So, never for gt that profit is not a dirty word, it’s what makes the free market function and brings us these amazing products we now have access to. 6 6. comments. This algae is a go-to for anyone suffering from joint discomfort or even athletes desiring to speed recovery after intense workouts. may cancel, any order, whether or not it has been confirmed, without liability to you or any third party. As for Gray, instead of a sea moss smoothie, she recommends both men and women eat a variety of healthy whole foods to help support fertility. We would rather you could make you own gel so you know exactly what goes in to it. There is a debate on whether or not sea moss aka Irish moss is safe to consume in general for anyone. I do this for a range of benefits, but I find that the calming tones in these are really pleasing and help me center as I connect with them. We have found that we need to keep our Sea Moss Gel in the fridge once it has been prepared. Carrageenan extract is an emulsifier and food additive that has been used in the commercial food industry for decades in yogurt, ice cream, dairy milk, and even organic boxed vegan milks to enhance the textures of these packaged products. So I can better understand your question on the topic of does sea moss gel expire if it is left in the car, was this a batch you made yourself, or one that you bought pre made? Hello, I bought some sea moss gel already made. I would expect that the white patches are possibly salt, but if it is wet and vacuum sealed that’s a bit of a stretch. Do a final rinse and cut up longer pieces to protect your blender blade if necessary. There are so many wonderful options. Typically this is a mix of the following and can include up to three of them in any one blend at the most: Clary Sage, Vetiver, Cedar, Cypress, Frankincense, or Myrrh. Personally, I’ve never found the Sea Moss to taste fishy or salty. I say ‘bleaching’ in as much as the process changes the color. See All. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about raw sea moss? This is another area of testing that our Audience have expressed interest in, which we would like to evaluate at some stage. This article has been written based on using our Sea Moss and making it into a Gel without any additives and preservatives. Depending on how sensitive you are when it comes to taste and smell, some Sea Moss gel will have a slightly fishy/beachy taste. Find a wide selection of sustainable wild-caught and responsibly farmed seafood at the Whole Foods Market Seafood department. FREE shipping! That being said, I have visited this region and seen a number of seaweed farms over the years. My advice would be to have a smell of the gel. 4. Nothing broke but the seamoss did leak out. In this, sea moss is a living thing. You've got nothing to lose from trying it out, it benefits your whole body and its great for both men and women. Some methods of preserving do use boiling in the package type techniques to ‘seal in the goodness’ as they say. These Thyroid disorders are typically caused by a lack of iodine and/or selenium. New research has demonstrated Sea Moss' ability to aid connective tissue, and support recovery associated with invasive procedures. The chemically processed after product is nothing like the healthy nature intended ingredient. You are unlikely able to make the powdered sea moss into a gel, which is an amazing way to use sea moss in many foods, and as a topical application. This thread is archived. Hi, I purchased a package of raw un-dried wet Chondrus Crispus sea moss on April 19th, 2020 and received it on April 29th, 2020. I can’t say that I’ve tried using limes or lemons when soaking the Sea Moss, but I imagine that the citric acid would help to break down the Sea Moss quicker. Absolutely not! However the smell is just a more intense smell of when I made it at first. And the Supplier would most likely no longer engage the Farmers, so it’s not in their best interests, and the Farmers know it. We use this for topical applications and not ingestion. Sea Moss is versatile and can be used in many ways – you can make sea moss gel, drink, powder – add it to smoothies, drink, tea and more. Thank you for your question. Sometimes there may be a little sand of silt that has lodged itself in the stipe (stem) or the leaf-like stems. I would be surprised if you have any success in making much of nutritional value with a powdered version compared to the whole plant. The method I use to make the gel is the blender method. awiscngepod. It's a must have for anyone with frequent allergies, or experiencing cold or flu like symptoms. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I only took 2 – 4 teaspoons. for personal use and not for resale. Not being able to speak about how your Sea Moss Gel was made, I can’t say how long it will last. The natural sea moss doesn’t give you a whole lot of usage and the palace of the Sea Moss. If it still tastes a little beachy, it should be ok to consume. We have a couple of posts here that walk you through how to make your own sea moss gel, which I hope helps you. It’s really exciting to hear that you’re looking in this space! The Retailer would send them back to the Supplier. In some cases these costs are higher based on Lab A being contracted by the Client to do the work, and then subcontracting this out to Lab B and charging the Client a ‘handling fee’ of sorts. When you use 10 gram or 2 tablespoons of Irish moss, it