I would suggest LW or DW for this sanded deck to get the most color out of it. What grit paper did you sand with? Founder & Senior Editor. Do-It-Yourself Wood Restoration Made Simple! It is now peeling. The color is beautiful, and I dont want to change the color but do want to preserve the wood from graying. I am staining an older deck that has never been stained in previous years. You can apply Restore-A-Deck Premium Wood Stain to hardwoods including mahogany, ipe, or other types of exotic hardwoods. Given its only standard Pressure Treated Wood, I assume solid/solid should be good? I have a 10'x14' with a gable roof, built and delivered to my house in December 2015. Is there anything special we need to do before applying the stain? Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood stain can be applied the same day as the prep. I used a 36 grit sand paper in my palm and belt sander. insane coverage. Just two weeks ago, we used a two step cleaning and brightening process called "Restore-a-deck", about $90 for 2000 sf of treatment. If your deck refuses to look new, give these methods a shot. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Here are a few methods to bring back the color of your faded deck: Method 1 – Start with the simplest of approaches and test a small amount of Ipe Oil on part of your deck. No need to sand. Countless man hours doing this and I still can’t fully get this paint off the deck boards. installing new … This keeps you from stamping a pattern into the board or raising the grain of the wood and causing splinters. Decking oil: A special decking oil will protect your deck’s wood from both weathering factors and harmful UV rays. I’m completely exhausted and defeated! That is normal for all brands. Would you recommend a semi-transparent stain or a solid stain to get a cohesive look overall? It is still in delivery condition. An annual inspection helps keep decking repair to a minimum. The main reasons for my interest are reduced odor and greater flexibility in applying the water-based stain if the wood is slightly damp. WHERE TO USERestore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain is intended for all wood types of weathered, exterior wood surfaces including decks, fences, siding, outdoor furniture, gazebos, and playsets. Replacing a deck in these times is prohibitive to most. Originally I was going to put on solid stain. It is correct and we do not see any "green". Reply to ray barror . We have a cedar deck that is 3 years old. Close it up, give it a good shake, then let the crystals dissolve for a few minutes. I pressure washed the treated pine. Required fields are marked *. I am thinking two tone white railing and spindles with a grey deck, I can use the soild for both right. first coat is on. my RAD stain is coming today and I’m planning on staining tomorrow. Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain 1 Gallon, Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain 5 Gallons, Check here to receive reply notices to only your post/questions, A467DC2D-6E35-4813-8E5C-16640B93F76E.jpeg, EA9014C4-88DC-40E6-A2C2-32432F867776.jpeg, C3F475AE-79C2-410F-B68A-A7EBB87F89D8.jpeg, C681B513-DE4E-429A-AE3D-A03F261F91FF.jpeg, 31ED4BB5-EA06-4622-B1DF-507168466266.jpeg, 478A9316-D7DF-4EE2-9C37-D8E65A71CEA5.jpeg, A9525234-8BB7-43FB-8F56-329E50A201F1.jpeg, 0A93219A-B902-4AAB-BA33-16B97D3E3D42.jpeg, https://www.restore-a-deck.com/Deck-Cleaning-Reviews-and-Tips/restore-a-deck-stain-for-new-wood.html, https://www.restore-a-deck.com/rad-stain-stripper-additives.html, https://www.restore-a-deck.com/restore-a-deck-prep-wood-stain-contest-2018.html, Restore-A-Deck Stain for IPE & Exotic Hardwoods, Utilizing the latest advancements in water-based stain technology, Cost effective stain and sealer for your wood, Deep penetration into the wood grain resulting in less chance of wear and tear, Protects wood from damaging UV oxidation and graying, Available in 4 beautiful semi-transparent finishes – Natural, Cedar, Light Walnut, & Dark Walnut, For use on all exterior wood types and surfaces, not just decks, Low VOC content, compliant with all US states and Canada. Test the RAD Semi-Transparent colors before purchase! You can apply to dry or damp wood. Sorry but we do not. You would have to remove 100% of the Sikkens to be able to go with the semi-transparent. Could you please share some pics of projects using these colors? Do a pressure rinse to remove sand dust and then brighten the wood. Follow the prep instructions carefully and paint on a specialty coating to preserve weathered boards