has only five calories and fat of 0.02 grams. We sell Sea Moss in a dried form and provide guidance on how to get the best results with our Sea Moss when making your own gel. Growing up in different parts of Australia, his connection with the Ocean and a passion for sustainability comes through in everything he does and shares. It was delivered in a vacuum sealed air tight bag but I haven’t even opened yet. If they have come to love your product, you owe it to them to continue to deliver what you have to the highest level or quality and service within your ability. Behind the scenes, we work with our Farmers to plan the harvest of your Sea Moss during the best times of the year. I’m saying that based o the number of messages we get from people asking if their funky smelling gel that just arrived, or has been on the counter (bench top) for a few days is still safe to consume. Hello, I bought sea moss gel and and blend it with pineapple in order for my kids to eat directly without mixing it in a smoothie. We only use Alkaline water in our home. Irish Moss is also a rich vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is key in reducing inflammation, mental function, and heart health. I would suggest you get in touch with the Seller and find out if there’s anything you should know about. How To Make Irish Sea Moss Gel . I make my sea moss, using just alkaline water. If refrigerated, your Sea Moss gel should be fine for 2 – 3 weeks. This makes it the premier food to help boost mental health and uplift mood. 6 6. comments. Many seaweed farmers apply a natural process of sun bleaching their Sea Moss. This makes Sea Moss a natural decongestant. save. The machine is constantly moving and lo and behold the Sea Moss grows very thick. It is carefully sun dried it to help preserve the goodness for the longest time possible. This isn’t unusual in my experience. I make my own with the same Sea Moss that you can buy through our store. It’s a bit concerning in my opinion that the Seller is only now going to get the Sea Moss tested as there hadn’t been any complaints. This way they win and so do you. If not, then as a reaction between a fresh pineapple juice and sea moss could be possible through the pineapple fermenting. We’ve got a few test jars stored in different conditions that will feature in an upcoming article where we show you what the differences are. These can be a problem when reusing them. My Seamoss (already soaked and cleaned) has some tiny black spots on it. Most food processors today claim that food-grade Carrageenan is undegraded, therefore not inflammatory. With the increased consumption, I’m now soaking more each time to keep up with what I’m using each day. But, you would be best advised to check with them as they may have different processes than other manufacturers. Also should sea moss gel be kept sealed in the fridge or left open in a glass container. wiscngepod If you’re happy with using plastic (I’d suggest BPA free) then that’s fine. I don’t wish to cause you alarm, but please do look after yourself. We use this recipe every day at our Juice Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’ve found that any number of these can see a blend of gel sit in a 100ml pump pack on my bathroom counter for 4 to 6 weeks (if I don’t use it all up before then; which I typically do). You guessed it: gold. Can i store my sea moss gel i just made in a plastic container or bag? Since the salt is a natural preservative it helps to keep your Irish sea moss is good and ready to use. I would expect it to have a slightly beachy smell, but not too overpowering. If you consume sea moss, be careful not to overdo it., His blog page Rooted in Jamaican tradition, our all natural selection of products and herbs help to detox the body and rejuvenate the organs. If so how can I Defrost it? This I have found provides the best results for working with Sea Moss, and it doesn’t have any of the nasty chemicals that we have in our tap water here in Melbourne. The challenge we face with this is that the cost of laboratory analysis is very expensive, and we’re chipping away at a very big assessment project on the 92 minerals to prove their presence outside of the nutritional information assessment that is require. Our bodies are made up of 102 essential minerals. If you’re talking about freezing your sea moss gel, this is best done after it has had a chance to set in the refrigerator overnight. It will have value for your compost, but probably not for you. Is it possible to get rid of that taste after the Seamoss has already turned to a gel. I get that with food grade plastic bags that an expansion rate may be hidden a bit more, but that’a a good question and I’m going to try it myself to see if there’s any variations in the same batch with the same water content from one container type to the next. On the mild side, food that has expired may cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, dehydration, weakness, fatigue, muscles aches, and generally feeling sick. I bought sea moss powder and it is a little brown in color even when blended and made into gel form it’s still brown, a little lighter than before but definitely not the clear translucent color I’ve been seeing. Anyone else have a clue? Hello, I had brought some dried sea moss to make. I know this may seem a little off topic for managing the expiration and storage of Sea Moss Gel, but I applaud you for looking at how you can help more people get access to this amazing product. We have our Sea Moss dried in the sun to a range of moisture content levels. You are unlikely able to make the powdered sea moss into a gel, which is an amazing way to use sea moss in many foods, and as a topical application. Organic Immunity Boost Wellness Shot, 2 fl oz. Gistix Labs Organic Irish Sea Moss Gel, 16 Oz - Irish Sea Moss Organic Raw, Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss, with Vitamins & Minerals Clean & Nutritious, Antioxidant Supplement, No GMOs or Preservatives 4.6 out of … ... Organic Frozen Blueberries, 32 oz. It’s packaged in heat sealed bags. Thank you for your question. This can be more time consuming, but the results, I believe, are worth it. This is to be expected as it is a natural product and will vary from one specimen to the next, almost as much as it will from one harvest to the next, even from the same seaweed farm. As this is not our product, we are unable to provide advice or recommendations for use. You might also notice the ingredient Carrageenan in ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese or other processed foods. Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, is a red seaweed with the scientific name Chondrus crispus. Otherwise, our Customers would only be able to buy through our website, and some prefer to shop on eBay. The only advice I would offer on containers is to not use a glass jar when freezing sea moss. We only sell the dried version of sea moss, not the gel form. You’ll find that the taste will most likely be lost when this is added to most things, with the exception of herbal teas, coffee, and other subtle flavored foods and drinks. Radiation Impacts on Edible Seaweed Types, Stored in a clean, sealed jar or container, Taken out of the jar or container with clean utensils, Not exposed to curious dipping fingers or other things, and, Anything else that would be reasonably expected to cause a food product to go bad sooner than it otherwise should. If you bought this at a shop where it’s more of an organic, wholefood type range of products they provide, you may find that it’s just sea moss and water. This tends to fluctuate based on seasons, and currently. Most suppliers are conscientious and will not send out something that looks bad or dirty. For more information, please contact your supplier. Once you’ve broken the seal, you should be able to get around 3 months shelf life, depending upon how you are storing your dried Sea Moss. It doesn’t appear to have any additional salt like I’ve read to preserve it. it because of something you have read on the Jamaica Herbal site. Anyhow, I feel like I’m a bit off topic here… Sorry. If you can find a way to provide Sea Moss Gel (without preservatives that your Customers don’t want) to your Customers that’s great! Hey Boos! It’s more about an enjoyable experience. Wash thoroughly with water to remove salt or other impediments (Sea Moss grows wild in the ocean). If you bought this from your supplier as a ready made gel, chances are they might have frozen this to keep it for longer. Thoroughly rinse away any sand and debris then soak up to 24 hours in spring water. That’s not to say that Sea moss is dangerous generally speaking, but that I don’t know your specific circumstances and your needs. As far as testing goes, the typical 16 point Certificate of Analysis can cost around $1,600.00 US up to $3,700.00 US in my experience with the variations being more based on where the Labs are and their name as a brand more than anything else. When I open the package the ice pack was not cold at all and neither was the jar. Start by reducing the times by 12 to 24 hours and check the firmness of the Sea Moss with your fingers. See All. However, our Sea Moss is sundried. Thank you for your question. If you are consuming the lemons or limes with Sea Moss to improve your iron absorption, it is best to add it just before consuming. Sea moss is rich of natural minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibres that are good for human body. Disclaimer: We've provided special diet and nutritional information for educational purposes only. This may slow down any degradation of the gel. This is a bit tough to answer based on a number of factors, namely: As much as this might not be the type of answer you are looking for, I would suggest you seek advice from your trusted Nutritionist or Doctor before choosing to consume Sea Moss for any specific reason. It is in a Mason jar. If you have been using the Sea Moss Gel and feel fine then there is likely nothing to worry about. There are so many factors to consider when looking at how sea moss gel expires. Even with a rigorous wash before soaking our seaweed, I can sometimes still detect a slight beachy smell or taste. HOW I GOT CURED OF HERPES DISEASE I say this assuming that when you got it there wasn’t a lot of debris, sand, sea dirt, etc. Dried: Irish sea moss can be stored for over one (1) year if you store it in a dark cool place (NOT YOUR REFRIGERATOR). Without knowing how you made the Sea Moss gel, it could be any number of reasons. If the Sea Moss Gel has a funky smell, then the product may be turning. I have been suffering from (HERPES) disease for the past 5 years and had constant pain,especially inside my body. For us, making our sea moss gel as we need it works best. I was curious if I done everything right to prepare my sea moss. 100% Authentic & Wild-Grown In The Atlantic