for years to come. Staining or oiling your deck The final step to restoring your deck is finishing it off with a fresh coat of decking oil or wood stain. We replaced our 1000 sf deck last October using 2"x6" cedar. Plan was to brighten and then stain...when you say clean is that different than the stripping that I already completed? Here’s what you need to know about a wood deck graying. Note: Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain can be applied to dry or damp wood. The color is much lighter than expected, any thoughts? Stripped old SW semi-transparent that was peeling. I got a sample of the Cedar Semi-Transparent and tried it on a section of the deck that had been removed and it was fine. It also has a nice walkway and a gray exterior. You would want the stripper and brightener kits with both additives: Why do you advertise "Prep and Stain in One Day" when your Brightener Product directs the user to wait. I bought WAY too much stain for this project! love it. A modish-looking cottage house finished in gray. Almost any deck can be rejuvenated and brought back to life by following some simple steps—the team at … Would that blend it well? I wanted to pick the color, so I can get it on hand. I did a test color with the RAD dark walnut on seasoned cedar 5/4 and unseasoned cedar 5/4, no prep was done to either board. Wet your deck with a garden hose and apply the dissolved solution (follow the instructions on the back of each product) using a bristle broom to agitate the surface. Interior Features: Breakfast Bar, Fireplace, Island in Kitchen, Master Bedroom – Down, Master Bedroom on Main. Jul 5, 2019 - Explore Carson Cottage Collect's board "Grey Cottages" on Pinterest. Plan to use professional airless sprayer. Finally, the entire deck was cleaned with deck brightener to remove all mildew and gray wood for a fresh surface to stain. Does this require two coats of your product or one? Mikita sells the 36 grit belt sanders. Shouldn't the color be redder rather than poopy brown. Per the instructions of the RAD Stains, it can be done on the same day. Light walnut or dark walnut? Thanks! You do not have to use the cleaner but it does help to open the grain some. Will your stripper work to remove this product? The results have been good, but I’d like feedback about the advantages and disadvantages of stripping the oil-based stain and switching to water-based Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain. This review will show you how to use it, how to prep your deck and how much it costs. In the picture, it shows a buildup of multiple coatings over the years. With the dire state of the outhouses and the cottage and the nearest electricity pole half a mile away, restoring the Avish was a slightly demented act of faith. Cedar is not a red color but a cedar brown. We hope this helps you get your deck back to the color you want! Huge sheets can be cut into 6-8 quarter sheets. We ran out of time to apply the stain and plan on doing it next weekend. That is for other brands of deck stains after using the Brightener. Follow these tips to apply nontoxic finishes to wood. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stains are an advanced, water-based, semi-transparent, and solid stain formulations designed to penetrate deep into wood pores for maximum protection and longevity. I do not want it to be too orange-y. After seeing the deck after it has been sanded, is there a way to preserve the look of the deck as it is now with your natural semi transparent stain or will it cover it up? Author. You will need to power sand it all off before using the RAD Solid stain. If this didn’t work, move on to the next method. Typically 2 … Typically 2-4 hours at 70º F and less than 50% humidity. Yes, you can spray it. Hi.Im about to return to Ireland and want to buy a cottage possibly in Mayo and restore it to a reasonable and very simple living standard.Would 50-70 k be a realistic figure incl property cost? Many well intentioned deck owners tire of upkeep and end up letting the deck weather to a point where it is simply "an eyesore." (See below for a shopping list and tools. The lightest tint is the Natural. I will have to strip the deck, then brighten it. Post a picture of current condition and was the Cabot oil or water-based version? Coverage:RAD Semi-Transparent Wood Deck Stain applies at about 100-200 feet per gallon. Restore deck products are made of heavy-duty acrylic. (i.e., dampen it or apply to dry deck) We're using the semi-transparent cedar (RAD). If you have done this already, then no need to prep anymore as long as the wood is clean. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The guys who built the deck advised us not to stain the pressure treated wood for 6 to 9 months, so we didn't. It's difficult to decide between cedar and light walnut. I have been using oil-based Armstrong-Clark Semi-transparent Mahogany Stain over the past several years, reapplying each spring after cleaning and brightening with Restore-a-Deck products. view full size. I put it on a section of the deck and in the shade it looks fine but in the sun it has that poop green tinge. Wait for 20 minutes, then wash off. ... How to Inspect Your Deck to See If It Needs Repair. Or perhaps the color of your car has lost its shine after a few years. The same ultra-violet rays that cause car paint and posters to fade also cause your decking to turn gray over time. Restore A Deck Solid Color Stain has our highest rating due to its ease of use, 5 pre-mixed solid colors, and the ability to prep and stain on the same day. Your prices are reasonable and with free shipping, that makes it look even better. Many thanks. In exotic hardwoods like our Brazilian decking, the fading occurs only on the surface. The 36 grit is only found at the tool rental equipment shops and sold for the large drum sanders. In this condition, the wood will start its death cycle. If you caught my summer deck makeover a few weeks back, you’ll remember that one of the most dramatic parts of the makeover was the deck boards themselves. C. Spray the cleaner onto the deck with a garden sprayer. There is nothing in the stain that has a "green" tint to the cedar color. Any pictures of cottage grey on standard pressure treated wood, trying to decide be the solid grey. Whimsical deck features charcoal gray plank floors and railing accented with modern, sleek outdoor furniture surrounded by trees adorned with lights. Your email address will not be published. The Cabot needs to be removed. So how do you restore your Brazilian hardwood deck? Will do as you instructed and we were leaning towards the Light Walnut to show more of the color thinking the Dark Walnut may mute it some. Big deck with weathered rails. Colors will vary based on the wood type and age of the wood. Planning to restore a wood deck is a great project for late spring or early summer so you’re ready to enjoy the deck season. Semi-Transparent 5 Gallons and Prepping Kits. The stripper with pressure washing should remove this but you will need both additives as well: I applied the sample stains to our recently rained on deck and to be honest you can't see much difference between them, is this expected? Currently, I need just about 3/4 of a gallon of Armstrong-Clark stain to cover 300 sq feet of the densely grained Ipe deck. (See below for a shopping list and tools. See this entire home here. No need for the additives. Unpainted wood is said to have "weathered" which is usually characterized by a gray, washed-out appearance. We shook it but it's the 5 gallon container. Restore-A-Deck Solid stain can be applied the same day as the prep. When Leo and I moved into the cottage at the Crossroads, we had a small deck built at the rear of the house and we have finally gotten around to staining it! Make sure that all standing water has dried off the surface after prep. Rinse with a garden hose, and once the surface is dry apply a new coat of Ipe Oil. I’d like to use a solid stain on the deck but wondered if I can apply your product on top of the remaining stain? I have tried to strip, power wash and sand this deck to get the paint off. For weathered grey timber, Cabot’s Deck Clean will help break down the grey timber fibres and bring your timber back to a neutral colour for coating. :-) With a paint brush apply one even coat of Behr’s Premium Solid Color Weather Proofing All-In-One Wood Stain & Sealer in the color Light Lead (I only needed a sample size…a little bit goes a long way). HOW TO GIVE FURNITURE A GRAY WEATHERED FINISH: 1. A custom gray home featuring a beautiful and well-maintained lawn area. My questions: 1. Typically 2-4 hours at 70º F and less than 50% humidity. When you power sand you reduce the stains ability to soak in correctly. 1 Gal. See more ideas about house exterior, house colors, exterior house colors. We didn’t have to do this on the well maintained deck, because the wood surface was in good condition. I currently rent out the house with the deck and scheduling the time to clean the deck—and then wait for two days of dry weather before I can apply the oil stain—is inconvenient for the tenants and myself.