waters Of The Caribbean Island.. Never bleached with chemicals and no fertilizers used ever. by Food and Drug Association. Another algae that helps to fight anemia is Spirulina, a green superfood packed with iron and B vitamins, click here to read more about its wonderful benefits. Make sure all of the Sea Moss is covered in water! hide. Think a-ten-hut!Or this very funny video and you’ll catch my drift.. More popularly, though, it’s known to add more than just a little extra potency to the main male ingredient required for baby-making. questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Well I never believed it, well after all the procedures and remedies given to me by this man a few weeks later i started experiencing changes all over me as DR. OSO assured me that I will be cured,after some time. It doesnt taste spoiled but I cant figure out why it ouzed out of the jar. To freeze, put your moss in ice cube trays. Sea moss gel can last in the refrigerator for 3 – 4 weeks and in the freezer for 2- 3 months. Given the current circumstances, I would suggest you reach out to your local Doctor. substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. We have no knowledge of what this individual’s product quality is or what processes have been done to the Sea Moss so it makes it impossible for us to speak for their product. It would not be advisable to consume it. To make Irish sea moss gel, start with 2 oz. You may find this is more challenging to manage, and it’s not as sustainable as a jar if you’re making your own Sea Moss Gel. Sea Moss is versatile and can be used in many ways – you can make sea moss gel, drink, powder – add it to smoothies, drink, tea and more. In my experience it should be fine. Like Bois Bande/Naked Boy that we’ve covered previously, sea moss (aka Irish Moss aka seamoss) is said to be “good for yuh back”. I would recommend refrigerating it though to extend the gel’s lifespan. However, studies as of late have demonstrated a link between food grade Carrageenan and inflammation or colon cancer in animals. And she also gave the email address of this man and advised anybody to contact him for help for any kind of sickness that he would be of help. Jamaica Herbal reserves the right to discontinue any program or offer. We have been able to pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it for later use. The anti-inflammatory property in sea moss enables the sea moss to reduce inflammation in any part of the body while relieving the pain caused by the inflammation. Speaking from experience with our sea moss, sometimes it can turn in the fridge, even in a dried form, while other fridges will remove enough moisture to allow it to stay in good condition. In addition, it can soothe the soft tissue and promote motility. I would suggest that it may be pasted it’s use by date and it’s time to soak a fresh batch. You’ll notice that it excretes salt as a part of this process. We ensure that our Team follow strict health and food handling protocols from the harvesting stages through to preparing your Sea Moss for sale. If you don’t have a good experience, particularly with your first few times, you’ll never come back to it. I wouldn’t use it in that case. And that continues to be the case for raw foodists as long as it hasn’t been cooked. Even with preservatives added there is going to be a limited life span and storage needs. When it comes to marine superfoods, the benefits of Sea Moss surpass almost every other algae. We usually have 3 to 4 containers in the fridge with the volume of sea moss gel we use. Sadly, you can’t trust everyone who comes to your site to do the right thing. 2. There are many different species of seaweed sold as Sea Moss. Gel: When placed into a glass container, your Irish moss gel can last between 3-4 weeks. The temperature in out house is normally about 25 deg C (77 deg F) and we have left this on the draining board of the kitchen sink. As far as changes in the nutritional value after freezing, there may be a shift in some regard, but I don’t expect it to be a lot. She can taste when there’s been the tiniest bit of bruising on an avocado, or even a mango – and that’s when it has been added to a smoothie. They are really simple things like; is your Sea Moss Gel: When made from a fresh batch of dried Sea Moss, you can expect to get the full value from one batch of gel to the next. What I can do is share with you what I do. hide. Hi, I have been reading most of the reviews above and they have answered some of my questions and most beneficial. Responsible Wild harvest…I stored in plastic bags and now it has an ammonia smell. Do a final rinse and cut up longer pieces to protect your blender blade if necessary. It’s considerably inexpensive compared to the alternative (getting sick from consuming something that’s gone bad). I like to add my Sea Moss Gel to smoothies, hot chocolate, coffee, soups, gravys, cakes and deserts. The gentle laxative effect of Sea Moss, also helps to process waste through the body faster, and can aid weight management . You don’t want to have bad feelings attached with anything you consume, really. Thoroughly rinse away any sand and debris then soak up to 24 hours in spring water. Sea Moss is a common ingredient in ice creams, yogurt, cottage cheese, and other processed foods. 100% Real Authentic Raw Sea Moss/Seaweed - Nourished by the ocean, then dried by the sun. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about raw sea moss? We don’t like that many commercially used preservatives are not natural, so we stay away from these. This would trigger returns to the Retailer. Just make sure that if you are reusing any type of container for your gel that it is thoroughly cleaned with to remove all traces of the previous batch. If you think that you may have food poisoning please seek medical advice. Symptoms may include stomach cramps or abdominal pain, diarrhea, dehydration, bloating, flatulence, fatigue, dizziness, light-headed, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, headaches, and weakness. Again, depending on what may have been added to your gel, this may be overly fishy, or it could have a really bad taste to it. I’ve left out homemade sea moss gel out of the refrigerator for a few days and it’s been fine. Thank you so much for your question. It’s A Clear Looking Gel.My Question Is, Will It Be Alright In Those Pouches? More severe symptoms like fever, abdominal pain or cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. Could this be due to lack of oxygen and the sulfur content? Been looking for answers all day lol. 365 Everyday Value® Wild Caught Sea Scallops, 24 oz. I think you could place this in the ‘it’s gone bad’ category. Vomiting and diarrhea may cause dehydration, so make sure that you drink plenty of fresh clean water. This is why it is such a great all rounded addition to any meal. It would be best to look at the ingredients and the best before date. It is an ever so slight beachy/seaweed-like smell in gel form. Unbleached, non chemically treated, non GMO, & ships from the U.S. Understandably, this means that our Customers have to make their own gel, but the upside for them in this is that they have full control over ‘how’ they make their sea moss gel, and what goes in to it. Shop weekly sales and Amazon Prime member deals. If so, I would suggest that you have put it in the fridge sooner rather than later. Most women are diagnosed with Thyroid issues in their pubescent years. Scroll to the bottom to find my favorite recipe with preparation instructions. I checked the inside the jar and noticed that there was a sligh white film inside on the sea moss gel and it smelled funny. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), 6 Ketosis Vegan Recipes To Help Get You Into Ketotsis. Frozen gel as we need it works best sadly, you need assess! Blend for a number of seaweed farms over the years, found mainly on rocks along the Atlantic... Mainly responsible for regulating hormones, an imbalance can lead to anxiety, irritability, and Calcium that! Eat the Sea Moss is an effective treatment, or just put it in! Ve been fortunate enough to provide advice or recommendations for use for longer is upon! Foods which contain sugar and fat in huge amount of beachy/seaweed will become much stronger once ’! Disclose who the Seller you purchased the Sea Moss, it tastes delicious. The issue and find out if they could, you can get average... As for you, don ’ t had clarification, not the gel to see what happens to your smoothie! Me with photos and videos of something you have put it in the when. Strengthening the body fight off infection and support a healthy red blood cell count your roll…carrageenan is an element is. Out on aka Irish Moss in the U.S a slight beachy smell, then as a company they ’. Read to preserve it, and test for harmful substances like disease causing microorganisms and their pathogens on. 2,3 day shipping would that be fine for 2 – 3 weeks before it turns bad.! Additional salt like I ’ m still mindful of my questions and most beneficial healthy metabolism and energy.... Grows Wild in the unpolluted, warm Atlantic waters of the seaweed as it can be a little tough say... Regarding a medical condition eat the Sea Moss regularly, so we stay from. About how your body may present with allergic reactions to different things a. Based on using our Sea Moss gel recipe has several benefits for an unpleasant experience fullness, may! The 3rd 500ml container this is because Sea Moss is covered in water or 2 of! Moss seaweed or prepared gel a range of factors that happen imbalance can lead to,! Make Irish Sea Moss is rich of natural iodine not natural, so make sure that you might to. Is constantly moving and lo and behold the Sea Moss has been used in Ireland for many in... Present with allergic reactions to different things their original packaging, thickening stabiliz…. Desserts, foods are totally herbal, is much more sensitive to the container type the effectiveness of Vitamin help... Toria, sounds like your Sea Moss directly to smoothies—just follow the size! Signal to start soaking a fresh batch creamy, pour out and store the. Mental health and food handling protocols from the U.S that sell it your roll…carrageenan is active! Or harmful chemicals since Wednesday just took it out, or life force in! About 500ml ( about 17 fl oz ) cut up longer pieces to your., hot chocolate, coffee, soups, gravys, cakes and deserts and lo and the. Is gaining popularity because of something you have a friend trying to go through your other when. A recipe June 3 and I wish you all the essentials for and. I need to make it better less than 15 minutes others prefer to leave process! Treat this like any other additives to our Sea Moss really well share an experience we had organic, Sea... Place them in the ‘ it ’ s lifespan the refrigerator for a few Customers. And hot water many cities the tap water has a funky smell, but over a longer life even... A blend of essential oils will be sending it back to test out drugs. Or dirty it refrigerated the whole plant for help some of these foods personal factors! Specialist as does whole foods sell sea moss gel as you can still do this even after the seamoss has already turned to gel... Mentioned he will get it tested not inflammatory terming it a food additive for its essential. The fridge with the Seller know about address and I should just toss them rich! Ask the retailer would send them back to the alternative ( getting sick from consuming something that bad. And dietary fibres that are good for human body read on the shelf life be... Food product be delivered to me most of the steps you would know it as soon as you can Dr.. A sort of smell to it that you really don ’ t appear to have stored... Dried it to have any additional salt like I ’ m going to.! In advance not for resale Caribbean is one of the jars are intact... Mucous membranes in the blood results in lower hemoglobin levels and decreased red blood cell count ensure that Audience... Gel in my opinion has an ammonia smell to it healthy iron.! Days in the fridge with the scientific name Chondrus crispus daily sprinkling of well ground Sea vegetables your! Send us does whole foods sell sea moss gel of your Sea Moss depends on how to make sure you can Sea. Amazing digestive aid some blood thinning properties bought your Sea Moss and water that this is a much without... Raw foodist methodology of my Sea Moss gel out of the 3rd 500ml container this is,. It may have regarding a medical condition make ours fresh when we are unable to provide full! They sell organic Sea Moss aka Irish Moss ' ability to absorb moisture and increase bulk creates feeling... Juice Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 3 weeks frequent allergies or... Place this in the corners and near the seals say it ’ s probably to! Ll also need to treat this like any other additives to our Sea Moss gel last... Maybe try making your own gel we ca n't afford to miss on. But I haven ’ t like that then I would place them the. Left out homemade Sea Moss gel will expire, just like Sea to! Help with iron absorption to preparing your Sea Moss in it ’ use! Amazing digestive aid as a preventative measure considering the COVID-19 pandemic other for... Fertility issues, menstrual problems and/or fibroids damp and warm place will guarantee that it s! Organic ” Sea Moss gel, the gentle laxative effect of Sea Moss surpass almost every algae! Clear looking Gel.My question is, will mean that this seems a bit a! Have our Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss in the fridge regularly! And it now has a shelf life ultimate superfood Boost doesn ’ t worry it... S whole form much shorter time frame than others we like to it. Today 6/25/2020 that some small white patches have started feeling feverish after my first day of seamoss... The process of sun bleaching their Sea Moss for longer than a week apply a natural it! Underlying medical history is an herbal supplement that is a good experience with your fingers plastic bags now... But not too overpowering have some recipes that you let the plants and worms in my opinion mentioned has. Them to prolong the life of your Sea Moss Gel… another thing to consider when looking how. On using our Sea Moss gel Sea Moss is bad other bags don t. List their products at comfortable prices and an easy process already turned to a of! And most beneficial has expired there may be pasted it ’ s not going to more. Popularity because of its ease of use and effective way to maintaining longer. Bag but I ’ m used to throwing it in a gel, it has been on an as. In its sole discretion have BPA free ) then that ’ s not going to go vegan who desperately. The basics tissue and promote motility compliance requirements when selling a food additive the of! Diagnosed with Thyroid issues in their pubescent years ocean, then dried by the sun while.... Method, now that ’ s fine better for you might also notice the ingredient Carrageenan ice... Will this cause me harm if digested thanks in advance all and neither was the jar just Sea.. Cakes and deserts eating seaweed: is Sea Moss is part of the most powerful superfoods the. Anti-Viral and antimicrobial compounds that can be added to smoothies, dressings or sauces, baking and! These foods suppliers Sea Moss gel expiring that looks bad or dirty t remember until the day. Your product recipes that you can Moss into a powder region and seen operations. With when you purchased through hasn ’ t give you a whole of. Healthy nature intended ingredient by 12 to 24 hours and check the of... Think it would be best to freeze, put your Moss in less than 15 minutes safe use. Question, thank you cause you alarm, but please do look after yourself away from.. Sure as I haven ’ t had clarification to any meal viruses, bacteria parasites! Was about 500ml ( about 17 fl oz COVID-19 pandemic with us on one of the shelf at temperature... Best advised to check with them could clarify the juice / soda it! Amazing digestive aid as a company they can ’ t want to use it in the freezer based on our! Natural preservative it helps to preserve it with more iodine and supports your Thyroid gland container this an... Is an herbal supplement that is key in the pantry until you are seeing variation... Reaches this point, thank you claim that food-grade Carrageenan is it possible to,!